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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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The beliefs and goals of masonry are all but ‘noble,’ ‘peaceable’ or ‘tolerant.’  Commander Guy Carr wrote in ‘Pawns in the Game,’ and John Robison in ‘Proofs of a Conspiracy,’ “Masonry is such a formidable sect… you have reached only the first stages of its plans for that general revolution to overthrow all thrones, all altars, annihilate all (private) property, [through their global implementation of socialism and communism,] efface all laws and end up by dissolving all society…” - to establish a Communist One World, New World Order; a dictatorship under the  control of the Cabalist Sanhedrin and its covert branches.  [‘The Deadly Deception,’ by Jim Shaw.] 

Stephen Knight explained, “Masonry culminates in the 33rd degree of Grand Inspector General, and they are all controlled by a Supreme Council…  While [all combat institutions, like the Police and] Armed Forces are strongly represented in ordinary masonry, the Ancient and Accepted Rite of the 33 degree is particularly attractive to military men…  E.g., Field Marshal Earl Alexander of Tunis, Commander-in-Chief in the Middle East and Allied Supreme Commander in the Mediterranean in the Second World War…  During the 1970s the Italian Government had 43 Members of Parliament who were masons; 54 top civil servants; 183 army, navy and air force officers including 30 generals and 8 admirals, 19 judges and countless lawyers, magistrates, police chiefs, editors and journalists; 58 university professors, many leaders of political parties, and even the directors of the three main intelligence services.”  This plot was discovered when Celli, a Russian KGB officer, was unmasked, which tied 953 significant names to Masonry - divided into 17 cells, each with its own leader.” 



[Not all Jews are Talmud-believing Zionists.  Many Jews are Torah-believing Israelis and some are Christians.]  C.G. Rakovsky described the way in which Zionist Cabalists and their secret branches control the global economy, “Banks, stock exchanges and the financial system of the world is a giant machine, through which they plan and execute artificial economic growth and economic collapse in the economies of countries, even of the whole world…” 

In the same way, they communistically plan and execute revolution and war in targeted countries, and in the entire world.  Every war, revolution, and unrest on planet earth during the last five hundred years was planned, financed, and executed by masons who operated from their lodges.  They were responsible for, among others, the French, English, and Russian Revolutions, the American Civil war, the First and Second World Wars, and every other strategy that replaced imperialism with a Communist ‘democracy.’ Knight wrote, “Communist Freemasonry has made a priority of infiltrating every kind of organization in every country of the world.  Any organization, particularly secretive organizations, must come to the notice of the KGB and its successive parties.  Whatever is political, social, spiritual, criminal, or subversive - Marxist Freemasonry is at its core.” 

The communist emblem, the hammer, sickle, and star, was crafted by Cabalist Jews.  It is simply a stylized square and compass, the emblem of Freemasonry, which signifies the sun, moon, and the master of the grand lodge – the trinity of Satan. 

Knight continued, “Membership of Freemasonry and other secret societies radically assists promotion to significant positions and other forms of success.  All systems are run in this way.  The Brotherhood forms an impenetrable bastion that executes tremendous power over the political-, as well as the religious arena.  They have become a force that touches every part of life on earth, as they secretly protect and advance their business, political, religious, and criminal interests [such as the Mafia,] in ways law-abiding citizens can never comprehend.” 

Communism is definitely not dead, because Cabalist masonry is very much alive and flourishing in every country on earth.  While the world was unaware, Communist Cabalists have taken control of the whole planet.  [From: ‘Phillip 11,’ William Thomas Walsh; ‘Jewish Historical Society of England, Vol. X1, p. 8; ‘History of the Inquisition in Spain, 111, 413; ‘The Christian Party,’ Willie Martin; ‘The Committee of 300,’ Dr. John Coleman; ‘The Rothschilds,’ Fredric Morton; ‘Codex Magica,’ Marrs.] 


The Lord Jesus Christ promised His believers in Jn. 8:12, “I Am the Light of the world.  He, who follows Me [in obedience to My contextual Word and the leading of My Holy Spirit,] shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” 

As in all other cult and occult societies, the false ‘light’ of masonic orders tries to replace the Light of the World in the lives of initiates, who have to kneel at this pagan altar to kiss an open Bible.  This ritual does not focus on the initiate’s love for the Bible.  It was invented to mock the Bible, which masons supposedly “hold in high regard.”  Not surprisingly, an initiate does not have to kiss Islam’s Qur’an, or any other ‘bible,’ as during this ritual, the initiate actually kisses Jesus Christ goodbye.

