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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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The economic, social and political oppression of the apartheid regime were real.  The poverty was real.  The humiliation and deprivation of non-white citizens were real.  Like the grievances of other oppressed and deprived masses worldwide, the resentment of the people was justified.  However, seen in the context of colonial/communist history through Africa and worldwide, the oppression of the old government benefitted Marxism tremendously. Their calculated colonial oppression created a fertile breeding ground for the communist takeover in South Africa and the global expansion of Jewish-Russian communism, to eventually gain control of the whole world. 

The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation,’ [this article, like many others, was changed or removed from their website,] termed political attacks on the innocent citizens of a country as follows, “Terrorism means a strategy of political violence that involves systematic acts of destruction aimed at altering or maintaining power relations through spreading extreme fear.  Terrorism is acts of intimidation, injuring... innocent civilians…  Terrorism is anarchic and devoid of moral content.  It is the amorality and unpredictability of terrorism that distinguishes it from guerrilla warfare [that is fought between soldiers.]” 

In the 1960’s, after about 57 years of violent industrial socialist agitation, which began to manifest shortly after the Boer War in 1902, “to counteract apartheid,” masonic Jewish/Russian (Bolshevik) comrade, Chief of Staff Joe Slovo, instructed “elitist” Russian-trained experts, Nelson Mandela, Chris Hani, Oliver Thambo and their other commanders, to unleash Marxism’s well-planned, “total onslaughton all South Africans, innocent bystanders too, not just the government. 

They began to assault all South Africans simultaneously on two fronts.  They launched “a total mass military assault” from without with the training and military support of foreign superpowers like Cuba and Russia, and a “total mass mobilization of especially non-white people from within,” (“the people’s war,”) to make the whole country vulnerable, unstable, and ungovernable. 

Ordinary citizens still might not know it, but those onslaughts were not so much about the destruction of apartheid, although that atrocity needed to be demolished.  The communist offensive against South Africa was a worldwide, synchronized, socialist onslaught against all nations that were still “non-communist” in the 1960’s.  In South Africa, apartheid was just the scapegoat for the well-planned, Soviet supported, imperialist globalization of international Marxism, formed in 1957 and launched at the 1966 Tri-Continental Conference

That conference was attended by terrorist organizations from “Cuba, Guinea, the Congo, South Africa, Anglo, Vietnam, Syria, North Korea, Puerto Rico, Chile, the Dominican Republic, and the Palestine Liberation Organization.”  From there, thousands upon thousands of Russian, Libyan and Cuban trained insurgents went forth “to instigate civil war in all non-communist countries in the whole of Asia, Africa, and the Americas under the supervision of Cuban intelligence and the Russian KGB.”  Without claiming responsibility, the Soviet Union financed all these wars and supplied weapons to mainly Gaddafi from Libya.  Gaddafi trained and supported every terrorist organization throughout the world

In the 1970’s, communist foreign training camps were established in Angola, Mozambique, Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordon and South Yemen — and in all South Africa’s neighboring countries.   In counteracting attacks from those insurgents, South Africa’s Police and Defense Forces knew of more than 28,000 Cuban soldiers and 3,800 Soviet and East German instructors, who guided every attack against the civilians and government of this country.  When South African Defense Force soldiers, out of necessity to protect South African borders, struck sixty miles, (some 96 kilometers,) into Angola in 1981, they killed two Soviet officers and took one captive; seizing anti-aircraft guns, 50 Soviet tanks, 2,000 tons of explosions, land mines, and ammunition. 


Prior to, but especially since the early 1960’s, no one was safe in South Africa.  Thousands of Russian, Cuban, and Libyan trained insurgents, brainwashed with racial hatred and communist slogans and goals, secretly indoctrinated the disgruntled multitudes of South Africa with socialist dogma.  They also came equipped to attack ‘soft targets’ and to “shoot,” “hit” and “kill” innocent white civilians, non-white ‘collaborators, and the much hated multi-race Police and Defense Force members, who were merely under command of the government without any real say the matter. 

In what seemed like random attacks, those insurgents committed murder during gruesome home invasions - which are still continuing by the thousands in the new South Africa.  They opened machine gun fire on ordinary civilians during drive bys.  They executed hand grenade, limpid mine, car bomb and other bomb attacks in rural areas and public places.  They  planted thousands of land mines; murdering and maiming indiscriminately in South Africa and in neighboring countries where the Police and Defense Forces had to withstand them.  Everyone at  home or at work, on the streets, in sports arenas, shopping malls, restaurants, taverns, beach fronts, churches, parks; at school, or university were constantly in mortal danger of terrorist attacks.  Most horrendously, they completely disregarded civilian life in machine gun and bomb attacks on the military

Meanwhile, “the total mass mobilization of all people,” the second segment of this communist onslaught, quickly reached maturity.  By 1965, communist commanders agitated at least 20 million people in South Africa, (excluding neighboring countries) into extremely violent revolt - further endangering the life of every citizen in the process.  Public buildings, people, private property, cars, ‘collaborators,’ police officers, Defense Force soldiers, and armored cars all went up in flames.   

