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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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In the South Africa of 1939, the question on everyone’s lips was, “Should we fight for Jan Smuts and his beloved Britain, or shall we not fight?”   The memories of Queen Victoria’s literal baptism with fire and blood were still fresh in the minds of most South Africans.  They were still suffering the severe poverty, disease, and hardship of the squatter camps that awaited them after the war.  The strikes, and Smuts’ bombs and bullets of the Rand Revolt that followed.  The affliction of the Brotherhood’s First World War, which claimed 40 million lives.  Death that awaited them in the mud at Flanders.  The supposedly unintentional blunders of generals that sent them into suicide missions.  The heroism of soldiers in battles like Delville Wood – a place where the angel of death crushed thousands of South Africans between foreign trees and thickets covered with ice. 

Now, once again, England demanded the blood of South Africa’s sons.

The British Brotherhood still coveted their sweat, their souls; their money; their lives.

In the minds of those South Africans, this devouring lion would always be the ever-present enemy.  They derived cold comfort from the thought that Prime Minister Hertzog deemed it unnecessary that any more South Africans should be shot and tortured to death for Britain.

However, top British crown dog, Deputy Prime Minister Jan Smuts, followed his Illuminati master Winston Churchill loyally.  In step with their secret ‘Plan,’ the Global expansion of International Masonic Marxism, Smuts proposed that the Union sever relations with Germany and “walk the path of duty with England, which is the only course of true patriotism.”

It came to the vote. 

‘Skelm’ (sly) Smuts carried the vote in Parliament by 80 to 67.  Hertzog became so furious that he resigned.  Smuts formed a new government, and on 6 September 1939, he declared a “State of War between South Africa and Hitler’s Third Reich.”

Even those who know the truth about masonic orders tend to forget that members of these fraternities always use dark forces.  Apparently, the gullible ‘cannon fodder’ of South Africa had no insight into the spirit world.  Bewitched by mason Jan Smuts, tens of thousands of South Africans joined his recruitment campaigns.  While media propaganda fixated fanatically on Hitler, (supposedly the only master-deceiver, mind-controller and threat to the entire human race,) South Africans did not realize that Smuts was executing his own demonic power against his people. 

Globally, control of the media and economy constantly sculpts public opinion.  The government in control of a country also controls the media, while the media controls the mind of the masses.  As a result, through the British controlled media, Jan Smuts executed great sway over deceived South Africans.  Because poverty and unemployment were still growing wildly, ‘signing up’ for war duty in Smuts’ recruitment campaigns promised to offer financial ‘relief’ for thousands of men.  Of course, there were many Smuts-patriots, but mostly, posters, badges, and the tireless rallies of his supporters battered everyone into joining.  Once again, Skelm Jannie won. 

In spite of the fact that the country remained deeply divided, 190,000 white, 80,000 African, and 45,000 brown men sold their lives to Britain over the counter of war.  “Even in division,” as Smuts himself described it, “we had wrought an incredible feat!”  Once again, Smuts had proved his masonic power over the dreadfully deceived South African nation - just as Hitler, another member of the Brotherhood of Death and Smuts’ make-believe enemy, wielded his sword of deception over Germany.

To achieve their goal of planetarium rule, the International Brotherhood of Death inflicted their new misery mercilessly and swiftly upon the earth.  Without a thought to conscience, they forged millions of naive soldiers – their so-called “cannon fodder” - into a ‘very special kind’ of Universal Brotherhood, (the Communist Comrades of the New World Order.) 

The ‘home boys’ of the Smuts regime also had it hard.  South Africans with German surnames had to endure violent persecution.  Most of the so-called ‘cowards’ who ‘stayed behind,’ had to face the white feathers of mockery, which jeering women stuck on men who dared to venture out onto the street.  Then, there was also the cruel propaganda to contend with.  “You Can’t Appease Your Conscience,” Smuts’ posters shouted over an accusing finger, “We’ve got to win!” 