So, when masons declare, “IN GOD WE TRUST,” (as on America’s one-dollar bill,) they are not referring to the God of the Bible.  They are calling on Baphomet, the “worshipful master of the East,” the sun god Pan or Osiris.  During the ritual of the first degree, that of Entered Apprentice, the master of the lodge mockingly refers to the Creator God of Genesis when he declares, “In solemn imitation of Him [God] I, in like manner, masonically declare, ‘Let there be Light!” 

In reality, initiates are accepting Lucifer’s light over their lives, while they sell their souls to Satan.  Jesus said we must be born again into the Kingdom of God by sincere faith in Him alone, (Jn. 3:3-5.) 

In another rebellious act against God, masons must ‘die to the world, and be born anew into the light of the lodge.’  Thus, masonic/illuminist Presidents Abraham Lincoln and the so-called “Christian” George Bush could declare that they were “born anew.”  They simply neglected to tell the public into what type of light they were ‘born.’  This counterfeit of Jesus’ commandment to be born again, (Jn. 3:3-5,) happens during the ritual of exultation in the forth degree, when the ‘master mason’ is symbolically “raised from the grave by the strong grip of the lion’s paw.” 

The rituals of these clandestine societies are intended to mock the God of the Bible - and this is the trademark of all secret societies, which is true Satanism. 

Although many deny that Abraham Lincoln was a mason, nearly all of his close friends and even his best man at his wedding to Mary Todd were masons.  He adhered to the belief ‘IN [the masonic] GOD WE TRUST,’ hope, faith, and charity – which is the creed of freemasonry, disguised as Biblical belief.  He spoke at the head of judge Bowling Green’s coffin during Green’s masonic burial service at Springfield Lodge No. 4 in 1842.  He held religiously to America’s Declaration of Independence, which includes the masonic, humanist ideals of freemasons George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.  During his Presidential campaign in 1866, Lincoln wrote to the grand lodge of Illinois, “Gentlemen, I have always entertained a profound respect for the Masonic fraternity and have long cherished a desire to become a member.”  When he ran for President, all the other candidates were masons, as well as the then President, James Buchanan, and other prominent leaders, so it was nearly impossible that a non-mason could have been elected.  He went from being an insignificant lawyer to President in a very short time.  He had at hand a personal copy of the bound ‘Proceedings of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of Illinois’ – the reports and conventions of the Masonic Order for 1851-1857, etc.]  {Partly From: ‘Abraham Lincoln & Freemasonry,’ Paul M. Bessel.} 



All secret societies and subversive movements are dangerously inter-connected.  Hitler’s Thule Society, for instance, was connected to other secret societies like the Theosophists, but Hitler also had ties with Skull & Bones - which has been guiding the Bush dynasty of America for generations! 

What an unlikely clandestine partnership, that of Hitler and Prescott Bush!  Yet they were linked by much more than their membership of secret societies.  Secretly, they shared the Jewish blood that flowed through their veins!  Hitchcock wrote in his book, ‘Synagogue of Satan,’ “On March 19th, the USA, under the presidency of the Crypto-JEW George W. Bush, announced the pending invasion of Iraq…”  Allegedly, Hitler’s grandfather was a Rothschild Jew.  Hansjurgen Koehler wrote in ‘Inside The Gestapo,’ that Maria Anna Schickelgruber, Adolph Hitler’s grandmother, “came to Vienna and became a domestic servant at the Rothschild mansion, and Hitler’s unknown grandfather must be probably looked for in this magnificent house.”  Thus, Tarpley & Chaitkin could write in ‘George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography,’ “Prescott Bush, Thyssen, Harriman, Walker, and Wall Street banker Clarence Dillon set up the giant German Trust, an organization to sponsor Adolph Hitler.  John Loftus, former prosecutor of US Department of Justice Nazi War Crimes and President of the Florida Holocaust Museum said, ‘Thyssen and the Nazi Party obtained early financing from Brown Brothers Harriman and the Union Banking Corporation.  Union Bank was the Bush family’s holding company for a number of other entities, including the Holland American Trading Company.’ 

Bonesmen controlled all of these, which provided loans and petroleum-related products through Standard Oil and IG Farben, which Hitler used to develop the petroleum and poison gas to drive the Nazi war machine and SS gas chambers.” 

Hitchcock stated in ‘Synagogue of Satan,’ “Prescott Bush has been funding Hitler from America, whilst American soldiers were being killed by German soldiers.  Interestingly the Anti-Defamation League never criticizes any of the Bush family for this…  In 1943 Zionist Isaac Greenbaum, head of the Jewish Agency Rescue Committee, in a speech to the Zionist Executive Council states, ‘If I am asked, could you give from the United Jewish Appeal monies to rescue Jews, I say no and I say again no!  One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland!’ 