Politicians such as Nelson Mandela’s wife Winnie Mandela publically incited the masses to ‘necklace’ or cremate suspected ‘collaborators’ in kerosene tyres, and to hurl stones, axes, knob-sticks, petrol bombs, and other deadly weapons at police officers,  defense force members, and security patrols; also attacking and murdering innocent civilians on streets and highways

As a result, the old government was compelled to declare a state of emergency, (not martial law) as some errantly allege.  Police barred roads in and out of the townships and the movement of especially non-white citizens was severely restricted without showing their ‘pass books,’ which were not much different from the compulsory Identity Documents, which everyone must carry in the ‘new’ South Africa. However justified the grievances of the oppressed masses were, one inexcusable measure that communists used in Africa and elsewhere in the world, is the recruitment and abduction of children into their armies. 

In 2012, more than 300,000 brainwashed, drug-addict child terrorists were still fighting in the ongoing genocidal wars throughout Africa.  So, during the apartheid years, the use of women and children in revolution was another tactic of Joe Slovo, Mandela, and their Russian trained fighting wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe, who were actually empowering themselves through ‘the people’s war.’ 



                                            bush war helicopter.pngbush war protesters.png

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“I hate those men who would send into war youth to fight and die for them; the pride and cowardice of those old men [of all races,] making their wars that boys must die!”  - Mary Roberts Rinehart 


The incredibly violent protesters were mostly men, but their revolts were planned to coincide with the extremely uncontrolled riots of millions of women, children, and ‘youths.’  These children and “youths” (some more than thirty years old like those of the modern African National Council’s Youth League,) were old enough to commit mob murder and even decapitate and incinerated police members, innocent bystanders, and ‘collaborators and informers.’  This is how African National Council ‘youths still deal with the supporters of other political parties in 2016-2017! 

Contrary to ANC propaganda and their re-inventing of history, every person that was incited to murder and mayhem was a deadly projectile in the indiscriminate communist war machine. 


The great Russian, Libyan, and Cuban offensive from bordering countries also intensified.

In addition to the civil war from within, a full-scale anti-terrorist border war gripped South Africa from all sides.

To protect South Africa’s citizens, the old government had to restrain the enormous influx of armed insurgents.  They were not random disgruntled citizens.  They were Cuban, Libyan, and Russian trained and financed military soldiers that assaulted civilians from neighboring countries. 

For the next 24 years, between 1965 to 1989, the defense of South Africa’s borders against foreign superpowers like Russia, Cuba, Libya, and thousands upon thousands of communist insurgents from  all neighboring countries, escalated into, and continued as an ongoing, full scale war.   


                                            bush war migs two.png              bush war migs.png                                         

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Above:  In an extremely aggressive onslaught on South Africa, Russian, Cuban, and Angolan armies clashed with the South African Defense Force, Navy, and Air Force, as Russian and Cuban war ships attacked from the sea while miggs attacked from above.  Covert American CIA operations against South Africa also hampered her forces in withstanding foreign superpower intervention in Angola. 


When the Police Force could not guard all the borders and the interior of the country anymore, every available white man, without choice, was drafted into the army.  Many thousands of brave, self-willed  non-white volunteers were also incorporated.    

Let it always be clear that South African police officers and soldiers were not fighting for apartheid.  They were fighting against the communist invasion and destruction of South Africa. 

Despite the completely unacceptable apartheid rule over people of other races, in the mind of the ordinary white citizen, (as in the minds of many citizens of other races,) the war had little to do with race or the need for human rights.  The collective enemy among South Africa’s peoples was the communist beast that infiltrated, assaulted, and threatened to violently seize South Africa as it had seized nearly the entire world since the Russian revolution in 1917.  

None of the ordinary citizens of all races knew it at the time, but the collective enemy was actually apartheid as well as Marxism and their masonic leaders from both sides, deceiving and abusing all the citizens of this country from behind the scenes.  The real danger was the destructive communist path that both sides were cutting through the minds and lives of all South Africans! 


During the border war, white citizens had absolutely no choice in the matter; the country was at war while simultaneously engaged in a civil war, and they were all under command. 

An official call-up paper for whites, subjected to the laws of the South African National Defense Force, contained the following orders, “The camp for continual training of this unit, of which you are a member, will be held as indicated.  If you are employed, you have to notify your employer immediately that you will attend this camp.  Attendance is compulsory and failure to do so will result in punishment in compliance with the Law of Defense…”

Three to six months army training per year followed the initial one to two years service.  Many men lost their jobs despite so-called protective legislation – and ordinary, law-abiding citizens had to sign their last will and testament as they were compelled to leave for ‘the border.’ 

