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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History – Renette Vermeulen

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In Daniel’s vision of the fourth beast with ten horns, (see “Islam’s Socialist Rule is Depicted in the Vision of the Ram” on the previous page,) he saw another “little horn came up among those horns, plucking out three of the first horns.   And there, in this horn, were eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking pompous words.”   

This little horn is not a single human being, or ‘a one-man antichrist’ that rules the whole world.  This Israeli-timeline, one-man antichrist, rapture doctrine was proved to be a false, masonic/Roman Catholic concoction.  In Dan. 7:23-25, God Himself said, “The fourth beast shall be a fourth [global] kingdom, [not a man] on earth, which shall be different from all other kingdoms.  It shall devour the whole earth…”  This kingdom will ultimately be governed by a supreme ‘little horn,’ (a ‘little’ or insignificant nation, compared to the ten ‘big’ nations, with global economic power and authority.)  This little horn has “eyes [monitoring, watching] like a man, and a mouth that speaks pompous words against the Most High.” 

The Little Horn is not a human being, but it is a religious being, because this watching despotic ruler of the ‘big’ nations “speaks pompous words against the Most High God.” This ‘nation,’ principality, or ruling religion must be a very militant entity, which sprang from an extremely wealthy region or nation, (because he is able to rule the whole world,) which was at first viewed as ‘insignificant.’  However, during the end of the end times, it rules a multitude of people across the globe, who are either already submitted to it or affiliated with it.  In fact, this fanatical religious ‘little horn’ demands the worship of the whole earth.  It will not tolerate the worship of anyone or anything else.  It will indeed be a Kingdom-Now, religious entity, most likely comprised of a conglomerate of principalities or rulers, which will make war on the Most High Jesus Christ and His sincere believers.   

The earth has been ruled by many different tyrants during the last centuries, but it was never ruled by a Religious, Global, One-World Government, under control of a ‘little horn’ before.  This Religious Government is, or will surely be ‘different’ from all others. 

John prophesied in Rev. 13:14-17, “He [it; the ‘little horn’]… deceives those [all] who dwell on the earth, [it will exert global deception and religious/political control over all people,] by [false religious] miracles and signs, (v. 13 and 11.) 

This entity is using deception and false spiritual manifestations in churches and throughout the whole world right now!  The One-World Religion is already being forged through Christianity and all the other major religions.  How will he eventually deceive everyone?]  By telling [all] those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast…  It… gives breath [or life-likeness] to the image of the beast, [sounds like live worldwide television networks, internet, etc.?] that the image… should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast, to be killed [by beheading, Rev. 20:4.]  He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, so that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of the beast…” 

From the context of Scripture, it is clear that the ‘little horn’ of the fourth beast is a fanatically religious, clearly antichrist, supreme political religion with global support, which will be, if it is not already, in control of the whole United Nations.  It “gives the dragon it’s power” by using satellite technology from outer space to map, view, track, scan, feed and thus control the whole earth and everyone on it – which has already become a reality in our time. This political religion is already in control of worldwide television networks, international radio stations, satellite spyware, and the international news media, to promote its political worship and antichrist propaganda.  


The Arab League Flourishes and Islam is Disseminated Worldwide

Since 1960, the Old Ottoman (Turkish/Islamic) Empire itself has been rising “out of the ashes” of chaotic socialist destruction. Built on the vast wealth of the export of oil and the Pearl Industry in the Persian Gulf, the Arab League has prospered enormously.  Its monetary dominance of the Western world is still spreading like wildfire.  Islam and its many superrich sheiks have been very much alive for a great part of the 20th century, while pushing Islam Imperialism on a global scale through the mighty instrument of communist devastation!  In the 1970s already, it was known that Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi was the world’s richest and greatest terrorist, and there was not a single terrorist/communist organization in the world that he, with the help of Russia, Cuba and all their communist alliances worldwide, did not support.  Communist Islamic nations such as Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine were born out of this desolation, but today, Islam already possesses enough money to buy the whole world.  The angel said to Daniel that the horn that came up last, (Persia or Islam,) will grow higher than the first, (Media or communism.) 

The ‘new’ Islamic World is seated in the super wealthy United Arab Emirates, or the League of Arab States. Some Bible scholars say that the United Arab Emirates is Old Babylon rebuilt.  ‘Emirates’ in this context means ‘Principalities’ or ‘spiritual rulers.’  Currently, there are seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain, Ra’s al Khaimah and Fujairah.  The world’s tallest, most elaborate and most expensive office and apartment buildings, towers, bridges – all marvels of modern engineering, are being built by the best and most expensive engineers and contractors from over the world.  All to the glory of Socialist Islam and their god Allah.  The socialist dogma of Human Rights supposedly governs these emirates.  However, the Emirates have the worst human rights records in the world as far as ordinary workers are concerned.  The formerly oppressed workers, who gained all this for their masters through constant revolution and riots, have now become the willing slaves of their great Islamic sheiks.  It remains a fact that the one who controls the world’s monetary system, controls the whole planet. 

