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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History – Renette Vermeulen

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children and men!) 

Marxism, the Soviet bear, which is also described in the Bible as that angry beast, which ravages and tramples God’s entire planet; it is not the friend of the oppressed masses, (Dan. 7; John 13.)  Marxism presents nothing less than utterly violent, destructive, Global Colonialism. 

However, Marxism has another face as well.  Even before and after the extremely violent and inhumane Napoleonic wars (1803 -1815) and the set history of Marxism that began with the Russian Revolution of 1917, the whole of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and America already experienced the ‘humanitarian’ or socialist onslaught of Marxism.  With the promise to ‘eradicate poverty,’ they still preach their alleged ‘Biblical’ basis for socialism, promising a ‘perfect paradise’ where all men and women can be equal. 

Contrary to the contextual truth of the Scriptures, however, communist strikes, protests, mass murder, and political anarchy terrorize on an ongoing basis nearly every country in the world into obliteration.  Within its first 176 years on earth, not a single country remained untainted by socialism, while Marxism had already destroyed more than two-thirds of the world.  [And yes, I know that some countries such as China and the Arab Emirates are ‘post-communist,’ New World countries of incredible wealth — but again, their wealth is not for all because most of their citizens remain equally poor.]  Historically and practically, the so-called ‘liberated,’ third world communist countries are all typified by ‘democratic’ dictators, massive over-population, unemployment, homelessness, chronic political unrest, starvation and most desperate poverty — despite the great wealth of their natural resources and the fact that their superrich dictators and party members own it all.



In Rev. 9, John describes how that demon Apollyon the Destroyer, symbolized by the communist, New Ageist unicorn and rainbow, “unlocked the bottomless pit.”  Out swarmed masses of demonic beings in the form of locusts… And World War followed! 


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Since World War 1 and World War 2, that demon Apollyon (or the Unicorn under its Rainbow,) has been spreading its world-unifying wings (or RAINBOW) through the communist creed, “Constant [War and] Revolution Globally!”  This entity was in fact depicted as the Unicorn and named “Socialism;” the trampling, destroying, chaotic workhorse of Marxism that demolishes the ‘old world with its old morality’ to build a ‘new rainbow world under complete communist, One-World Government control.  During the last century, beginning with Russia in 1917, socialist/communist Apollyon had infiltrated all of the once affluent Colonialist world, systematically destroying the wealthy Colonial infrastructure and political order with the most indescribable chaos, mass displacement, unimaginable social neglect, poverty, starvation, murder and mayhem this world has ever seen — just as Jesus has prophesied in Matthew Chapter 24! 

Today, billions of people worldwide have, and still are suffering immensely under its deadly guise of ‘liberation, equality, and democracy’ - which real history proved, are lies and distortions of the truth.  I urge you dear reader:  do not believe me, research TRUE, worldwide communist history for yourself!  LOOK at all those dilapidated, suffering communist ‘paradises’ all across the globe!  LOOK at the so-called ‘post communist’ Socialist countries of utterly superrich dictators, where masses of starving refugees still storm and trample the gates of first world countries in our days! 

Now, in 2018, 24 years after the African National Congress’ take-over in South Arica, increasing lawlessness and the systematic depletion of nearly all the vast, inherited colonial infrastructure and wealth are taking an unbelievable toll on this once pristine, affluent country while all its ordinary masses of people continue to suffer.  APARTHEID AND ITS REGIME WERE ABSOLUTE MONSTERS, but these crimes cannot be blamed for the mismanagement, crime and corruption of the new government and their ongoing impoverishing of the masses! 

Even in ‘Post’ Communist countries such as China, Japan and India, which are now becoming the immensely rich ‘New Age World’ of post-communist “order FROM chaos,” only the 1 to 3% elite on top are thriving while the vast majority of people are still starving and streaming to countries like South Africa (and Europe) in search of a livelihood.  Sadly, even the enormous colonial recourses of the Old South Africa will not be able to sustain the horrendous onslaught of government officials and the influx of millions of refugees, fleeing from other empty communist countries.  As in all communist ‘paradises,’ the gap between the ‘elite’ and the poor is widening fast, while the middle class is fading away.  Social and financial collapse in South Africa is imminent. 



