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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History – Renette Vermeulen

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The third and ultimate aim of economic destruction in every democracy globally, is to create a new type of capitalism in a two-class system based on a cashless society.  Here, every sent of the ‘workers class’ is monitored, controlled and grabbed by the ‘ruling class,’ who splashes nearly all taxpayers’ money and inherited infrastructure on parties and other personal pleasures.  



While most well-socialized countries such as Russia, (Jewish/Russian communism is Bolshevism,) and Communist China most violently did away with most types of religion and their influences on government and society, the worship of genocidal dictators IS communism and communism IS the worship of dictators.  We even see this political worship in the world’s worship of Nelson Mandela

John prophesied the following concerning this fast-approaching, global dictator-worship in Rev. 13:4-10, “So they worshipped the dragon who gave authority to the beast: and they worshiped the beast, saying, ‘Who is like the beast?  Who is able to make war with him?’ [His dreadfully oppressed and fearful subjects believe that no one is able to stand up to him and dethrone him.] He was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies… and ALL who dwell on the earth will worship him [except those] whose names are written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain…”    

Together, these three core components discussed above, work total devastation in a country handed to socialism and communism, which is the exact global goal of all secret masonic societies that are steering history from behind the scenes.  Of course, besides communism, no other political philosophy or structure proves more aptly that, apart from Devine Dictatorship, the doctrines of Humanism and Democracy do not fit their meanings at all.  As most of communism’s snake-like words, these two dogmas, (humanism and democracy) mean exactly the opposite of what they really are in socialist countries.  In fact, as witnessed in communism’s most brutal rule over countries globally, socialism actually constitutes a total lack of humanism and democracy for the ordinary, law-abiding citizen. 


The three goals of Global Communist, Imperialist Expansion   

1)   Under the government of the humanist dragon-lion, as discussed above, the first goal of global communist expansion was and still is to destroy the entire ‘old’ world country-by-country through socialist destruction, mayhem, and chaos. 

2)   Secondly, communism intends to bring totalitarian “order” from all this willfully created “chaos” in each democracy, controlled by the 1- 3% fabulously rich at the top.  This is the practical implementation of the masonic slogan, “Ordö AB Chao,” or “order FROM chaos.”   

3)   Thirdly, all the dictators of the world’s one-party states or ‘democracies’ will surrender their crowns to the ultimate rule of the One-World Government

There will exist in this ‘new world’ or ‘global communist paradise’ of ‘peace and prosperity’ a classless, moneyless, stateless social order governed by an all-powerful, enormously superrich One-Word Order.  At last, the entire world will be in the hands of only One Government with a worldwide army of combat troops; consisting of only One Party, and One Religion.  All the peoples of the world will bow to only one god – that great politician and religionist Satan, who owns and rules through the members of the mighty United Nations. 


Communism’s three main Ideologies or Dogmas 

Three main ideologies govern the ultimate goal of global rule. 

1. Socialism must replace Capitalism through constant, global revolution and governmental corruption, which ‘withers away’ all existing economy, infrastructure, science, and production — while socialism does not really oppose capitalism.  Socialism merely shifts all the capital of the world into the hands of the ‘ruling class,’ making them richer than anyone has ever been wealthy before.   

2. Continual “proletarian” or worker-class revolution of the so-called “workers’ class,” has to secure one-party state political power in ‘democracies’ worldwide. 

3. Dictatorship of the proletariat [the workers class] must change the economies of democracies and ultimately of the whole world ‘from privatism to collective ownership.’ 

‘Collective ownership’ is a great lie, as only the ‘ruling class’ of 1% to 3% owns all the assets of the old regime and the ‘workers class’ is equally poor.  Where privatism has been abolished, social and political upheaval, and poverty and civil war rule unchallenged over the population. 


