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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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Ironically, before the African National Council’s take-over in 1994, the majority of whites willingly said “yes” in the last white president, F.W. De Klerk’s referendum on the  question to end, or not to end apartheid and allow a one-man-one-vote, Marxist government in this country. 

Whites and most non-whites believed what Nelson Mandela promised the whole world in 1994 when the African National Congress came to power.  He pledged, “Our daily deeds as ordinary South Africans must produce an actual South African reality that will reinforce humanity's belief in justice...and sustain all our hopes for a glorious life for all - never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another….  But the [Marxist] violence which we chose to adopt was not terrorism….  We believe that South Africa belongs to all the people who live in it, and not to one group, be it black or white…”  Was Mr. Mandela telling the truth? 


Government Propaganda: “The [monetary power and employment] are still in the hands of all the superrich whites, which must be rectified.”  Since 1994, Affirmative Action began with the distribution of employment based on race, gender, and physical disability ratios.  Ultimately, it dislodges whites from, and denies them employment in Municipal, Defence Force, Police Force, and other State owned sectors. Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is white economic disempowerment. It forces white owned and managed companies to surrender their companies to African control, ‘transferring’ their companies, farms, mines, industries, etc., to them. 

Racial discrimination in the employment sector has already severely improvised a great portion of the small white minorityIt also had the severe adverse effect  that thousands upon thousands of African workers lost their jobs when many of these institutions and companies crumbled and fell because of African mismanagement and unbridled corruption.  [News 24, “An average of R21.40 Billion per year since 1994 has been lost by government corruption. ...Zuma’s involvement in corruption relate to a controversial $5bn (£3.4bn) 1999 arms deal… and a £100m fund to bribe South African politicians.”]  How many millions of Africans could have been given skills and job opportunities by those billions?  On the other hand, racial discrimination forced many whites who had the skills and knowledge to generate personal income through new business initiatives, and to stay afloat through ‘self employment.’  


While all this was executed for nearly 24 years, the government still states: While the African population constitutes 76.2% [of the general population,] only 13.6% of Africans occupy top management positions. [Do this include all State, all municipal, and all private owned institutions and companies?] In contrast, whites who comprise only 9.2% [of the general population] occupy 70% of top management positions.” Here, illogically, they compare general race statistics that include the unemployed, children, disabled, and the elderly versus those in “top managerial positions.” 

Racially discriminating legislations such as Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment caused much more than white poverty.  It caused an extreme increase in African poverty, and neglect and destruction of infrastructure countrywide.  Additionally, it caused a ‘brain-drain’ of expertise and knowledge, which no economy in the world can afford.  That’s why some companies still employ those qualified for the available jobs, although they buckle under pressure from the government to ignore qualifications in favor race-based employment. 

News 24 reported, Population growth estimates show that the white population declined by 22 250 people, from 4.52 million in 2016 to 4.49 million in 2017, (in one year.)  Over the same period, the total population increased by 900 000 to 56.62 million, [in one year.]”

This, I might add, does not include the millions of migrants from Africa. 

So, let us see, based on the last, outdated, race based census of 2011, what they are saying

From a whole population of 42 million black Africans, (76.2%,) 5,712,000, (13.6%,) are in top managerial positions. 

There are many more Africans in top managerial positions than whites in this country because, they say that from a whole population of 4,560,000 whites, (9.2%,) 3,192,000 (70%) are in top managerial positions. 

According to these statistics, there are 8,904,000 “top managerial positions” in South Africa just for Africans and whites, excluding other population groups

If this could be true after some 24 years of Affirmative Action and BEE, statistics must place nearly three quarters of whites citizens, (the thousands who emigrated and were murdered and died since 2011; children, the elderly, the thousands of unemployed, the sick, disabled and lazy,) the very few who are employed and those who are ‘self-employed’ — even those who struggle in a  little one-man business, in “top managerial positions.”


                      white poverty 3.jpg   white poverty 2.jpg         

                          white poverty.jpg      ruin 2.jpg    [Acknowledgement to those who compiled the photos and images in this study] 

Photos Above: The government and the pro-government media laughs off the suffering of thousands upon thousands of whites in squatter camps since 1996 as “a great exaggeration.” They can do this because both Afriforum and the welfare organization ‘Helping Hand’ lack accurate statistics, (just as on the gruesome farm and other murders in South Africa,) because the government does not have the will to publically count the losses and acknowledge the plight of whites.  It is said that, from a white population of 4,560,00 in 2011, “between 400,000 and one million whites are living in hundreds of squatter camps [of all sorts and sizes] since 1996, [just two years after the new government came to power in 1994.]” 