Marxism is not the liberation of the masses.  It is about the 1% to 3% ‘Soviet’ ‘elitists’ at the top and not about the ‘canon fodder’ and ‘useless eaters’ - the ‘common’ man like you and me!

The hated system of capitalist imperialism is described as ‘an economic system based on private assets, gained by oppression and competition, where only a small minority [and in the case of white South Africans, a small minority of the very small white minority in this country,] were able to accumulate capital to the extent where it endowed them ‘limitless power and influence.’ 

It might be news to most people, but today, the really superrich at the top of the masonic pyramid are not capitalists but communists!  Colonial capitalists were oppressors of the poor as all superrich capitalists are, but they still ploughed a huge portion of their takings back into the country for the upkeep of infrastructure, the economy, welfare funds, etcetera, creating the rich First World Countries of the world. 

However, people don’t seem to realize that worldwide, the communist superrich of today have completely outdone and replaced superrich colonial capitalists.  Compared to the old colonial capitalists, they did nothing for what they so lavishly own except bride, steal and practice corruption, but they are so much wealthier and thrive in immensely great numbers compared to the old white capitalist minority.  Now they, the so-called ‘liberators of the working classes,’ are the ones who are exploiting and impoverishing billions of laborers worldwide to keep on enriching themselves while shouting “equality for all.”   

If one understands the clandestine mechanisms and aims of Marxism, it comes as no surprise that it is the superrich communist government officials of their so-called ‘liberated democracies’ and the other superrich elitists that belong to their parties, who call for the “more stringent” implementation of socialism, or the destruction of the economy and the working class.  Ordinary citizens do not know that these ‘comrades’ are actually saying.  They are saying that more and more of the OLD wealth of the country, and what remains of its agriculture, industry, science, industry and technology must all roll into THEIR laps while they do nothing or very little to create wealth in and for the country. 

Gary Allen asked in ‘None Dare Call It Conspiracy,’ “[Socialism means] equally poor, that is.  So, [to eradicate poverty if this can be possible,] why don’t the super-rich [communists] simply distribute their [own immense] treasures among the poor?  Should they not set the example by walking the talk?  In communist countries the reality of socialism is that you have a tiny clique at the top… controlling all of the wealth, production and the very lives of [all the many masses.]  If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, but in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of superrich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all.  Only the Rockefellers and their peers, [and super-wealthy politicians and their party members in government and private enterprise,] can benefit by socialism.  They are able to buy themselves anything. 

“While many phases of our lives [such as religion and education – institutions which, in the hands of wrongdoers, have the power to brainwash, delude and control the population,] are totally out of the grasp of politicians, you could not have a dictatorship.  In order to have a dictatorship, [either capitalist or socialist,] one must have a single branch holding most of the reins of power.  Once you have this, a dictatorship is inevitable.”  Thus, all the socialist ‘democracies’ of Marxism are ruled by brutal, destructive dictators.  Dave Hunt wrote, “Enslavement is called liberation; totalitarism is democracy; the iron-fisted rule of a tiny group is the Peoples Republic.” 



Although communists declare that ‘every’ capitalist is a dog, ‘fattening itself by devouring even the bones of the poor,’ socialism and Marxism have created more ‘dogs of war, and ‘dogs of poverty,’ and ‘dogs of crime’ and utmost superrich dictators than any other philosophical religion.

This is the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy in Mt. 24:6-22: “You will hear of wars of rumors of wars…  And there will be famines… in place after place…  And the love of the great body of people will grow cold because of the multiplied lawlessness and iniquity…  For there will be great tribulation such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, and never will be again.  And if those days had not been shortened, no human being would survive…”  Many Christians, not realizing the extent and brutality of Marxism, are still waiting for the Tribulation-period to begin.  They believe this period will only last for 7 years.  But Jesus warned, “…See that you are not frightened or troubled, for this must take place, but the end is not yet…  All this is but the beginning of sorrows.” – Mt. 24:6-8.