The realization of these communist ideologies, (the three ribs in the bear’s mouth,) is exactly as God said to Daniel in Chapter 8:25, “He shall destroy many in their prosperity… and devour much flesh…” 

Some ‘post’ communist, war-destroyed countries such as Germany, have already been ‘resurrected’ from the ashes of socialist/masonic destruction to ‘flourish’ under ‘democratic’ rule, but MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of people worldwide are still suffering immensely under this deadly guise of ‘liberation, equality, and democracy.’  Even in ‘resurrected’ or ‘post-chaos’ countries like China, Japan and the Arab Emirates, which are now becoming the richest of the rich ‘New Age World’ of “order FROM chaos,” only the 1% - 3% of the ruling class are thriving while the vast majority of people are still starving.  Impoverished people from democracies such as China, India, and the rest of Africa are streaming to countries like South Africa, which is barely afloat at this stage.  Sadly, even the incredible Colonial recourses of the Old South Africa will not be able to sustain the unbearable corruption of Government officials and the influx of millions upon millions of refugees from other communist countries.  As in all communist paradises globally, the gap between the ‘ruling class’ and the poor is widening fast, while the middle class is fading away.  The social and financial collapse of this third world country, South Africa, is imminent. 


Two Scary Modules of Soviet Dogma 

In essence, Soviet doctrine is modernism.  Modernism is the complete opposite of the ‘old’ world as we know it.  Modernism as a communist ideology does not merely aim at creating chaos to change the entire world into a ‘New World.’  Modernism plans to create Global ‘communist order’ from this willfully created chaos.  Thus, the basic dogma of Modernism is contained in a class of statements, of which Scientism and  Secularism are the most important. 

1) Scientism means, “The use of a [so-called] scientific method [such as evolution] to gain knowledge, because science ‘alone’ can explain phenomena such as creation.” [Encarta Dictionary.]  Thus, the dogma of evolution replaced the doctrine of creation, etc.  ‘Science’ became god and ‘science’ explains God and His creation ‘scientifically.’ Hence, the constant brainwashing phrases and dogmas of evolutionists in curriculums on biology and science, and in the many programs on television.  ALL COMMUNISTS ARE IMPERIALISTS, HUMANISTS, MASONS, AND EVOLUTIONISTS

2) In Secularism, (practiced as sociology, which structures human societies and cultures,) “Reason has to replace revelation.”  In communist terms, this means, the political intellectual mind, which can be structured by the ‘powers that be,’ has to replace belief in, and obedience to God.  The focus of humanity has to be shifted from God to communism’s ‘divine’ political leaders of ‘gods and savior-christs, and their political philosophies and agendas.

In essence, this is the false doctrine of humanism in the form of communist religion, which was fed into ALL societies and cultures over the last century.  Humanism supposedly changes man into God, thus effecting political control of the intellectual mind.  For instance, one can make a man fight, riot, murder, torture, steal, defraud, or do any other kind of crime when he believes it is his human and political ‘right’ to have exactly what he wants, when he wants it, and without working or living responsibly. 


Secularism in particular, has two VERY DANGEROUS mechanisms   

1) Secularization of Politics: [Secularization means, “to transfer something from a religious to a nonreligious use, or from control by a religious body to control by the State or a lay body; to remove the religious dimension or element from something, or otherwise make it secular,” Encarta Dictionary.]  For instance: a dictator of a communist/socialist ‘democracy’ choose the religion that rule his country.  This was always true under capitalism and colonialism as well, but today, we witness the global militant expansion of the worship of dictators and of Islam as an emerging world religion since 1965. 

2) Secularization of the world market:  Under the “old morality,” businessmen were guided by their conscience and word of honor to set prices.  Under the “new morality,” market economy is largely based on price fixing and stock market manipulation to set the highest prices.  This, of course, intends to create a “classless,” moneyless, ‘equal’ society — where practically, only the ruling class of 1% - 3% owns everything.