                            ruin 3.jpg   ruin 4.jpg  

                ruin 5.jpg   ruin 6.jpg    

[Acknowledgement to those who compiled the photos and images in this study] 

Photos Above:  Not since the Boer War, which concentrated on the Two Republics of Transvaal, (the old ZAR or Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek) and the Orange Free State, has one seen the landscape of this beautiful country littered with so many ruins of homesteads and vast stretches of abandoned farmland. Huge portions of prime agricultural land is laying either barren or overgrown by weeds, because the farmers were either murdered, intimidated to leave, or driven off their land by encroaching informal settlements. 

To ensure real economic growth in this country, instead of “transferring the existing wealth” by dispossessing whites, Africans must generate their own wealth and build their own businesses to employ as many people as possible.  Even if bribery and corruption did not devour white resources, it will still never be enough to satisfy the growing needs of millions upon millions of Africans.  But because the government forced most whites, men in particular, to become self-employed, they still view them as “employed,” and match such “employment” against the unemployment of millions who remain poor because of overpopulation, government and other corruption, mismanagement, a huge lack of skills, and personal willingness and ingenuity. 

The number of job losses since 1994 is still escalatingStats SA reports there has been 48,000 job losses in the first quarter, which can be much higher in the light of the failing financial climate. 


The richest African people in South Arica:   

· One of the highest paid presidents in the world:  Jacob Zuma

· Richest person in South Africa, [Forbes 2016]:  Jacob Zuma.  His [tax-paid] legal fees for continuous corruption thus far, (March 2018,) are “More than double the R15 million cited by [the new president] Ramaphosa.” 

· How rich was Mandela and where did his money come from?  “Verne Harris, head of memory programming at the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory and keeper of his archive, emailed simply: "I haven't a clue!”  

· How rich is the Kill-the-Boer-kill-the-Farmer, equality-for-all advocate Julius Malema, youth leader of the ruling African National Congress?  “During 2011-12, the tax-man slapped him with a R32 million tax bill…  But SARS said he should have declared as taxable income payments in 2011-12, including:  Salaries paid to his bodyguards; Electricity and rates paid on his behalf; Payments made on his auctioned [posh] Sandton property; Accommodation and car hire; Service done on his cars; and Payment made to fence his game farm.”  The rhetorical question remains,  Where did Malema get all his millions upon millions in such short span of time

Richest African businessmen in South Africa in 2017:  (From: Top [Black] Empowerment

The new president, Cyril Ramaphosa:  Net worth:  R5.67 billion. 

Patrice Motsepe, net worth: R27.72 billion. 

Tokyo Sexwale, net worth: R2.14 billion. 

Sipho Nkosi, net worth: R1.7 billion…. 

The list of superrich and rich Marxist capitalists, according to the great numbers of swanky residences and the incredible increase in the most expensive vehicles they drive,  seems endless. 


If socialism is really about ‘equality for all,’ and to ‘correct the inequities of the past,’ why the  nearly incalculable government corruption since 1994, which ‘withered away’ billions of hard-earned tax-payers’ money, [R385 billion that we know of,] also “empowering” beyond all extremes the elite of the country through non-stop ‘Affirmative Action,’ other extreme measures, and harsh taxation on business,  property, savings and investments, and personal income?   

As this government is following the blueprint of Marxist governments throughout Africa and the world against their perceived enemies that are not part of their “preferred population,” it is fair to say it is time to see the works and motives of this government for what they really are. 


A man called Graeme Codrington compiled a list of apartheid laws, (without explaining their function and context,) to justify land expropriation without compensation and other anti-white laws, because “white South Africans must stop complaining about what the ANC government is doing now.”  He wrote, “For those who always moan about how far back do we have to go, all but the first two of these Acts were passed in my grandmother’s lifetime.  She was born in 1914 and she’s still alive. So, no, this isn’t going back too far.”  