The stark reality for the soldiers under fire was that the Brotherhood was feeding millions of Allied Forces to their voracious war machine.  (The Allied Forces were soldiers from warring countries under command of the United Nations - England; America, Soviet Union, France, and all their many  colonies such as India and South Africa.)  Thus, South Africans had to stand against Germany’s Rommel in the North African desert, where thousands lost their limbs and lives in loose, bloodstained sand.  They all shivered in the cold of the desert night and lived on rationed water in the scorching heat.  They ate boring rations of bully beef and army biscuits, and became ‘desert rats,’ infested with flies, bugs, and lice, which consumed their itching flesh and open wounds.

At Tubruk, Allied Command abandoned their soldiers in the heat of battle.  Under fire from armored tanks, aircraft, and machine guns, the Germans chased them through the minefields.  Their leaders left the surviving 35,000 Allied soldiers, of which 10,722 were South Africans, to the mercy of Hitler’s armies.  Thousands more marched onward to meet Hitler’s ally, the mighty Mussolini.  Their blood flowed freely on Italian soil, where only a few found a resting place under a sparse white cross, somewhere in a foreign field.  Still, the gullible ‘cannon fodder’ stormed onwards; blinded by desert sand, bush, bombs, blood, mud, and smoke - many more were ripped apart in hails of bullets.  Crying in bravery and anguish, globally, millions upon millions forfeited their lives on hard, unfamiliar ground.  Only after six soul-rending years, the battle-scarred soldiers were able to penetrate Nazi-fortresses to end this global holocaust of mayhem and murder.   


In South Africa, Smuts encountered some Afrikaner resistance in the form of the anti-British, pro-German Ossewa Brandwag.  The Brandwag “protected Afrikaner culture and traditions, but had a radical, militant character.”  Brandwag commandos or ‘Stormjaers,’ (Storm Troopers,) shouted Afrikaans slogans, “proclaiming a ‘new’ kind of National Socialism in South Africa.” 

As all communists, (most never knew they were communists,) these people also had legitimate causes to rebel against the regime of Jan Smuts.  Still, the spirit that guided them was raw Marxism.  They proclaimed that their objective was to “break down the money power of the bourgeoisie,” (the rich,) who kept ordinary citizens in poverty while the English sugar barons and Jewish gold and diamond magnates wallowed in luxury.  In pure communist thought they believed, such a Socialist Republic would ‘free’ whites and ‘give power to the people,” [just as non-whites believed during the communist ‘struggle’ in South Africa and progressively in our day,] in order for them to escape the oppression and poverty, which they had been suffering for so long under Britain and her great Afrikaner puppet, General Jan Smuts. 

Readers Digest wrote, “Working towards the defeat of the Allied Forces, the Ossewa Brandwag believed that a victorious, [Socialist] Germany would help them establish a [Socialist] Republic in South Africa.”  Nevertheless, as all communist revolutionists do, in their life-and-death struggle against political injustice, they quickly turned against everyone else — especially against those who would not join them in their Socialist fight for freedom.  Although ‘The Brandwag’ used much Afrikaner patriotism as camouflage, their Stalinist face shone through in their militant actions.  “Their terrorist squads, which these freedom fighters called “Stormjaers,” manufactured hand grenades from water pipes.  They also committed sabotage and arson in the name of “The New National Socialist South Africa.”  In modern freedom-fighting fashion, they murdered ‘treacherous comrades’ in cold blood - although they did not use the ultimately cruel ‘necklacing’-methods of comrades such as Winnie Mandela, who followed a few decades later.  [Mandela’s ‘necklacing’ comprises of stuffing someone into a rubber tire, pouring gasoline over the person, and cremating him or her alive.]  ‘Stormjaers’ did, however, attack a National Party Member of Parliament with a whip to “thrash him to within an inch of his life.”  Although the ‘Stormjaers’ were the freedom fighting squads of the Ossewa Brandwag, the organization tactfully denied responsibility for their actions. 

In 1942, Smuts’ troops arrested most of the Brandwag members and imprisoned them at Koffiefontein.  The National Party came to power in 1948, and the Minister of Justice, C.R. Swart, later became South Africa’s first State President.  He also renounced Marxism in a staunch public manner.  However, remarkably in fashion with the communists who would take control of South Africa in 1994, C.R. Swart released incarcerated ‘Brandwag’ members unreservedly - even those whom Jan Smuts had sentenced to life imprisonment.  Some people protested Swart’s leniency, which he, with all too familiar political diplomacy, simply ignored. 