These two doctrines of ‘secularization’ make it clear that a major ‘shift’ in political, religious, and social control is executed through the constant, global application of socialism and communism


It is significant that Daniel’s vision of the ram and goat relates directly to the Iranian, (ancient Persian) city of Susa, (ancient Shushan.)  Susa became a Muslim Fortress when Persia was taken by the religion of Islam in 640 A.D.  Today, 99.4% Iranians are Muslim.  In 640 B.C. already, Susa was referred to as “the great, holy city; abode of their gods, seat of their mysteries…”  Should we understand that Daniel’s end-time prophecies focus on global, end-time spirits and not on ancient, geographical ‘kingdoms’ and physical ‘kings,’ it is important to see that today, Iran, or that which remains of the vast kingdom of Persia, is a constant, growing seat of Islamic power

There, in 605 B.C., by the river Ulai, Daniel saw a ram with two high horns.  The interpreting angel told Daniel that the two horns represent two distinct END-TIME kings; [spiritual principalities, NOT kingdoms or so-called human ‘kings’ like 4th century B.C. Alexander,] called Media and Persia, (8:19.) 

During 550-330, the Median [ancient Iranian] Empire, together with most other Empires at the time, were engulfed by the Achaemenid/Persian Empire of Cyrus the Great, which stretched over three continents: Africa, Asia, and Europe, in particular, Eastern Europe, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, and the entire region of the Middle East.  When Media was incorporated into Persia, Cyrus made SUSA (or ancient Shushan,) Persia’s first capital, (Dan. 8:2.) 

The physical Median kingdom does not exist anymore, but according to the Bible, the spirit of the Medians continue to this day.  Old Testament prophets refer apocalyptically to Medes and “the spirit of the kings of Media,” (Jer. 51:11.)  In Isa. 13:1-22, God clearly prophesies the end of the world as an unbearably perilous time, stating, “Wail, for the day of the Lord is at hand…  I will punish the world for its evil… (And in v. 17,) I will stir up the Medes against them…”  Here, the destructive Median (or old Iranian) spirit of the end-time apocalypse, working through evil people, is described as a decimating entity that cannot be bribed.  It wants blood and lots of it so badly, it even cherishes the slaughter of people more than gold.  It is so set on devouring flesh that none can buy or bargain his life out of it’s hand, (Jer. 51:11.) 

Russian historian Vladimir Minorsky alleges that many ancient Iranians, (Medians or Kurds,) eventually became part of the Soviet Union, which was also swallowed by the old Achaemenid/Persian Empire that consumed the entire Middle East.  Today, it seems hard to pinpoint the actual descendants of the Kingdom of Media, but tracking the end-time bloodshed of the spirit of Media is not that difficult.  The end-time spirit that shed the most blood on this planet during the last century, (just as God prophesied in Jer. 51:11 and Isa. 13:17,) is undoubtedly socialist communism; typified by Dictators under command of the Russian bear, (the communist coat of arms,) as seen in the previous vision of Daniel in Chapter 7.  [Bolsheviks or Jewish/Russian communists such as Stalin took millions upon millions of lives during the 20th century alone!]  This vision of the bear, or the devouring spirit of Bolshevism, is clearly identified in Daniel’s earlier vision of the second beast, (the ‘second ‘king’ or governing political dogma,) which emerged from the stormy political ‘sea,’ (Dan. 7:5.) 


In the light of the love-hate alliance between Russia and Iran/Persia since 1521, (Dan. 8:20,) it is possible that the vision does indeed speak of the end-time spirit of Media, (Jewish/Russian socialist communism,) and Persia, (the religion of Islam,)  [Dan. 8:3.] 

What indisputable, worldwide end-time events really prove, (if Media is not so much a country as an end-time political principality of global power,) is that Bolshevist communism came before the global expansion of the spirit of MODERN Persia, (the global imperialism of the religion of Islam and the mighty economic and military union of the ‘new’ ‘post-’communist Islamic World, the United Arab Emirates, or the League of Arab States.  ‘Emirates’ in this context literally means ‘Principalities.’  Yet, during the last century, both Bolshevism and Islam expanded WORLDWIDE FROM THE EAST, (Dan. 8:4.)  [Can it be by chance that Russia was a major political power in the East before World War 2, but since the United Nations was formed in 1948, with the worldwide imperialism of Bolshevism, it became a superpower equivalent to America, and it is rising again in our day.] 