As utterly condemnable as these laws were, I hope Codrington will be first in line to sacrifice to corrupt government officials, everything he and his family worked for all their lives.  It is a blatant lie that whites got everything for free; everything was dearly earned, bought and paid for.  Most whites were born during and after apartheid, which is now gone for nearly 24 years.   

The reality is that Marxism is a two-class system without the hard-working, tax-paying middle class. It consists of the superrich and super-poor.  As in all other communist countries globally, corrupt officials overlook the poor masses when they “distribute” the wealth of the previous regime.  The ones who own everything in the end, are the 1-3% superrich socialist capitalists at the top, while the middle class has ‘withered away,’ and the masses are all “equally” poor. 

To understand what the laws that Codrington listed as “land taking” meant, (and I strongly condemn all apartheid abuses,) I have tried to clarify in short what they actually said.  These racist laws were just as atrocious then as the new government’s racist laws are cruel and horrible now.  Both these regimes did (and are doing) great harm to their so-called “non-preferred” races - the innocent citizens of this country. 

However, not all the laws on Codrington’s list were about “land taking,” as he mistakenly states.  Some were laws on influx control and national safety, designed to govern an extremely complicated, diverse spectrum of communities, as in all other countries in the world. 


This is what Godrington wrote, “This is not the first time the South African government has taken land without paying for it…. [These apartheid laws] incorporated territorial segregation into legislation for the first time since 1910.  [After the “Boer War” ended in 1902, the British Union of South Africa was established in 1910.] I provide a list below for helpful reference - these were the apartheid era land acts,” [although not all of them were about “taking” land.]  

Although the following fact does not minimize these complete condemnable laws, apartheid laws were not original Afrikaner property.  It was a destructive political dogma, adopted from Britain’s occupation through war and destruction, where it was first called  “Segregation.”]   


The Glen Grey act of 1894[This is a transcription of Cecil John Rhodes’ Speech in the Cape House Parliament on July 30, 1894.  He was the British Prime Minister of the Cape Colony from 1890 to 1896 and died in 1902.   Rhodes said the reasons for this bill are massive population explosions, overcrowding, and the resultant destruction of many parts of the country.]  He stated, “The first clause deals with the question of area…  Under the clause, individual title will not be given unless the Divisional Council recommends it…  Part 1 is simply as to the creation of areas….   Glen Grey is… mixed up with white farmers, and so we had to reserve in Glen Grey those parts of the country which are in the occupation of white farmers. Certain other reasons have had to be considered: the Indwe railway, for instance. What I would like in regard to a native area is that there should be no white men in its midst… The Bill proposes that to each of these allotments there should be a village management board of three men, which should be nominated by the Government…. Successive Governments have already settled this question of Glen Grey…. [by] giving the titles while the House has been discussing the matter.  I find that they have created these titles and managed them by a village council or board of natives. The Government would give these boards all the powers of the Village Management Act. Under these powers, the boards would limit the amount of stock on each agricultural lot, and therefore overcrowding [and overgrazing, which would destroy the land,] would be prevented. It rests with the natives to apply for an extra title for building lots which would be pointed out on the commonage…” 


The Native Land Act of 1913 (Act 27)  [This was the implementation of Rhodes’ Glen Grey Act.]  “This act was passed to allocate only about 7% of arable [suitable to crops] land to Africans…  [amended in 1936 to 13.6% with 1,146,451 acres purchased by the government in 1972.  This is why the ANC government still states that this is the case, while it is not.


The Transvaal Asiatic Land Tenure of 1930.  “[This is actually the 1832 Transvaal Asiatic Land Tenure Act No. 35.  “This is a reinforcement of the Asiatic Bazaar Law of 1885 (Mabin 1992: 409). The purpose of this act [still under British rule] was to demarcate specific residential areas for minority groups, especially Malays and Indians. It was reinforced [by] the Transvaal Asiatic Land Tenure Act of 1932, (see Mabin 1992: 409.)”