‘This was no surprise, as Zionism and Nazism had similar aims.  They both wanted the Jews out of Germany.  However, the Zionists were not interested in any Jews that didn’t want to go to Palestine and thought it would be more beneficial to ensure these Jews be placed in concentration camps, in order to frighten Jews worldwide into fleeing to Palestine, which they touted as the only state where they could be safe.…”  “I will tell you a secret,” Hitler once told Raushning, “I am founding an Order…  In my Ordensburgen there will stand as a statue for worship the figure of the magnificent, self-ordained god-man!”  – [See 2 Ths. 2:3-4!]  Undoubtedly, Hitler was referring to himself.  If the Bush Dynasty was indeed supporting Hitler, it is no surprise that his SS soldiers wore the emblem of “der Tote Kopf,” (the emblem of Skull & Bones,) and used it on their armored cars and tanks.  Is it possible - can Jewish Cabalists really be behind the torture, mutilation, dispossession, and murder of millions of their own people?  This sounds like a science fiction horror story but it is not.  It is the all too familiar story of Cain and Abel; brother against brother, and the fratricidal shedding of innocent family blood, as described in Gen. 4.  Biblically, the Jews are God’s ONLY Old Testament, chosen, physical nation on earth.  All the many holocausts in history were the poisonous fruit of secret societies.  For example, the massacre of Jews in Hitler’s death camps were not just another mindless crime against humanity.  It was the well-planned Cabalist crushing of the Jewish nation: all their hopes and aspirations, and the looting of their wealth.  All this intended suffering had the purpose to literally forge the Jews into the mighty nation of Israel overnight.  No other physical nation can lay claim to God’s Old Testament plans and purposes for the Jewish nation, (Rom. 11.)  However, let there be no confusion about this:  it is a great deception that Jews will be saved automatically without personal faith in Christ.   

Likewise, all other holocausts, such as the Second ‘Boer’ War of 1899-1902, as well as the oppression of the South African apartheid regime, which followed British colonial rule in South Africa, served a definite, but clandestine cause. 

W.S. McLoud alleges in his book, ‘A Study of Rev. 13 and 17,’ ‘Although [Communist] workers believe that their bosses are the capitalists, the Cabalists [and governments of democracies] are the true capitalists.  Bosses are just as depended on their capital as the other classes of society.  On one hand they have the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers who capitalize the wealth of the world, and on the other they have Carl Marx and his disciples of socialism and communism, who destroy the economies of conquered counties, and land the wealth into the hands of the Cabalists – the true rulers of planet earth.’  According to Cloud, the Cabalist Sanhedrin controls the United Nations, and they, in turn, controlled freemasons like the Russian dictator Stalin, Winston Churchill, and President Roosevelt.  The Cabalists were behind the bloodthirsty Communist dictators of China; the beastly Communist dictators of Africa and the Americas, the wars in Korea and Vietnam, the conflicts in the Middle East, India, and the turmoil in every other country! 

In his book, ‘Committee of 300,’ Dr. John Coleman calls the Cabalists the modern-day “Global Planners” of every earthly event and says they play a guiding role in all the activities of NATO.  He wrote, “The name, New World Order, is seen as something developed as a consequence of the Gulf War in 1991, whereas the One World Government is recognized as being centuries old.  The New World Order is not new, it has been around and developing under one or another guise for a very long time but it is perceived as a Development of the Future, which is not the case; the New World Order is past and present.  The Cabalists create social convulsions on a global scale, followed by depressions.  They use these convulsions as a “softening-up technique” for bigger things to come.  Their principal method of creating starving, disposed masses of people all over the world, is to make the whole world dependant on their minimal ‘consumption’ fund, which keeps all ‘ordinary’ citizens equally poor. This is an ongoing process of loosening the wealth of the world from the ‘bourgeoisie’ (the rich,) and rolling it into the laps of the Cabalists!” 

Dr. Coleman believes that the Cabalists sanction the election of presidents and oust them as well and they keep dictators in power in order to apply the destructive force of Marxism to so-called ‘liberated democracies.’  Andrew Hitchcock confirmed in his book, ‘Synagogue of Satan,’ “[Modern] communism was invented for the Rothschilds by Moses Mordechai Levy, more commonly known by his Crypto [secret] Jew name of Karl Marx, which makes it no surprise that the African National Congress in South Africa was guided by two Communist Jews, Albie Sachs and Yossel Mashel Slovo (Joe Slovo.)  Indeed, when Mandela’s ANC took over SA, Slovo was named Minister of Housing…  The current head of the Oppenheimer family, Harry, owns 95% of the world’s diamond mines.  Isn’t it surprising that the Jewish media fail to inform their readers why, if the masses in South Africa are getting ‘Africa for the Africans,’ all the gold and diamond mines, i.e. the wealth of SA, is still controlled by [Cabalist] JEWS.”

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