Then, in Daniel’s second vision, a male goat stormed from the West with one horn between its eyes like a unicorn.  In occult and especially masonic circles, the unicorn spirit signifies the global “chaos” of socialism to bring about worldwide socialist/communist/masonic “order” or worldwide control. 

The angel also explained to Daniel that the END-TIME unicorn-horn was “the first king,” (Dan. 8:21.)  As end-time prophecy has nothing to do with Alexander the Great and other ancient conquerors, it is likely that this “first king” is actually “the first beast:” the IMPERIALISM of the lion dragon-beast, which Daniel saw in his previous vision, (Daniel 7:3-4; Rev. 13:2.)  As a result, the goat from the West and the greatness of it’s horn probably signify an end-time, political institution such as very aggressive, global imperialism, [signified by the lion-dragon on British and most other European crests,] carrying forth a most destructive political strategy such as socialism, “flying without touching the ground towards the four winds of heaven,” engulfing the whole earth, (v. 5,8.) 

In verses 7-8, the goat from the West attacked and flattened the ram from the East, allowing the goat to ‘grow great.’  But later, the goat’s big horn was broken and replaced by four other horns, (Dan. 7:2; 3-8; 8:5-7.)  Then, out of one of these four political “kingdoms,” grew “a little horn which grew exceedingly great towards the south, east, and the Middle East…” [and especially against God Himself…]” (8:9-13.)  This ‘little horn’ certainly symbolizes an extremely militant, Kingdom-Now-here-on-earth, political religion!  (Rev. 13:8.) 

In Daniel 8, the archangel Gabriel identified this male goat as the Kingdom of Greece.  Greece is considered as the birthplace of Western/European civilization.  In 1832, Greece was liberated from the Muslim Empire, and officially established as the Kingdom of Greece at the Convention of London by the United Powers of Britain, France, and Russia. It is clear that the end-time spirits that govern ALL such conventions are an amalgamation of political powers from both the West and the East! 

In Daniel’s vision, the end-time goat from the West violently broke the two horns, (Media and Persia,) of the end-time ram from the East, and trampled him.  Of course this happened in the spiritual world first.  However, while Iran itself was not physically involved in the Gulf War, between August 1990 and February 1991, the coalition forces of 34 nations, led by the imperialist ‘lion’ from Daniel’s first vision, (Britain and America,) in a mighty demonstration of United Nations power, attacked the Islamic powers perched in the Persian Gulf.  It then seemed as if the male goat from the West had broken the power of the Persian ram.  Yet, although the horn was “broken,” it  was not destroyed, as witnessed in the resultant spread of Islam across the globe and the rise of the stinking rich, ‘post’-communist United Arab Islamic States, including Iran. 

On December 26, 1991, the Soviet Empire or the Median principality also ‘fell’ and was broken up into a commonwealth of independent states called the Russian Commonwealth, or the Eurasian Economic Union.  However, while the Soviet Empire might have ‘fallen,’ the Russian Commonwealth and it’s Bolshevist (Jewish/Russian communist) spirit live and thrive worldwide. 

After this, the very last act of this end-time drama entered the stage because, when “the male goat grew very great and became strong, it’s large horn was [also] broken…” The angel explained to Daniel that this large horn “was the first king:” the global superpower of worldwide IMPERIALISM, the first spirit that came from the sea, (Dan. 7:3-3; 8:21-22.) 

Dare we say that the incredibly aggressive spirit of global imperialism is ‘dead’?  On a physical level, it seems, militant imperialism of entire countries and continents have subsided since South Africa fell to communism in 1994.  Nevertheless, globally, social, religious and cultural imperialism have escalated, as seen in the forceful expansion of Islam with the dispersion of millions of ‘refugees’ fleeing from socialist Muslim countries to invade the affluent ‘post-war’ countries of Europe.