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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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By 18 March 1922, ten days after it began, the obliterating civil war on the Witwatersrand was over.  The remaining strikers and their leaders feared what had to come next.  They knew that their leaders, in particular, were in dreadful danger of being executed for high treason against the Smuts government. 

It was officially stated that 214 lives had been lost.  They said that of these, 76 were strikers. 

Smuts’ troops arrested 4,748 rebels and 18 leaders of the strike were forthrightly sent to the gallows for high treason.  They went to the gallows courageously singing their communist anthem, ‘The Red Flag.’  

Some of the strike leaders, who escaped arrest, fled the country and had to live in exile, never to return to the country for which they fought so hard and so long.  Many died there.  Among them was my own grandfather, John Charles (Jack) Bosch.  Their widows wept alone, without any financial or moral support, and their children grew up as impoverished orphans, as my own father was forced to do

None of them, neither the strikers nor the scabs, gained anything. 

Racism against miners and virtual enslavement of ordinary workers continued. 

The mining magnates and their powerful ally, the Smuts government, had won. 

After the strike was ended, millions of pounds were still falling into their already overflowing laps.

This time, the Global Masonic Order, through the effective work of their mason pawn, Prime Minister Jan Smuts, had crushed the white rebellious workers.  The attempt of our great-grandfathers and grandfathers to defend their very just but misguided cause to alleviate their poverty, was completely in vain.  In the end, they too, were simply ‘canon-fodder’ to the masonic brotherhood of South Africa, and victims of Jan Smuts’ clandestine, communist goal, to, “Once again, move the world forward to unite it under the New World [Socialist] Order...”  

What bothers me the most about all this, (despite Smuts declaring martial law for a second time,) is the way Jan Smuts, being an Afrikaner himself, did not attempt to find solutions to the causes, neither did he try to humanely subdue this Afrikaner revolt.  “Skelm (Sly) Jannie,” as many South Africans called him, callously called out the Police Force, Defense Force, Air Force, Artillery, and all his commandos against civilians, and did not care one bit about the terrible consequences for all the innocent involved.  One cannot help but wonder what would have happened if the apartheid regime of later years had resorted to such a degree of violence to subdue the extremely brutal and incessant, mass communist struggle, which lasted from the 1960’s well into the 1990’s…   


After Prime Minister Smuts had trounced the 1922 Rand Revolt, mine bosses forced the white miners to accept their terms unconditionally.  Gold production increased - allegedly due to the use of a higher proportion of African labor and even lower wages for all miners.  New imported machinery  also supposedly ‘saved on labor costs.’  Miners of all races suffered immensely on a financial level, but in the hands of the white South African Masonic Brotherhood, which was inherently but secretly committed to communist expansion worldwide, the country was about to become an industrial giant. 

An intriguing question remains; if the Communist Party, in using their right wing The Reds to take on the Smuts government for a second time, had been sincere in its quest to gain victory for the miners, why did it call for unconditional non-white majority rule in South Africa in 1920 already, two years before the Rand Revolt?  After all, the African National Congress and other communist parties were merely counterparts of The Reds.  From all this, it seems that it was not the clandestine empowering force in South Africa, (the Bolshevik, or Russian/Jew Communist’s) goal to bring The Reds to power.  After the Rand Revolt of 1922, it became apparent that the white miners had served their purpose and could be discarded. 

Intensifying their recruitment campaigns from behind the scenes, Bolsheviks presented their next generation of pawns, (South Africa’s non-white people,) the opportunity to grab the country by persistently pressing for ‘unconditional majority rule.’   In a multiracial country like South Africa, the white minority could never become the force, which the Communist Party needed to gain communist control of the country.  The masonic brotherhood merely used the white miners of 1922 to foster their deliberately created racial hatred among all the peoples, who all needed jobs to make a decent living for themselves and their families. 

As Texe Marrs wrote, the destructive yet calculated “twin hammers of Bolshevism and Marxism” were hard at work in South Africa [before, during and] after the ‘Boer’ War.  It was no coincidence that, by 1912, ten years before the Rand Revolt in 1922, the African National Congress was already recognized as a force to be reckoned with.  Five years before the Rand Revolt, in 1917, Marxism had cruelly taken control of Russia.  From there, after World War Two in 1945, it spread to Eastern Europe to create an entire Second [Communist] World.  Then, Communist Imperialism began to march almost undisturbed across the whole globe. 

Today it is obvious that, from the very beginning, the Bolshevik instigators behind communist parties in South Africa were not out to share the country or its job opportunities among all the citizens. 

They were merely creating chaos to globalize their goals. 

Thus, the grievances of workers from all races were never the real issue for socialist intervention in South Africa.  Totalitarian socialist rule in the whole world was the main aim – which communist parties intended to achieve by any means possible.