In Rev. 13:6-10, John said of this end-time spirit, (the “little horn,” which the angel warned about in Dan. 8:8-12,) “He opened his mouth in blasphemy against God…  [blaspheming] His tabernacle, [not a ‘rebuilt temple in Jerusalem,’ but the sincere believers of Christ, the temple of the Holy Spirit,] and those who dwell in heaven.  It was granted him to make war with the saints and to overcome them.  [Who can argue that through global ‘soft or deceptive religious power,’ most of God’s born again believers are ensnared in false church systems with the false church doctrines?] 

Authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation…  He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, so that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast…”  

Superrich First World countries have been preserved by the Illuminati until now that 'refugees' are pressing into every First World Country as well to populate the world with the religion of Islam to create ‘unified’ Forth World CountriesIslam is the only militant, imperialist, exclusive religion that demands beheading as penalty for 'blaspheming' against them. The monetary power of Islam is such that they are coming in control of all food and other industry worldwide.  Can it be coincidence that Rev. 20:4 warns about these times we are facing already, saying,  "And I saw the souls of those [true believers] who had been beheaded for their testimony about Jesus and for proclaiming the Word of God, who had not worshiped the Beast [of politics and religion, Rev. 13,] and who had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands..." 


Will the United Nation ‘horns’ really ‘carry’ the Principality of Islam?   (Dan. 8:8-10)   

In Daniel’s vision, “four notable horns, [replacing the big imperialist horn of the aggressive goat,] came up toward the four winds of heaven…”  The angel prophesied in Dan 8:8-22; 27, “In the latter time of their kingdom, [speaking of the end-rule of these four “new world” entities, which “will not rise in their own power,”] a ‘little horn,’ a ruling principality called a “king,” shall arise out of one of them. [As seen, this is not a physical ‘one-man antichrist,’ but a supreme political philosophy/religion, supported by the top of the combined East/West United Nations pyramid, (Dan. 8:9-13.)] 

Can it be a fluke that the global East/West coalition of the United Nations seems to have curbed  militant imperialism in all countries, (except Islamic terrorism,) and is now ruled by “the basic components of superpower stature, measured along four axes of power: militant, economic, political, and cultural… termed “soft power?”  It seems the trend is that worldwide, no one will ever be allowed to topple socialist governments again, while Islamic terrorism is ignored. 

The application of ‘soft power’ explains a new type of militant, global imperialism, which rising superpowers like Pakistan, India and China use on Africa in particular.  Militarily and otherwise, China can crush Africa in an instant, but it, like India, uses ‘advanced’ technology and enormous “investments” to ‘buy’ and populate the entire African continent (and the whole world!) without anyone rising an eyebrow!  For instance, manufacturing and distributing goods and technology that were designed not to last, China and India reeks in billions upon billions by selling the same inferior products over and over again; effectively enriching themselves by impoverishing everyone else; thus gaining supreme monetary power over the whole world.  While nations might think they will keep their own religions, identities, languages and cultures under control of the New World Order, they will find that this Order will rule the entire ‘new world’ through only one god, one religion, one government, one monetary system, one language, one army, and one culture. 

The angel said to Daniel in Dan. 8:12, “A [global] army was given over to the [little] horn to oppose [the Lord Jesus Christ,] and cast [Jesus’] truth [and all other truth] down to the ground…”  Sustained by the worldwide political strategy of “Four Basic Components of Soft Power, this supreme ruling power “understands sinister schemes…  [It] shall cause deceit to prosper under [it’s] rule... (Dan. 8:23-25,) [and] grow exceedingly great towards the south, east, and [the Middle East…]  Dan. 8:9-14.  [It even] “grows up to the host of heaven; cast down some of the stars, [mighty, holy angelic principalities,] and tramples them…”  Consequently, the warring spirit of this institution/religion/philosophy even reaches into the heavenlies.  A great celestial war between dark forces and God’s holy angels ensues as this “little” ruler even exalts itself above the Most High God of the Bible, Jesus Christ Himself. 

This self-exaltation above the true God of the Bible is an unimaginable onslaught on Jesus our Lord, God, and Christ.  Of course communism is the worldwide religion of the worship of Socialist DictatorsHowever, the religion of Islam teaches, when Jesus returns, He will submit to Muslim rule and authority on earth.  One can hardly believe it: Muslims actually say Jesus was only a human prophet, and so they will ‘convert’ the God of the Bible Himself to Islam at His return! 