For most of the world’s population, living under the torture of Marxism, the past hundred years meant the fulfillment of Jesus’ words.  During this time communists have implemented ‘The Plan’ of “permanent revolution globally” in order to socialize the whole world.

Slowly but surely, in their quest for worldwide ‘agrarian settlements,’ they have been advocating worldwide, continual violence to rid the world of productive, private owned farming. [Agrarian settlements are huge portions of unproductive, socialized democracies, consisting of collective State property, (as the state, their friends, family and close party members eventually own everything,) communally organized poor labor, and eventually, the absence of cash money inside their borders.] 

“Marxism is not intended to be isolated,” Marx and Engels wrote. “Experientially, Marxism is only possible as the act of dominant peoples ‘all at once’ and simultaneously, which presupposes the Universal development of productive forces and the World intercourse bound up with them… 

All private property and private production must be replaced with collectively and consciously planned organized output, increasingly turned towards direct satisfaction of needs, which is a gradual withering away of market economy” – flowing into the hands of the few at the top, no doubt.  And once the Global Communist Rulers have instituted electronic money worldwide, they will have worldwide totalitarian control, just like Johan had prophesied in Rev. 13:16-18, “He causes ALL, both small AND great, rich AND poor, free AND slave, to receive a mark…  That no one may buy or sell except one who as the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name…  It is the number of a man: [a human number,] His number is 666.”



The following illustrate the practical implementation of socialism on a global scale:

“Between late 1929 and 1935, (in Russia,) 125 MILLION peasants were uprooted from 25 MILLION individual farms.  In the process, 24 MILLION people disappeared from the Soviet countryside: half fled to the cities, 3 MILLION died of starvation in the Ukraine and the Volga Valley; MILLIONS more simply vanished into the Arctic, Siberia and China, many of them forced into labor camps.”  - Ibid., Sep. 11, 1982.  “Before this, Russia even exported grain.  Collectivized farms are a complete disaster, not the magic formula for creating the communist paradise.”  -  Dave Hunt, ‘Peace, Prosperity, and the Coming Holocaust.’

“Stalin’s collectivization of agriculture cost MILLIONS of lives and his de-industrialization program left little for material welfare.  During the ‘Great Terror of the 1930s,’ a murderous Stalin and his comrades ‘purged’ the country of ‘enemies of the people’ and sent thousands to the Gulag system of slave labor camps.”  As George Bernard Shaw explained, “We, the socialists, have nothing to do with liberty.”  The Communist Manifesto, written in 1848, states:  “Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution.  The proletarians [workers] have nothing to lose but their chains.  We have a world to win…  [or actually, to deplete, starve and destroy.]  We intend to do away with your property...  the disappearance of class property is the disappearance of production itself…”

Needless to say, the ‘disappearance of production itself’ and the ‘withering away of market economy’ will mean the starvation of the entire world – except for the 3% superrich at the top! 

If production and the market economy are destroyed, we have the perfect communist ‘paradise’ like Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and the rest of Africa.  They buy bread and bare essentials with thousands of dollars, which have virtually no value at all.  This is why President Zuma of South Africa is actually joking in public about the rapid devaluation of the rand (in 2013!) 



In 1917, Lenin and his followers “replaced Russia’s tsarist regime in a violent and bloody coup de-teat.  Bolsheviks, (Communist Jews,) took control, while Lenin implemented socialism to prepare the way for Stalin’s dictatorship.  The communist regime condemned all religion, yet people were taught to ‘ask yourself, What would Lenin do in your situation, as he had promised to light the way.’  Lenin’s name is sacred to communists and everything else is ungodly.”

Lenin was a closet Jew.  “From Karl Marx to Lenin and Putin, Marxism was Jewish from the ground up.  Marx’s ideologies and expressions were from the Jewish Cabala – (which is explained in the study of freemasonry.)  The (‘father’) of freemasonry, “Albert Pike’s writings are also right out of the Jewish Cabala aquarium.  It seems that the killer god-king ‘fish’ of humanity all swam in the same polluted pond: Jewish Cabalism and rabbinical magic and despotism.” – [‘Codex Magica,’ Texe Marrs.]