Segregation, the British forerunner of apartheid 

I reported previously that “as early as 1902 [at the end of the ‘Boer’ War,] Lord Milner of Great Britain appointed a South African Native Affairs Commission… an almost exclusively English-speaking body, which managed to formalize racial segregation.  It approved of ‘locations’ (townships,) for urban non-whites and the separation of non-white and white in political life…  The “future federal legislature” of the Brotherhood’s apartheid regime did not originate with Afrikaners.  Lord Milner and his colleagues separated Afrikaans and English speaking people had divided people of other races legally into different neighborhoods, schools, colleges, universities, and workplaces first.  Powers far beyond ordinary African and Afrikaner citizens were at work before, during, and after Britain’s 1889-1902 war on South Africans.  The masonic Brotherhood ensured that neither Afrikaners, nor English, nor Africans could learn one another’s languages...”  [Reader’s Digest, ‘SA Yesterdays.’]

More than twenty years after the ‘Boer’ War, the failure of the Rand Revolt proved to white workers that they stand to lose all their jobs and so, their very livelihood to cheap non-white labor.  During a time when no ordinary white citizen thought along the lines of legal ‘apartheid’ or an oppressive ‘white regime’ in South Africa, the very real threat to their existence – the demand for unconditional mass majority rule, caused whites to fear that totalitarian, socialist rule would result in economic collapse and civilian chaos, while another government would push them out of the only country and life they ever knew.

In the light of what has, and is happening in the new South Africa, it is plain that their fears were definitely not unfounded. 

Consequently, after 1922, South Africa turned into a runaway train; destined for the destruction of yet another well-planned, civil war.

As a direct consequence of Jan Smut’s “heavy handedness” [what an understatement!] during the Rand Revolt, he lost the 1924 election to JBM Hertzog of the National Party.  The Croswell’s Labor party, supported by white miners, formed a pact with Hertzog, who showed sympathy to the workers’ dire cause.  The dreadful communist threat to the very existence of white people in South Africa caused the Hertzog government to pass its first three acts to protect employment opportunities for whites.  Horrifyingly, in the hostile surge of mass employment, they supposedly “had no other choice than to introduce racial segregation in the labor market to protect job opportunities for minorities.”   

Of course, ordinary people did not realize it at the time, but this persistent push from angry masses and the defensive stance of the small minority placed British segregation legally among the races of South Africa.  However, from the viewpoint of minorities, segregation in the marketplace was not based on spiteful hatred but on bare survival

Yet soon, this monster twin of Britain and Smuts, (non-white and white racism,) which all South Africans have now conceived, would come into the stormy political world of South Africa.  Under the looming apartheid regime, police and military might, as well as extreme communist decline in the ‘new’ South Africa, would accompany it.  Unavoidably, dangerous political turmoil would follow persistently on its heels all the days of its miserable life.   


Slowly but surely, the Afrikaner Nationalist government of 1924 started working along the exact same lines as the African National Council of the new South Africa that came to power in 1994.

Once the Afrikaner National Party had freed the whites politically from Britain’s yoke in 1924, they set out to free them financially from Britain’s extensive economic oppression - just as the new African National Council government of 1994 is doing right now.  Just as the new African Nationalists implemented never-ending laws that discriminate against and grossly impoverish whites, (i.e., ‘affirmative’ action against whites to advance only non-white people - whom the new Nationalist government openly calls “the preferred population,”) the Afrikaner National Party of 1924 implemented laws to protect and advance the rights of whites. 


Even ordinary people like me dare to wonder why the different governments of South Africa, as well as interfering foreign countries like America, Cuba and Russia, never focused on some of the underlying problems of this country.  Any politician and religionist can realize that, if the numbers of the racial populations of South Africa were balanced more equally; if all populations were treated fairly, and if socialist irritation of problems would be disinfected with logic and reasonable negotiation, the problems that have been plaguing South Africa for generations would be minimized, if not eradicated, to a great extent.

However, this idea is quite the opposite of the philosophy of G.W.F. Hegel, which so intrigued Carl Marx, the so-called ‘father’ of Marxism, that he declared, “Unity can be achieved by the equalizing of all opposites…  [like wealth and poverty, male and female, slave and master, etc.]”  Contrary to this communist belief, however, the structures of this selfish, fallen world - as Hegel also remarked, “Can never be separated from its opposite, i.e. a slave without a master and vice versa…” 

Jesus did indeed say that we “will always have the poor with us,” which means that He came ‘to bring life in abundance,’ but not all people will choose Life and Blessing in Christ, and those who choose darkness, actually choose the entire state of cursedness, which God described in Deut. 28, “Cursed shall you be in the city and in the country, in your basket and kneading bowl, in the fruit of your body and the produce of your land, the increase of your cattle and the offspring of your flocks, when you come in and when you go out.  The Lord send on you cursing, confusion, and rebuke in all that you set your hand to do… He will make the plague cling to you… and strike you with consumption, fever, inflammation, sword, with scorching, and with mildew…  You will be defeated before your enemies…”

Politicians, who do not regard the needs of people of all races, are not looking for answers; they are creating strife to catapult themselves to power and to keep themselves in power!

Humankind will always find cause to fight.

