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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History – Renette Vermeulen

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None of these societies operates alone.  They share membership, dogmas, and a One World Order goal.  Cecil John Rhodes, for example, was a member of the Committee of 300, Club of Rome, Knights of the Round Table, and the Illuminati.  By 1800, secret societies have infiltrated every corner of the globe.  President George Washington’s initiation into Freemasonry was in 1752.  The dollar bill still bears not only Washington’s likeness but also the Masonic symbol of the all-seeing-eye.  The giant obelisk-monument in Washington DC, the capital city of the USA, is a representation of the Masonic fertility symbol, the erect male phallus. 

Masons in the White House are legendary: Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Polk, Buchanan, both the Johnsons, Garfield, McKinley, both the Roosevelts, Taft, Hading, Truman, Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, Kennedy, Nixon, Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Carter, Clinton, the Bush's — and Barak Obama, who is a  Muslim mason.  Stephen Knight wrote in his book THE BROTHERHOOD, “For centuries, all the kings and queens of England were masons and matrons.  King George V1, Elizabeth’s father, forced Prince Philip to join… and the Duke of Kent became Grand Master in 1966…  Queen Elizabeth is Grand Patroness of the Movement.  [By 1983] she was already marked down by the elders of Great Queen Street as possible future Grand Mistress…  [By 1983] there were 1,677 lodges in London alone…  The Royal Exchange, the Corn Exchange, the Baltic Exchange, the Metal exchange, the Bank of England, the merchant banks, the insurance companies, the mercantile houses, the Old Bailey, the Inns of Court, the Guildhall, the schools and colleges, the ancient markets, all of them have Freemasons in significant positions…” 

W.S. McLoud wrote in ‘Actors in the Last Scene,’ “The Brotherhood is highly secretive and mighty sorcerers.  They are extremely dangerous people who sacrifice human beings on a regular basis…” 

On p. 368 of ‘Codex Magica,’ Texe Marrs exposes “a dark scene inside a masonic temple in Greece, where the human sacrifice lays straddled as a five point star on the altar.  Superimposed behind are the ‘hell’-triangle and the Tau-symbol of the Royal Arch – [the Masonic sign of the ‘cosmic christ,’ Tammuz].  The delta-triangle design is feminine and corresponds to the female’s vulva.” 

Even 3rd degree craft masons live by the following creed, “If a brother discloses any of our secrets… even if a minister of the church pray in the Name of Christ in any of our meetings, you must be ready… to slit his throat from side to side, pluck his tongue out at the roots and bury his body at the bottom of a lake…   “When 10 persons were allowed to enter at the end of their initiation period, they found the Cabalist Jew, Jacob Falk, (born 1780 A.D.) seated on a throne, a golden turban around his head, a gold chain with a silver star, on which secret names were engraved, around his neck.  Truly, this man stands alone in his generation because of his knowledge of the holy mysteries… 

“[The Jew] Jacob Falk was in contact with [Zionist/Cabalist Jews] Jacob Frank, Mendelssohn, Mayer Rothschild, and Adam Weishaupt…  For centuries the Rothschild Dynasty has been making loans not to individuals, but to kings and presidents.  Though the centuries, they have reaped huge profits and played their part in the backstage of history.  The Rothschild’s and their counterparts buy and own entire countries, if not the whole world.” - [From W.S. McLoud, ‘Actors in the Last Scene.’]   


As we will see in Part 2 of this series, the One World Order is the United Nations.  Everything about this Order was prophesied in the Books of Daniel and Revelation. In the visions, which God gave to Daniel and John, this Order took the form of a two-fold beast: the beast from the sea or political world, and the beast from the earth or the religious, mostly Western Christian world.  This beast “looks like a leopard with feet like a bear and a mouth like a lion, and the dragon, [or second, religious beast,] gave him his power,” (Dan. 7-12; Rev. 13.)  The two-fold political beast and religious beast was born from, and raised by masonic orders worldwide.  The political and religious beasts are completely intertwined and since pre-flood days, they were set on governing the entire world together.  In various forms, since the 4th century A.D., when the Roman Emperor Caesar Constantine Christianized the disciples of Jesus and organized them into a physical, national and international church system, King and Pope have been working together towards a common goal in all countries.   