One of Smuts’ political prisoners was B.J. Vorster, an Ossewa Brandwag member, who became Prime Minister and later State President of the Republic of South Africa.  Vorster was never the huge political martyr, such as Mandela and other socialists of later years.  On the contrary, in later years, Vorster and other Broederbond members supposedly ‘fought hard against Marxism.’  At heart, however, the real Vorster, The Brandwag Socialist, was just another communist like Mandela, whom the Brotherhood also catapulted from prison to Parliament, and eventually to the Presidential suite, to play his part on the stage of history to shift the whole world into complete Socialist control.  


The Allied Attack on Germany was a real ‘baptism in fire and blood’ for German civilians; executed by the British Royal Air Force and United States Army Air Force during February 1945, only 12 weeks before the inevitable surrender of Nazi Germany.  These military excursions remain one of the most controversial Allied assaults on civilians during the Second World War.  Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia wrote, ‘The raids saw 1,300 heavy bombers drop over 3,900 tons of high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices in four raids, destroying 13 square miles (34 km²) of the city of Dresden, the baroque capital of the German state of  Saxony, and causing a firestorm that consumed the city centre.  The Allies described the operation as “the justified bombing of a military and industrial target…”  Several researchers have argued that Dresden was a cultural landmark of little or no military significance, and the attacks were indiscriminate area bombing and not proportional for commensurate military gains.  In the first few decades after the war, some death toll estimates were as high as 250,000…  Nonetheless, the raids continue to be included among the worst examples of civilian suffering caused by strategic Allied bombing…’   

Shame on Britain and America for consuming an estimated quarter of a million German civilians with “fire, smoke, and brimstone…”  These ‘high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices’ were the granddaddies of the firebombs America used to incinerate citizens of foreign countries such as Vietnam and modern-day Iraq.  Most horrendously, just as all their other gross misconducts in foreign countries, these unscrupulous war criminals do not even see any of these unspeakable atrocities as crimes against humanity!   

The Japanese Experiment 

Although the Allied Forces destroyed Hitler in May 1945, by July 1945, their war against Japan was not done yet.  To ‘police’ the Far East after the war, high mason President Franklin Roosevelt decided to obliterate the impenetrable fortress of Japan, and re-make it’s rival China into a world economic power under American control – just as we are witnessing in our day! 

In 1945, the Soviet Union captured China’s Last Emperor, Emperor Puyi, and that brutal beast Stalin imprisoned the proud but extremely cruel emperor, revered by his subjects as ‘god and king,’ in a forced labor camp until 1959.  However, the Allied Forces and communist Soviet Union especially, soon learnt that Japan’s Emperor Hirohito was no softy.  To Easterners, surrendering thousands of years of ‘divine’ imperial rule to foreigners, meant ultimate humiliation.  Death was much more preferable.  Hence, the seemingly unconquerable Japanese ‘kamikaze’ or suicide bombers that plagued the Allied Forces during this time.  Imperial-ruled Japan fought a tough war to curb communist expansion into their country, which would mean the end of imperial rule, as seen all through the world.  Yet, clandestine communist Allied Forces were fully set on destroying every Japanese citizen to accomplish their goal. 

Emperor Hirohito fanatically rose to the challenge. 

The Allied Forces attacked Japan with all their might.  Yet, even after 70 days of relentless air raids, they could only conquer the island of Ivojima.  They finally took Okinawa with similar difficulty, suffering an immense loss of life. 

However, the ‘stubborn’ Hirohito remained immovable. 

Faced with the predicament of how to restrain Hirohito’s aggression and expansion into China and the South Pacific, the Allied Forces decided that Hirohito actually gave them an excellent opportunity to test the new military power of their combined, but young New World Order

Additionally, the challenge to callously subject Japan to Allied rule would demonstrate their masonic goal to ‘baptize the entire world with fire,’ and eventually, to expand communist chaos and United nations control across the whole earth. 

President Franklin Roosevelt of America died on 12 April 1945, and Harry S. Truman became the new president.  Freemason Truman was the Grand master of Missouri Lodge during this time, and considering his political position, we can assume that he was Illuminati as well.  Without hesitation, Truman turned to America’s newly invented weapon of mass destruction, the atomic bomb.

