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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History – Renette Vermeulen

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Daniel’s first lion-like, dragon beast is no secret in this world among masonic orders.  It can be found in the coat of arms of all Europe’s countries.  This is a literal fulfillment of end-time prophecy.  Without those in unaffected countries realizing what was happening abroad, the inhabitants of planet earth have been living through the Great Tribulation since Europeans, Britain in particular, began in the 16 century to conquer nearly the whole world through militant imperialism.  






The dragon-lion is primarily Britain’s coat of arms, but the entities behind this insignia have influenced and ruled, and is still influencing and ruling the European continent in its entirety.  From Iceland in Northern Europe, Russia in Eastern Europe, Britain in Western Europe, to Portugal in Southwestern Europe, all of Europe’s 50 countries fell, and is still falling and ‘rising’ under the control and sway of the dragon-like lion. 

If we can describe the dragon-like lion of Europe as a single philosophy or world-governing dogma, it would be global Imperialism in different forms.  For centuries, the United Kingdom of Britain boasted that “the sun never sets over Britannica,” or the British Empire.  Commanded by her kings and queens, who have all been dependants of the vast masonic network worldwide that dictates political history, the United Kingdom have murdered and plundered the world vastly through extremely aggressive British Imperialism.  Wikipedia reported, “By 1922, Britain held sway over 458 million people, over a quarter of the world’s land area.”  Britain’s coat of arms between 1558 and 1603 was a dragon-like lion and a real red dragon facing each other.  The unicorn then replaced the dragon – revealing that the last beast (the dragon,) and the unicorn are one and the same.  God’s description of this unicorn-beast in Dan. 7:23 fits Britain exactly, “…[It] shall devour the whole earth, trample it and break it in pieces…”

Interestingly, The Dragon (or Satan) is worshipped in the East, especially in China, Japan, and in all its regions, as a coiled serpent with a scaly body, a perverted horse’s head, and four legs with either five, four, or three claws on each foot.  Five toes symbolize royalty; four toes indicate aristocracy, and three toes stand for the worker’s class. The snake also symbolizes pharmacy, (witchcraft using magical ‘medicine’ to conjure up spirits,) craftiness and deceit.  Generally, a horse’s head means beastie appetites, freedom, and power.  The dragon signifies a hard, unyielding, unforgiving, brutal nature; much feared and therefore perversely revered in politics and in patriarchic, (or male domineering, male oppressing) culture.  For instance, the brutal Chinese Emperors, tyrannical dictators, and unreasonable, inhuman patriarchs are called ‘dragons.’  Yet, such beasts are worshipped in fear and reverence as the national and ancestral gods of nations and families. 

It is no coincidence that Scotland and Wales have a winged dragon on their flags.  To unify these flags with the United Kingdom’s Union Jack, Britain plans to place a dragon in it’s center.  Britain’s Imperial coat of arms is a horned unicorn and a dragon-like lion, flanking a crown and other insignia.

Luxembourg’s coat of arms consists of two dragon-like lions flanking a little crowned dragon; all are imperially crowned and draped in red.  Red is the color which, in politics, signifies war and the shedding of much blood.  Luxembourg is the seat of the United Nations Parliament.  It is a small country landlocked by Belgium, (the United Nations Headquarters,) Germany, and France.  Strasbourg is the official seat of the United Nations and borders France and Germany. 

The Kingdom of Greece’s coat of arms also has two dragon-like lions flanking a cross, also imperially crowned and draped in red.  The First French Empire crest of socialist Napoleon looks the same, but it is draped in red with the masonic/communist phoenix (or dragon-like eagle) in the center. 

The seat of the United Nations is in The Hague in the Netherlands.  The Netherlands’ coat of arms, like that of Luxembourg, also has two dragon-like lions flanking another dragon-like, crowned lion, all imperially crowned and draped in red.

Belgium, the permanent seat of the UN also has on her coat of arms two lion-like beasts flanking a golden dragon-like lion and imperially crowned with nine flags.  

Ah, and then we have Germany.  Germany was also an imperial, ‘lion-like,’ dragon state before the German Revolution, which dethroned and exiled Kaiser Wilhelm 11 in 1921.  Why wasn’t Germany shunned after Hitler infuriated the whole world against this country?  Instead, rebuilt to its former glory after its destruction in World War 2, Germany has ‘miraculously’ “risen from the ashes” to occupy a most prominent place in the European community – exactly as depicted by its insignia, the mythical phoenix. This ugly bird, as seen in the depiction below, is not really an eagle, but the communist/masonic symbol, which illustrates the Illuminati/masonic slogan, “Ordö AB Chao.”  This means, masonic/socialist world ‘order’ or ‘rebirth’ must come from all the global communist revolution and chaos that destroys the ‘former world’ to create it into a ‘new world.’  In fact, Eastern Germany’s coat of arms is a clear, unabashed masonic square and compass, as seen below on the far right!  Then, the ultimate proof that the lion-like beast is the real “king” of Europe: even the Russian Imperial coat of arms of Tsar Nicolas proudly displays a crowned, warring lion-like dragon! 