All the dragon’s roots lead to a single source: money – which seems logic, as it requires lots and lots of money to finance worldwide revolution, war, and global control.  Still, revolution and war are necessary tools in gaining control of countries and their wealth, and ultimately, the whole world!  Apart from spiritual power, money remains the great power, which the dragon supplies to the leopard beast, (Rev/ 13:4.)    Lucien Wolf wrote, “[For centuries] these [religious] Cabalist Jews have been furnishing money and information to insurgents and army contractors, and they became loan-mongers and super-spies, political intelligencers like Carvajal, the great Jew of the Commonwealth.  [Superrich masonic dynasties buy entire countries and supply governments with immense amounts of money.  This is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.  In Rev. 18:3, John wrote, “All the nations have drunk… of [the religious dragon’s] fornication.  The kings of the earth have committed fornication with her.  And the merchants of the earth have become [super]rich through the abundance of her luxury.”]  The wide ramifications of his commercial transactions and his relations with other [Zionist] Jews all over the world placed him in an unrivalled position to obtain news of enemies of the Commonwealth.  Their ‘secret service’ rendered the Jewish Cabalists a formidable hidden power, as their very existence was frequently unknown to the people around them.  A precaution necessary as even ordinary Jews were not supposed to exist at that date in England.  King Edward 1 expelled them in 1290; they remained in exile for three and a half centuries.  Their services were held in the Secret Synagogue, while they passed as Catholics…  When the war between England and Spain rendered this guise unnecessary, they threw the mask off and declared themselves followers of the Jewish faith.  Not until King Charles 11 were they allowed to return to England in large numbers, who allowed them this ‘privilege’ because he coveted their great financial wealth.  In 1688 the Cabalists financed from Amsterdam the expedition of William of Orange against King James 11, and William brought many [Zionist, Cabal- and Talmud believing] Jews with him to England when he took charge of the throne.” 

The Cabbalists, through their secret societies, planned, financed, and executed the public beheading of King Charles 1, and caused the English Revolution.  They placed William of Orange on the English throne in 1688.  In return, William allowed them to establish the Bank of England in 1694The founder of the Rothschild Monarchy was Mayer Rothschild of Germany.  Ordained as a rabbi, he entered into economics and with the support of his five sons, he established banks in Frankfurt, Wenen, London, Paris, and Napoli.  When the Rothschilds spread the rumor that Napoleon won the battle of Waterloo, panic broke on the English stock exchange, shares plummeted, and the Rothschilds bought everything.  This gave the Cabalists full control of the British economy as well. 

Napoleon Bonaparte was a mason, probably an Illuminist, but he became the enemy of the Rothschilds when he swore alliance to the Royal family of Austria, and they brought him to a fall.  The Masonic order set up lodges in Germany, Saxon, Prussia, Sweden, Russia, Italy, Spain, Greece, and in America, from where they extended their financial and political power to gain control of the economies of the whole world. [Nesta Webster, SUBVERSIVE MOVEMENTS; Gunter K. Russbacher, THE ART OF GLOBAL POLITICS ON THE BILDERBERGER SOCIETY; Fritz Springmeier, THE ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE; Texe Mars, EXPOSING THE LINKS BETWEEN COMMUNISM, THE ILLUMINATI AND ISLAMIC TERRORISM; Prof. Dr. George Simmel, SOCIOLOGY OF SECRET SOCIETIES; Kris Millegan, FLESHING OUT SKULL & BONES.]  


