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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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Together, the three core components or “three ribs in the bear’s mouth” work total devastation in a country handed to communism, which is the global goal of all secret masonic societies that are steering history from behind the scenes.  Marxism, as a worldwide political philosophy or structure, proves aptly that the perceptions of divine dictatorship, humanism, and democracy do not fit their real meanings at all.  As most of communist slogans, these two dogmas, (humanism and democracy) mean exactly the opposite of what they manifest in socialist countries.  As witnessed in Marxism’s most brutal rule over countries globally, socialism actually constitutes a total lack of humanism and democracy for ordinary, law-abiding citizens. 

While most well-socialized countries such as Russia, (Jewish/Russian Marxism or Bolshevism,) and Communist China, most violently did away with most types of religion and their influences on society, the worship of genocidal dictators is Marxism and Marxism is the worship of dictators.  We even see this political worship in the world’s worship of the communist ‘christ’ Nelson Mandela. 

John prophesied the following concerning this fast-approaching, global worship in Rev. 13:4-10, “So they worshipped the dragon who gave authority to the beast: and they worshiped the beast, saying, ‘Who is like the beast?  Who is able to make war with him?’ [His dreadfully oppressed and fearful subjects believe that no one is able to stand up to him and dethrone him.] He was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies… and all who dwell on the earth will worship him [except those] whose names are written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain…”    

The three goals of Global Communist, Imperialist Expansion   

1)   Under the government of the imperialist lion, (or actually, the entire humanist leopard beast of Rev. 13,) the first goal of global communist expansion is to destroy the entire ‘old’ world or First and Second Worlds country-by-country to birth Desolate Third World ‘Paradises.’  

2)   Then, socialism intends to bring totalitarian “order” from all this willfully created “chaos” in each ‘democracy,’ controlled by the 1- 3% fabulously rich at the top.  This is the practical implementation of the masonic slogan, “Ordö AB Chao,” or Socialist “order from chaos.”   

3)   All the dictators of the world’s one-party states or ‘democracies’ will then surrender their crowns to the ultimate end-time rule of the One-World Order to enter into the Fourth World

There will exist in this ‘new world’ or ‘global socialist paradise’ of ‘peace and prosperity’ a classless, moneyless, stateless social order governed by an all-powerful, enormously superrich One-Word Order, (Rev. 13:14-18.)  At last, the entire world will be in the hands of the Fourth World — a borderless One World Government with a worldwide army of combat troops; (Dan. 8:12,) consisting of only One Party and One Religion.  All the global citizens will bow to only one god – that great religious politician Satan, who owns and rules everyone on earth through the mighty United Nations. 

Marxism’s three main Ideologies or Dogmas 

Three main ideologies govern the ultimate goal of global rule

1. Socialism must replace Capitalism.  Socialism is the greatest form of Capitalism, where the Ruling Class is utterly superrich through constant, global revolution and governmental corruption, which ‘withers away’ all ‘inherited’ old-regime economy, infrastructure, science, technology and production.  Socialism merely shifts all the capital of the world into the hands of the ‘ruling class,’ making them richer than anyone has ever been before.   

2. Continual “proletarian” or worker-class revolution of the so-called “workers’ class” must secure one-party state political power in ‘democracies’ worldwide. 

3. Dictatorship of the proletariat [the workers class] must change the economies of democracies and ultimately of the whole world ‘from privatism to collective [ruling class] ownership.’ 

‘Collective ownership’ is a great lie, as only the ‘ruling class’ of 1% to 3% owns all the assets of the old regime and the ‘workers class’ is equally poor.  Where privatism has been abolished, social and political upheaval, and poverty and civil war rule unchallenged over the population. 

The realization of these communist ideologies, is exactly as God said to Daniel in Chapter 8:25, about the ‘dragon’ or Fourth Kingdom on earth, which ‘powers’ the leopard-like beast, (Rev. 13,) “He shall destroy many in their prosperity… [impoverish everyone to benefit only the Socialist Capitalists on top,] and devour much flesh…” 

Two Scary Modules of Soviet Dogma 

In essence, Soviet or East block doctrine is modernism.  Modernism is Fourth World or dragon control from the East; the complete opposite of the ‘old’ world as we know it.  Modernism as a communist ideology does not merely aim at creating chaos to change the entire world into a ‘New World.’  The basic dogma of Modernism is contained in ‘a class of statements,’ of which Scientism and  Secularism are the most important. 

1) Scientism means, “The use of a [so-called] scientific methods [such as evolution] to gain knowledge, because science ‘alone’ can “explain phenomena such as creation.” [Encarta Dictionary.]  Thus, the dogma of evolution replaced the doctrine of creation, etcetera.  ‘Science’ became god and ‘science’ explains God and His creation ‘scientifically.’ Hence, the constant brainwashing phrases and dogmas of evolutionists in curriculums on biology and science, and in the many programs on television.  All true communists are imperialists, humanists, masons, and evolutionists and vice versa. 

2) In Secularism, (practiced as sociology, which structures human societies and cultures,) “Reason has to replace revelation.”  In communist terms, this means, the political intellectual mind, which can be structured by the ‘powers that be,’ has to replace belief in, and obedience to God.  The focus of humanity has to be shifted from God to Marxism’s ‘divine’ political leaders of ‘gods and savior-christs, and their political philosophies and agendas.

This is the false doctrine of humanism in the form of communist religion, or the worship of dictators, which was fed into all societies and cultures over the last century.  Humanism supposedly changes man into God, thus effecting political control of the intellectual mind.  For instance, one can make any person defraud, fight, riot, murder, torture, steal, or do any other kind of crime when he believes it is his human and political ‘right’ to have exactly what he wants, when he wants it, and without working or living responsibly. 

Secularism in particular, has two  very dangerous mechanisms   

1) Secularization of politics: [Secularization means, “to transfer something from a religious to a nonreligious use, or from control by a religious body to control by the State or a lay body; to remove the religious dimension or element from something, or otherwise make it secular,” Encarta Dictionary.] For instance: a dictator of a communist/socialist ‘democracy’ choose the religion that rule his country.  This was always true under capitalism as well where clergy and politicians were one,  but since 1965, we witnessed the global militant expansion of the worship of dictators as an emerging world religion. 

2) Secularization of the world market:  Under the “old morality,” businessmen were guided by law, their conscience, and word of honor to set prices.  Under the “new morality,” market economy is largely based on price fixing and stock market manipulation to set the highest prices.  This, of course, intends to create a “classless,” moneyless, ‘equal’ society — where practically, only the filthy rich ruling class owns everything.

These two doctrines of ‘secularization’ make it clear that a major ‘shift’ in political, religious, and social control is executed through the constant, global application of socialism or Marxism