Their task was to prevent murdering, maiming insurgents from entering South Africa. 

Just as Jewish communist Joe Slovo’s ‘freedom fighters,’ South African ‘boys’ had to leave their parents, wives, children, and family to fight in dense and unfamiliar bush, unbearable heat and deadly danger.  Many never returned – among them many non-white volunteers.  Many were disabled and wounded.  All were traumatized. 

And now, according to the new government, the Boys of all races, who fought so bravely against the global Russia Bear, must be forgotten.  Their sacrifice to protect their country and her peoples was completely in vain.  It seems as if the Army was, and still is unwilling to release final death statistics on the ‘bush or border war.’  Apparently, neither the old government nor commanders such as Slovo and Mandela went to the trouble of counting all their casualties.  On this side of the grave, we might never know how many soldiers, insurgents and ordinary people were killed from both sides during this never-ending, 56-year struggle from 1960 to 1994.  While the gullible ‘cannon fodder’ of all races were losing life and limb in a terrorist/anti-terrorist war that was supposed to secure the ‘freedom’ and ‘security’ of all, masonic elitists of all races were clambering for personal wealth, position, and political power; secretly deceiving all South Africans during their secret meetings.


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TopThose brave heroes of all races, the Boys on the Border — sadly excluded from ‘official’ South African history and the government’s one-sided ‘wall of remembrance,’ which even include the names of imperialist Cuban killers, while our own slain soldiers are forgotten! 


Excluding the Boys on the Border from history is horrendous political discrimination!  The sincerity and bravery of police officers and Defense Force soldiers cannot be disputed.  The new South African government tries to turn the legitimate soldiers of the old South Africa, soldiers of all races, into villains.  However, those who were there, those who loved, respected, and lost a ‘Boy’ on the Border; the loved ones, contemporaries, colleagues, and descendants of all the brave sons of South Africa, know they were heroes.  We all honor and salute them as such. 

Although official government statistics are very hard to come by, it seems that just between 1980 and 1988, security forces in South West Africa, in their fearless fight against SWAPO, FAPLA, Cuba, Russia and Angola, encountered 6,337 contacts and ambushes, acts of sabotage, mines that detonated, and appalling terrorist acts of intimidation against civilians. 

One website actually displays  statistics.  It claims that from the sixties to the nineties, 1,804 South African soldiers lost their lives.  Of course, these are 1, 804 lives too many. 

However, viewed from the vast scale of his war, we can honestly say that by the grace of God, most of our South African police officers and soldiers really ‘feared naught but God.’ 


Worldwide history has proven that when political pressure mounts; when a man has nothing more to lose, (whatever his race or creed,) he usually falls prey to the ‘stealth and deceit’ of masonic societies and ‘evolves’ into a deadly enemy of the ruling regime.  Can anyone really believe that the apartheid Afrikaner Broederbond didn’t know that?  Not only communist history worldwide, but common sense also proves that the oppression of the majority could never be to protect the rights of the minority, and vice versa.  In new South African terms, it is just as illogic to believe that the oppression of the minute minority can protect the rights of the vast majority, which is already in control of everything! 

However, in our quest for the truth, we must be fair.  Historical fact cannot be changed.  While the old regime did keep most non-white people poor through racial discrimination, (although there was always a non-white, and especially an Indian elite of superrich, well-educated people among them,) it is also true that the apartheid regime did supply adequate schools, the best state hospitals, etc. to their non-white citizens as well, and they did attempt to eliminate the wildly growing housing crisis.  However, under the agitation of communist Jews like Slovo, the people refused to accept the regime’s infrastructure and continually torched their schools, houses, books, clinics, libraries, etc. 

This resulted in ever worsening poverty and illiteracy, which still plagues thousands of South Africans today.  If only they would realize that, in their legitimate struggle to free themselves of the oppressive apartheid regime, they were merely used by both sides of this struggle to complete the globalization of imperialist Marxism in all non-communist countries worldwide! 

While the communist propaganda machine ascribe all ongoing evil to the old regime, little is known about the age-old destructive forces at work within cultures.  For instance, in the 1800s, during the frontier wars between the British and Xhosa, the political structures of the Xhosas were disintegrating and they sacrificed to their dead ancestors for help.  In 1856, a woman named Nongqawuse prophesied, “The ancestors say all the cattle must be slaughtered…  There should be no cultivation…  Then the community will rise from the dead!”  Hopeless, lasting poverty and starvation were the result.  The failure of this prediction was first blamed on disobedience to the ancestors, and then on the “white British sorcerers.”