The One World Order was certain that the unwilling ‘cannon-fodder’ of Japan would prove ideal test-subjects.  Atomic strikes against the ‘rebellious’ people of Japan would also demonstrate America’s lethal military punch, and secure her status as one of the leading superpowers of the New World. 

Paul prophesied in Rom. 1:28-32, “As they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting…  [these] inventors of evil things.”  And so, Andrew Hitchcock could report in ‘The Synagogue of Satan,’ “On July 16, 1945, the first successful test of the atomic bomb occurs…  Its creator, J. Robert Oppenheimer, a Rothschild [Jew,] states in wonder, ‘Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of worlds.’” 

On 6 August 1945, Truman callously gave the order to drop his atomic bomb ‘Fat Man’ on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.  Fat Man instantly blew the flesh off an estimate 27,000 people, and mutilated another 41,000 in a sea of flame. 

Two days later, in a dual offensive against Emperor Hirohito, freemason Stalin of the Soviet Union also declared war on Japan.  In a massive push to disseminate his destructive communist imperialism Stalin invaded Manchuria, Korea, and the Korean-islands, while America went ahead with yet another atomic strike against the innocent civilians of Japan.

Only 4 days after Fat Man had obliterated Hiroshima, Truman dropped ‘Little Boy’ on Nagasaki.

The estimated 73,884 civilians, whom Little Boy incinerated on the spot, were the fortunate ones.  Just as the wounded of Hiroshima, the 74,909 wounded also died long, agonizing deaths.  Those on the outskirts of the blasts, who survived the initial attacks without external injuries, suffered severely for decades afterward in an awful demonstration of the power of cancerous nuclear radiation.  

                                        ATOMIC BOMB VICTIM 1.png                     ATOMIC BOMB VICTIM 2.png

 [Acknowledgement to those who published these photos]

ABOVE:  Atomic bomb victims from the outskirts of the obliterated cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 


It is estimated that the ‘subsequent fatalities’ – the thousands upon thousands who suffered for more than 40 years to die the slow, excruciating death of atomic radiation, doubled the number of initial casualties.  Truman’s mayhem on the people of Japan eventually numbered an estimated 433,586 people.  With only two nuclear air strikes, Truman and his Bonesmen brothers cremated and agonizingly tortured to death nearly half a million people.  These were indescribable crimes against Japanese civilians, which America never regretted.  However, their calculated nuclear strikes were only a minute part of America’s war crimes against the civilians of foreign countries - which no one even seems to remember.   

“Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds!”

After war-criminal Truman’s strike on Nagasaki, Japan finally surrendered.  This time, the International Brotherhood of Death had overstepped all human boundaries.  The One World Government had released an incomprehensibly destructive force upon the earth.

The ongoing age of germ and chemical warfare had begun.  The wondrous statement of J. Robert Oppenheimer, financier and inventor of this monstrosity, will live on until the end of the world, “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds!”

His awkward choice of words reveals much more than an insane lust for power and world domination.  Oppenheimer referred to himself as “I am,’ as he mockingly made the masonic declaration that he, J. Robert Oppenheimer, is “higher” than the Biblical God of gods, Who declared, “I Am Who I Am,” (Ex. 3:12-15.)  He actually called himself “Yam,” the dark “I Am” that opposes the Great I Am of the Bible.  Oppenheimer was reciting masonic dogma, of course, founded on Hindu and other occult teaching, as used by the Tibetan “Masters of the Universe.”  This was also where Hitler collected most of his ‘master Aryan race’ insanity.  This assault against the Great “I Am” of the Bible is also illustrated by masonic preachers such as Kenneth Copeland, who say that they too, are the great “I am,” or actually, the clandestine Yam of the occult.  This madness is clearly illustrated in the Hindu Sankrit text of Bhagavad Gita, which translates as ‘The Song of [god,] the divine one.’  No wonder they blaspheme so unashamedly against the Most High God, for their master Satan, ‘the man of sin, the son of perdition, opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped, so that he sits as god in the place of God, showing himself that he is god,’ (2 Ths. 2:3-4.)