           Britains' coat of arms.png  England's dragon coat of arms.png     Luxembourg Coat of Arms.jpg       Germany's coat of arms.jpg         East Germany's coat of arms.jpg           


America was made: Dragon-lion Lost it’s Wings and “Two Feet” a “Man’s Heart” was given to it

Slave-trading colonialists first began to ‘fly’ from Britain to ‘the new world’ of the Americas in 1607.  American, British and other European Imperialists of the 15th and 15th centuries, crossing the globe as swift as ‘on eagle’s wings,’ most violently colonized and enslaved vast portions of the earth. It is meaningful that the first beast, which Daniel saw, was like a lion with eagle’s wings, but “its wings were plucked off...” During the cruel revolutionary war between England and America, beginning with the battle of Lexington on 19 July 1775, America ‘plucked off’ her British/European lion’s wings, seizing her independence by force on July 4, 1776. 

On Independence Day of July 4, 1776, “the Eagle landed” for the first time.  The ‘wings’ of the dragon-lion had become an independent entity, embodied by Americans and so, the Winged Eagle became America’s coat of arms. 


                      lion with eagle wings.png                         America's insignia.jpg                             cartoon lion and eagle.jpg


In 1783, the Peace of Paris Treaty ended the war between Britain and America.  Daniel’s vision of the once winged lion describes this event quite vividly.  With this Treaty, the American eagle and the dragon-lion of Europe united again on equal terms.  And so, the shape-shifting dragon-lion was exulted or “lifted up from the earth” in a superior, godlike, political position to govern the world.  Besides that, “it was made to stand on two feet like a man,” (Dan. 7:4: grounded on two well-defined countries or kingdoms: Britain and America,) and a “man’s heart” or the pretence of human conscience in the philosophy of ‘humanism’ or ‘human rights’ was given to it.  Since then, the “two feet” of the ‘winged’ lion have been the two great leaders of the Western World:  America and Britain - or actually, America and Western Europe in particular. In addition, the worldwide Age of Humanism, or human rights, (“a man’s [fallen] heart”) came into the world. 

Humanism is all about turning humanity into god and taking God out of the equationHumanism became the new ‘nature’ of the governing dragon-like man-beast, embodied by political law.   The leopard-like beast materialized. 

In this new position as the physical/spiritual ‘god’ of planet earth, the ‘winged’ dragon-lion assumed the role of a ‘protective,’ ‘supportive’ entity, doing much ‘good’ on planet earth.  Moreover, the ‘two feet’ have carried and supported this lion-man-beast in executing even more horrendous atrocities against humanity than in the form of the winged lion. 

Britain (or the dragon-like lion of Europe) and America remain a deadly dual to this day. 

In the name of Humanist ‘Liberation’ and ‘Protection,’ America experimentally dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities or Hiroshima and Nagasaki “to end World War 11.”  During the “liberation” of Nazi Germany, America and the Allied Forces, under the direction of Britain, destroyed entire German cities, torturing and murdering many ordinary citizens with firebombs, non-stop air raids, and other crimes against humanity – to name but one of their atrocities during this war.  America’s cruel wars in Korea, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia accomplished absolutely nothing against the spread of communism but instead, America tortured, impoverished, and murdered countless innocent citizens.  America poisoned entire forests with “Agent Orange” [scroll down the webpage to see what this poison has done to people in Vietnam!] to flush out Vietcong troops, altering much of that country’s tropical landscape.  America’s many war crimes in Iraq since 1991, included the ‘unorthodox’ execution of President Sadam Hussein and the terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden, who was hastily ‘buried at sea’ – if it really was Bin Laden that was killed.  The war finally ended in 2001.  It accomplished absolutely nothing, except disrupting, torturing, murdering, and further impoverishing the Iranian people. 


Daniel’s vision continues in Chapter 7:5, “And suddenly, [as soon as the lion became like a man standing on two feet,] another beast like a bear came up from the sea with three ribs in its mouth… and they (presumably the other beasts) said to it, ‘Arise, devour much flesh!” 