It is a set reality that everyone on earth needs a roof over their heads, food on the table and other necessities.  All politicians know that as soon as these necessities are diminished in any sector of the population, in due course, blood will flow.  Tragically, the world’s population fails to realize that it is exactly these necessities, which the Masonic Brotherhood, in some form or another, have always taken away to promise a so-called political ‘outcome;’ just to diminish everything again.

This proves that no earthly government has the welfare of their own, or any other nation in mind.  As communist ‘father’ Marx wrote in ‘The Eastern Question,’ “World revolution is our aim…”   


The Lord God said in Gen. 2:18,24, “It is not good that a man should be alone; I will make him a [one] helper comparable to him…  Therefore a man shall leave his [parents] and be joined to his wife, and [the two] shall become one flesh.”  Although humankind has been disregarding this commandment of God for millennia, Jesus declared in Mt. 19:5-10, “Have you not read that He Who made them at the beginning made them male and female and said… the two shall become one flesh?  Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Needless to say, Satan could not wait to desecrate God’s blueprint for the family.  God’s commandment for the family is one husband, one wife, for life – and the children, whom this relationship of mutual love and respect would bring into this world.  Of course I am not condemning divorcees; if we confess our sin and repent, God forgives all sin.  However, divorce, as all other types of brokenness, brings numerous troubles to already strained relationships, and the so-called ‘outcome’ of divorce can only be considered once all avenues to pursue peace have slammed shut. 

Concerning polygamous (more than one spouse) relationships, Paul wrote in 1 Cor. 7:2-3: "Let the man have his own wife (singular) and let each woman have her own husband (singular.)  Let the husband render to his wife the affection due her, [one wife] and likewise also the wife [one wife] to her [one] husband...”  Anyone, male or female, who violates this serious commandment of God to keep more than one wife or husband, without being widowed or legally divorced, is a fornicator and an adulterer/adulteress.  Heb. 13:4: "…But fornicators and adulterers God will judge." 

King Solomon turned Old Testament Israel into an empire and became the richest king on earth.  Sadly, King Solomon followed the custom of pagan kings to flaunt their political influence, military power, and economic wealth by the number of wives they could accumulate.  He set up harems, just as his many business partners, the Gentile kings did.  To expand his kingdom, power, and military might, he ‘married’ princesses like the daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh, and among others, Moabite, Ammonite, Edomite, Hittite, and Phoenician women.

As Satan is the perverting ‘copy-cat’ of  what God does, many of the designs, which God gave to His people also adorned the temples of these pagans.  When Solomon imported pagan artisans to build the temple, many of those perverted motifs were engrained in the Judaist temple – just as Satan had imported idolatry and spiritual perversions among the New Testament body of Christ.

Solomon, however, took no notice; he became immensely rich and spiritually blind.  One cannot begin to comprehend how those idolatrous women polluted Solomon’s mind.  Solomon “sinned against his own body” every time he touched one of them.  Becoming “one in body” with a thousand whores, he also shared in the evil spirits that occupied and controlled them on every sphere of life – (1 Cor. 6:16-20.)

For instance, it might seem as if the carved figures of cherubim in Solomon’s temple were those that God had commanded.  Nevertheless, Readers Digest wrote, “It is now understood that they were intended as sphinxes with human faces, often shown flanking a palm tree…  These [two] ivory plaques, one of a cherub wearing the double crown of Egypt and the other a stylized palm, were found in Syria…” 

Solomon also built numerous temples for his great number of harlots, as slowly but surely, these women turned “his heart to other gods.  And the Lord was angry with Solomon.  Therefore, the Lord said to Solomon, “Since this has been your mind and you have not kept My covenant and My statures…  I will surely tear the kingdom from you and will give it to your servant…”

Through King Solomon’s polygamous idolatry, serial adultery and fornication, he dragged the whole nation of Israel into idolatry and caused the fall of the kingdom, the dispersion of the Jews, and ultimately, the destruction of the temple and of the city of Jerusalem.   


Compared to monogamous people who generally keep only one wife and as many children as they are able to support, most polygamous households with an unlimited number of children remain dreadfully poor.  This pagan lifestyle might have been sustainable in a rural setting in times gone by when over-population did not threaten the very existence of everything on earth.  However, especially in urban settings, multiple families have to fend for themselves without a primary breadwinner, or a breadwinner who is unable to support even a single family.  Without a vast income, such a lifestyle can never be sustained.  For this reason, it is sad but true that over-population among polygamous people considerably widens the gap between them and the monogamous minority, who, even in hard times, can better provide for their smaller families on an economical, moral, and educational level.

Polygamy is one of the root causes of severe poverty in in the world.  God commanded that the husband must be the provider and protector of his wife (singular) and children.  It is simply impossible for a man to provide for more than one wife and an unlimited number of children.

This vast difference in religious culture was, and still is, one of the main keys that unlocked the detrimental ‘class’ struggles in this country and in the whole world - resulting in a better-off minority and a very poor, vast majority.  It remains an undeniable fact that, as soon as man violates the creation principles of God and the New Testament Moral Law commandments of Jesus, anarchy, poverty and war will result.