The angel continued to ‘decode’ Daniel’s vision and warned, this ‘little horn’ “shall be mighty but not by his own power, [because he is only the ‘commanding king,’ carried and supported by the goat and its four ruling strategies of conquering and controlling the whole world through military, economic, political, and cultural power.]  He shall destroy fearfully and shall prosper and thrive...” 

Since 1960, ‘resurrected’ Islamic imperialism has been “destroying fearfully,” as seen in the many jihad attacks on innocent civilians worldwide, while it “prospers and thrives” globally. 


The Religious Dragon-Leopard, the Humanist Horse, and the Christian Church 

The dragon gives the leopard-like beast its “power, throne, and great authority,” so that the leopard can direct all the world’s worship to the “little horn,” (Rev. 13:1-18.) 

The unicorn (humanist horse) “ram” from Daniel Chapter 8 has a fanatically religious “little horn” on its head.  In Biblical prophecy, the “little horn” represents the last supreme, tyrannical, One-World government on earth.  This is the highest government of the clandestine, masonic, pyramidal order – and the worst history has ever recorded.  

The “little horn” of self-worship will not declare war on Jesus’ true believers only, (Rev. 13:7.)   

Christianity, (which descended from the Vatican,) has the blood of millions of people throughout history on her hands through her inquisitions and crusades, and she will not flourish forever. 

The “little horn” plans to trample to pieces all other forms of religion.  Ultimately, this beast from the sea or political world, will also “trample to pieces” its counterpart, the religious beast from the earth or the religious world.  The religion that is facing off with Islam in our day, is Christianity.  This beast from the earth, which “has two horns like a lamb,  [pretending to be Christlike,] but which speaks like a dragon, [spreading false doctrine,]” has, throughout history, supported the political beast while using its political power to further it’s own global, religious carnage against God and humanity.  King and Pope have always been partners in crime and bloodshed.  Now, in our end time, this religious Christian system and all her ‘harlot daughters,’ (the churches and religions that came from her and remain affiliated with her,) will die - even though she also did her part to help “cause all to receive the mark of the political beast,” (Rev. 13:11-18.) 

John prophesied in Rev. Chapters 17 and 18, “Babylon’s plagues, [the religious beast or worldwide Christian Church,] will come in one day… and she will be utterly burned with fire…  The kings of the earth [or the political beast,] who committed fornication and lived luxuriously with her (and all the merchants of the earth) will weep and lament for her, when they see the smoke of her burning…”      

Especially during our time, this dragon-leopard symbolizes so-called global peace and safety (security) through humanismWe hear these two words so often, it is hard to forget that God warned in 1 Ths. 5:1-5, “Concerning the times and seasons… you know perfectly that The Day of the Lord, [That Day when Jesus returns on the clouds,] comes [unexpectedly not secretly] as a thief in the night.  For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them… and they shall not escape…” 


The “New Morality” or Humanism will Govern the Entire “New Age” earth  

This stealthy leopard beast  is still in union with the other entities in Daniel and John’s visions: the lion, (European imperialism) bear, (worldwide communism/socialism) and the dragon [from the East.]  However, in the “latter time of their kingdoms,” (Dan. 8:22-23,) or in the end of the end time, it reveals itself as a leopard-like beast.  It’s nature is like that of the stealthy leopard that usually hunts in darkness, (Rev. 13:2.)  Revealed as the dragon-lion during the rule of the “Old Word, or Old Morality,” (before President Obama was inaugurated,) its attacks were direct and harsh on targeted countries.  This “New World, or New Morality” (humanism,) uses a different strategy.  With amazing science and technology at its disposal, (Rev. 13:15-17,) it deals more subtly with the whole world, gaining worldwide control on everyone on earth, (except on truly born again disciples of Jesus, Rev. 13:8,) while they are silent; ‘secure’ and apathetic, as no one suspects its true intentions.  [Listen to the revived song of Simon & Garfunkel: Sound of Silence.  This was truly a prophecy about the technology, control, and worldwide worship of “The Neon god,” or the ‘image’ of the beast that ‘speaks,’ Rev. 13:15-18.] 

The leopard-dragon’s strategies are covert and crafty; it hunts its prey meticulously and usually will not attack openly as it does in the form of the lion and bear.  While this is happening, its dragon counterpart even pledges peace, safety, security, and prosperity.  The people of the earth hardly realize that they are being stalked — until “sudden destruction comes upon them.” 

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