Lenin, leader of this Bolshevik regime, also became the leader of a religious cult of monstrous proportions.  His mummified, extremely lifelike, and well cared for body is preserved in a glass coffin on Moscow’s Red Square, a place of national hero worship.  It is guarded by KGB troops, and visited by millions of worshippers, who have been reciting the Leninist slogan for more than five generations, “Lenin lives, will always live, and is more alive than the living!’”  Yet Lenin, a so-called non-religious atheist, declared, “Even flirting with the idea of God is unutterable vileness…  The energy and mass nature of terror must be encouraged…  Terror and violence is necessary to purge all reactionaries from society…  ”

Marx said, “Declare God, [meaning the Real God of the Bible] and you will be committed to slave camps for the criminally insane.  Religion is the universal neurosis of humanity.  Governments do whatever necessary to stamp out malaria or Asian flu.  Should they not…  stamp out mental disease?”  This echoes the New Age dogma, “No religion, no unfaithfulness, no sin, and no guilt - only the science of humanism, or socialism,” which actually teaches that man can ‘evolve’ into god!

Thus, Buscaglia could declare, “No one is guilty, we are all innocents.”

Lenin-worship, however, proved that the ‘science’ of National Socialism is indeed a religion.

As in the case of the Nazi regime, National Socialism, the core of Marxism, stems from the teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism, and expresses itself through the doctrine of Maya.   [Read about Swedenborg and Blake’s masonic/Platonist spiritualization of the Bible through their version of Maya.] Maya means that, as man ‘evolves’ up the spiritual ladder, growing towards his goal of becoming a god, everything is merely his ‘imagination.’  According to the teaching of Maya, there is no murder, torture, starvation, or sin.  Evil and good; affluence and suffering are mere ‘illusions.’  That’s why National Socialist dictators do not perceive their atrocities  (even the torture and brutal murder of MILLIONS of their own citizens) as sin – or even as wrongdoing.  After all, everything is ‘Maya.’



Without flinching, the communist dictators of Asia most cruelly claimed 60 million lives.  Ho Chi Minh killed 856,000 Vietnamese in communist ‘education camps.’  Mao killed and tortured to death tens of millions of Chinese paupers during his socialist ‘land reforms,’ and dispossessed and uprooted millions more.  Between 1975 and 1979 Poll Pot, leader of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, claimed more than 2 million lives out of a population of 8 million; and 1.6 million Khmer Rouge soldiers died during Vietnam’s invasion into Cambodia. 

Poll Pot transformed his Democratic Kampuchea into an ‘Agrarian Utopia,’ where all technologies were banned, except those approved by inner party leaders.  He “forcibly emptied cities and chased everyone to the countryside in an attempt to ‘purify’ Cambodian people of trade and industry, as a step toward a ‘communist paradise of equality’.  He abolished money, private property, and religion— he was the only one that could be worshipped! 

All property became collective; education was only allowed at communist schools.  He forbade culture, the languages of minority groups, and he burnt the homes so the people had nothing to come back to.  He tortured and killed intellectuals and other ‘bourgeois [rich] enemies.’  Pot targeted those who wore glasses, [a sign of intellectualism,] and those who could speak a foreign language, [they could communicate with the outside world.]  He gave those in Communal camps two bowls of rice-soup per day – [which was their allotted portion of the Consumption Fund.]  Widespread starvation and disease took their toll.  Those marked for extermination had to dig their own mass-graves and were beaten to death by the Khmer Rouge, or simply buried alive!”

Poll Pot had instructed his soldiers, “Bullets are not to be wasted!”  Later on, Pot had only this to say, “I did nothing wrong.  My conscience is clear.”  Understandably so, as he also believed in Maya

He was only ‘helping’ those poor individuals to ‘evolve’ to a ‘higher state of god-consciousness.’