This prophecy became an absolute horror during the last century.  The United Nations was formed on 26 June 1945 to achieve world ‘peace,’ or rather, socialist world domination.  When the United Nations was formed, America and Britain remained the Western leaders of the world - and their secret ally, (the leopard’s “feet like a bear,”) or the most destructive bear-like beast, who was functioned in the background all the time, entered the scene. 

This flesh-devouring bear is a Soviet insignia and typical of Bolshevism or Jewish-Russian communism

Russia is the so-called ‘mother’ of all communists, although Napoleon Bonaparte already used socialism and communism to conquer France in a coup d'état in 1804.  Most of the world, since 1991 when the Soviet Union supposedly ‘fell,’ were led to believe that communism is ‘dead’ – which is an enormous lie.  Since then, in 1994, the ‘new’ communist democracy of South Africa was instituted.  Now, in 2016, it is still most violently “restructuring” and ‘recreating’ this country through socialist chaos, while in the rest of the world and in Africa, (especially in the Middle East,) revolution, riots, genocide, and those fleeing from socialist states are causing every kind of social, economic, and political havoc.


                                                                           Russian Bear.jpg


Communism is definitely not ‘dead;’ it merely stepped out of the political limelight it supposedly ‘died.’  After 1989, when the Berlin Wall fell, it became necessary for the next beast to take it’s place on the political platform.  In the meantime, communism’s workhorse socialism is still trampling the whole world to pieces while the world’s media continues to ignore its innumerable genocidal atrocities worldwide

Communism was, and will always remain one of the beasts that came from the sea or political world, as described in Revelation Chapter 13 and Daniel Chapter 7, sent to continually work in partnership with the other three beasts to bring the entire world under the control of the United Nations.  

The United Nations website states that there are 195 countries in the world.  Since the birth of the United Nations in 1945, communism has set up 167 democracies worldwide!  However, when the full-scale communist onslaught on South Africa and all other ‘non-communist’ countries began in 1966, the whole world was officially brought under socialist, One-World Order control. 


The Spirit of the Bear has “Three Ribs in Its Mouth,” (Dan. 7:5.) 

Under many different guises, communism with its crushing machine ‘socialism,’ has been causing havoc in the world for about two hundred years before World War 11 ended in 1945.  However, at that moment in history, when ‘world peace’ was declared and the powers that steer the United Nations took control of planet earth, communism was “raised up on one side” (Dan. 7:5) of the earth – in the East, from where it spread unhindered throughout the whole world

The devouring bear having “three ribs between its teeth,” signify the THREE CORE COMPONENTS OF COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY or the three states of ‘social economic development’ – the most deadly, destructive Soviet doctrines, which have been infiltrating the whole world since 1945! 

Humanism [or so-called self-government] is the first main mechanism and great deception of communism. Power never belongs to the people or the ‘worker’s class,’ but only to the small “ruling class” clique at the top — what happened to their so-called ‘classless society?’ Yet, human rights is the tool that all communist agitators use to stir up bloodlust, revolution, riots, war and genocide to shift any chosen country into the ‘saving’ hands of communist ‘freedom fighters’ and their christ-like commanders or ‘liberators.’  In fact, communism IS humanism and humanism IS communism. 

Democracy (or the vain philosophy that the people rule equally in a classless society) is the second main component of communism.  In fact, communism has TWO classes: the worker’s class, which fall into extreme poverty and the ruling class, which transcends into utmost super wealth, while the ‘middle class’ that keeps everything sane and together, is obliterated.  The political farce of ‘democratic rule without classes’ intends to brainwash, agitate, and control the oppressed and dissatisfied population of a country, and was thought up by those two demonic Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato.  The first modern, bloodstained ‘democracy’ was set up through Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, (1804,) who butchered an estimated 3 million people.  Then, the ruling, capitalist class of communism was pushed to all extremes in 1917 Russia; brutally murdering the Russian royal family, and placing in power the first modern communist gods, Alexander Kerensky and the closet Jews, Stalin (who is said to have murdered 20 million people directly and 20 million more in ‘war casualties’ in 30 years,) and Lenin, (who murdered four million people.  The Russian dictators alone are believed to have slaughtered 60 million people in Russia and surrounding countries — this is equivalent to the entire loss of human life counted in all the pandemonium of World War 2!) Does anyone remember any of this?  Why did the international press never shout this out, and why are they still silent about all the other communist atrocities worldwide?  The United Nations declared the Arab and Israeli states the first post World War Two democracies.  India followed in 1950 and a flood of bloodshed and detrimental, impoverishing communist democracies under the despotic rule of ‘ruling class’ ‘presidents for life’ and their tremendously rich party members began to engulf the whole world.  The lie of Democracy IS communism and communism IS the lie of democracy.