Given the deceptive nature of all secret societies, one may believe that most people join with noble intentions.  Most initiates of freemasonry think that they are joining a non-religious, non-political Brotherhood of noble character, (such as the Lion’s and Rotary Clubs,) which focus on charity works.  Initiates probably join because the union between ‘brothers’ attracts them.  Such union implies acceptance, support - and ultimately, the ‘safety’ of personal wealth and power.  However, the very reason why these International Brotherhoods are secret societies is that their so-called ‘noble’ character and ‘good’ works are a cover up for their practices, malicious characters, and antichrist beliefs and practices.  Appearances are indeed deceiving. 

Masonic orders and their counterparts are definitely NOT gentlemen – or ladies! 

Likewise, nothing is ‘free’ in freemasonry.  For new initiates, it is a trap from hell, ready to be sprung. 

Ex-mason Stephen Knight wrote, “In the first 3 degrees, the ‘blue’ craft masonry conducted in lodges, the initiate is introduced… to the ‘Great Architect of the Universe’ as the masonic god…  In fact, the masonic god… has nothing to do with Jesus Christ.  His true name… is revealed only to those 3rd degree masons who elect to be ‘exalted’ to the Holy Royal Arch, often thought of as the 4th degree…  In the ritual of exaltation, the name of the Great Architect of the Universe is revealed as JAH-BUL-ON…  (Jah = Jahweh, the God of the Hebrews; Bul = Baal, the ancient Canaanite fertility god; and ON = Osiris.)”



     compass and square.png      hexagram.png               masonic grip.png      brotherhood.png      communist flag.png  


The emblem of masonry - the compass on top of a square – signifies the ‘Great Architect of the Universe,’ the fertility god or so-called ‘creator’ god of the sky, continually engaged in the sexual act with Isis, the goddess of fertility, or Mother Earth.  In addition, the ‘G’ in the middle of this triangle does not stand for the God of the Bible, or for ‘geometry’ as masons allege, but for the satanic ‘god’ of freemasonry. 

The counterpart of the compass and square is the hexagram, pentagram, or Jewish ‘star of David,’ [David had no ‘star,’] is a triangle within a triangle, and it has always been a satanic symbol.  Texe Marrs wrote that this sign “was adopted by the Jews in Europe during the medieval period.  It later became the centerpiece of the Israeli flag.”  The top political structure of Israel is immensely masonic.  In ‘occult science’ or astrology, this Jewish Cabalist star or compass and square represent The Brotherhood of Light. 

Masonic orders are not innocent charity organizations; they are satanic sex-cults of religious sun worship; filled with perverse beliefs and blood rituals.  Masonry worships the god of sexual and financial power.  The god that lusts after totalitarian rule and mindless submission.  Thus, masonry and all its subversive branches are serious satanic diseases. 


Masonic orders blend perfectly with Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and all other religions.  In his sick, twisted view of the God of the Bible, the Christian mason, (usually a Rosicrucian, or a Knight of Malta like Rick Joyner,) does not see any difference between Jahbulon or Baphomet, and the True Jesus Christ of the Bible.  Hence, masons often proclaim that they are devoted, professing - even born again Christians.  Seemingly, they find no conflict between the real teachings of the Bible and the teachings of the goat-god of the lodge.  A great number function as ‘ordained’ ‘priests,’ ministers, ‘reverends,’ ‘dominees’ and pastorsThey hold office in Christian churches of all denominations — Roman Catholic, Calvinist (Methodist, Dutch and other Reformed, etc.,) Jehovah’s Witnesses, Baptist, the Promise Keepers Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement — name the church or denomination, and they are in control there!  Rick Joyner, the ‘Top Prophet’ of the entire Pentecostal/Charismatic Church Movement, proudly declares he is a Knight of Malta and recruits masons during the madness of his services in his “Morning Star” church. 

The great Charismatic Roman Catholic, Jesuit infiltrator; so-called ‘exorcist’ or ‘delivererBob Larson, among others, clearly gives his masonic sign and parades in Roman Catholic cross, cloth and collar for all to see.  Kenneth (and Gloria) Copeland Ministries’ booklet proudly shows the masonic compass and square on “How to build your Firm Foundation.”  Writer of the false book, “Left Behind,” Tim Lahaye, is a Rosicrucian, Illuminati DispensationalistThe well-known preacher Billy Graham, high clergyman and mason, also supported the evolution-blanketed ‘creation science dogma and declared, “…Whether it came by an evolutionary process [or creation,] whichever way God did it makes no difference as to what man is and man's relationship to God."  The iconic communist Desmond Tutu, just as the god and christ of communism Nelson Mandela, (one of the elders of the New World Order,)  also belong to the Vatican’s military order, the Knights of Malta.  All freemasons are devout communists and evolutionists!  Sadly, the true cruxes of masonry are sun and phallic worship.  Masonry in all its various forms is a sex cult.  The obelisk or high tower is the fertility symbol of the erect male sex organ.  It often adorns church buildings because most Christian clergy were, and are masons. 


BELOW:  Masonic declarations in these signs at the Oral Roberts University.  This shows that Roberts declares Jesus, but actually worships Baphomet.  All he can teach students here, is how to cultivate a personal relationship with the devil. 


                                                                                     Oral Roberts campus sign.jpg   



BELOW:  The ‘lion’s paw’ or ‘devil’s claw’ sign of the lodge proves that Pat Robertson gave his heart to Baphomet.  The same repetitive sign on the covers of Jimmy Swaggart’s records and CD’s prove the same.  Mason Albert Pike, in his "Morals and Dogma," explained the Lion’s Paw as follows, "The Lion of the House of Judah is the strong grip, never to be broken… The wide arms [of Christ] are as closely and affectionately as Brethren embrace each other on the five points of fellowship…  It means he entered the Lodge as a natural man, lost in sin and spiritually buried. By the strong Grip of the Lion's Paw, he is raised again to a new life, or born again to spiritual righteousness…” 


   pat robinson.jpg     Jimmy Swaggart another lions paw.jpg Jimmy Swaggart third lions paw.jpg jimmy swaggart lions paw under chin.jpg Jimmy, never be lonely.jpg jimmy, the healing jesus.jpg                                                                                 donnie Swaggart thinking illuminati.gif       illuminati sign.JPG   


ABOVE: Mason Jimmy Swaggart’s son Donny Swaggart proved by the masonic company he keeps that he followed in his father’s footsteps.  However, Donny’s carefully posed finger-to-the-forehead sign is Cabbalist-Illuminati not ordinary freemasonry.   


The Cabalist Sanhedrin sponsored the Jew, John Calvin, [father of Calvinism and especially the Dutch Reformed Church,] whose real name was Chauvin, to ‘break away’ from the Vatican to found the equally destructive force of Protestantism.  Martin Luther [watch the sliding images on left,]  followed the masonic Reformation.  ‘Sola Scriptura,’ was their creed, (Scripture only,) but to the contrary, they based their false Protestant (Calvinist, Lutheran, etc.) doctrines on some of the most prominent doctrines of their incredibly idolatrous spiritual mother, the Roman Catholic Church, [scroll down on the WebPage] and added many dangerous monsters of their ownGreat ‘evangelists’ like Jesse Jackson and Robert Schuler also belong(ed) to the masonic lodge.  Then there is false teacher and prophet  Benny Hinn with his occult sign and masonic roots, although, being secret, no clear evidence exists that he himself is a mason.  Supposedly not a mason either, Jesse Duplantis ‘teamed up’ with mason Kenneth Copeland and Rodney Howard Brown in flashing the horned sign of Baphomet; (they say they all flash the ‘I-love-you’ sign!)  The Masonic Promise Keepers Network is supported by notable figures such as James Dobson, Billy Graham, Chuck Colson, Bill McCartney and Bill Bright.  Everyone knows about masons Robert Schuler and Norman Vincent Peale, but most clergy are closet masons.  These men stand on Christian pulpits on Sunday, while they also go to lodge during the week to worship Baphomet.