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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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Notwithstanding the false political/religious doctrines of the masonic/Mary worshipping Calvinists that governed this country, there are so much unfair blame-shifting and false allegations against ordinary Afrikaners, (robbing them of their country, culture, language, jobs, heritage, and general existence in this country,) I must again emphasize that ordinary Afrikaners had no knowledge of the origin and teachings of masonic orders, the clandestine Roman Catholic doctrines that remain  ingrained in Calvinism, or the communist goals of the apartheid regime and their secret Jewish spies and underhanded “advisors.” 

While ordinary Afrikaners believed their government built a monument to commemorate historical events, deceitful Afrikaner rulers built a masonic temple - a Christian-Calvinist, Dutch Reformed shrine to the false god Baphomet.  Simultaneously, they also blindly honor(ed) Voortrekker leaders such as Piet Retief, as well as Kingdom-Now preachers such as Sarel Cilliers, the ‘father’ of ‘the oath.’ 


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[Acknowledgement to those who compiled the photos and images in this study]

Above:  The Voortrekker Monument in South Africa and masonic designs on the water bottle of the murdered Afrikaner Voortrekker leader, Piet Retief. 


The writer of ‘Reap The Whirlwind…’ brings a valid case of masonic worship in the design of the Voortrekker Monument.  However, in her quest to be ‘politically correct’ in the New South Africa, she thrashes Afrikaner culture, heritage, and religion, while missing very important facts about worldwide masonic worship in almost all other national monuments.

All types of racist prejudice remain hatred for mostly innocent people. 

The racial intolerance, which people like Woods show toward their own people hides the true facts about communist rule in this country and in the rest of the world.  Does Woods know that National Worship remains idolatry in every country, among every nation, and in every form?  While Nationalist Afrikaners were deceived by their masonic leaders into National worship, exactly the same has happened in the worship of the African National Congress, which now governs the ‘new’ South Africa.  National worship globally is always the worship of dictators, while the truth about their rise to power and their mostly clandestine goals, dogmas, and militant actions against civilians hardly ever reach the ears of ordinary people.  


Woods explained, A cross-section of the monument reveals the three-tiered, occultist, freemasonry design of the structure:

“The lower hall, which contains the cenotaph.” 

The cenotaph or ‘altar’ is said to be the metaphorical grave of Voortrekker leader Piet Retief.  Exactly at 12 o’clock on 16 December, which celebrates the ‘day of the oath,’ a circular sunbeam falls directly on the words inscribed on that marble slab: “Ons vir jou Suid-Afrika.” (We are yours, South Africa.)  This type of symbolism represents sun worship, as also found in some ancient temples.

The second tier is the hall of fame has the bi-color masonic symbol of the sun patterned in marble on the floor.  As brilliant sunrays, they shine (or flow) outwards from the focal point, the cenotaph or altar, throughout the entire monument.  Alexander Hislop came to the conclusion that the ‘symbol of the sun, placed to shine from above unto an altar, [in this case the Retief’s symbolical tomb,] was one of the recognized symbols of Baal (or Osiris) worship.”  [Masons worship Osiris as the sun god Baphomet, the Great Architect of the Universe.]

“The dome-shaped roof from where the sun shines on the Day of the Oath.  As in old Gothic churches, this type of roof represents a sun wheel, which also depicts sun worship.  A sun wheel is “a perfect sphere,” supposedly the “holy environment of the Buddha, which symbolizes the order and harmony of an enlightened mind, built on perfect wisdom, and seen on religious paintings as a halo around the head of a so-called Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu [or Christian] ‘saint.’” 

The hall of fame

In the hall of fame tourists will see true marbleized history.  However, those who know anything about masonic symbolism and worship will also recognize the many subliminal masonic symbols that were cut into the marble murals. 

Woods described a marbleized mural correctly when she wrote, “Piet Retief was inaugurated as Governor in 1837, and… one can see how he raises his right hand to swear the oath.  The [two-finger oath] sign he gives is that which freemasons use in the 4th degree of the Scottish Rite…  (p. 177 of her book.)  It is significant that this sign was [also] used since 1934 in Nazi Germany, after Hitler came to power.  [Does Woods not know that this sign was common in Germanic Europe, and in the Vatican swearing allegiance to the pope?  The masonic Cub Scouts also use this sign as a salute.]  With the right hand extended above their heads and their fingers placed in this way, German citizens pledged allegiance to Hitler and National Socialism [Masonic Marxism] through this ‘holy oath…’  This sign actually symbolizes the manifestation of Baphomet, the goat god of freemasonry.”

In another mural, it seems as if ordinary workers are doing construction work at a Dutch Reformed church, but the masonic Tau cross is clearly visible in various forms.  “The Tau cross symbolizes Tammuz,” the false christ of the world, ‘the illuminating star,’ Lucifer.  The Tau cross is also a symbol of patriarch authority, depicted in the form of a hammer like judges use in court.  “Mallets, gavels, and other types of hammers all have practical and symbolical uses in freemasonry,” writes Woods on p. 178, “The hammer is the emblem of the authority of the Master of the Lodge.  It contains the fundamental element of his authority… which symbolizes the male phallus, which in turn symbolizes the Great Architect of the Universe – the god of freemasonry.” 

“The scene where Zulu king Dingaan and Trekker leader Piet Retief sign the treaty just before Dingaan ordered their execution… symbolizes the legal documentation of the Afrikaner’s right to ownership of South Africa.  The fact that this transaction is immortalized in this symbolical mortuary monument and sealed with freemasonry symbols should enlighten us to the nature of the ‘contract’ through which the destiny of South Africa was negotiated,” Woods wrote. 

Turning the mass-murder of Afrikaners and brown people, and Dingaan’s theft of the cattle and the land, (which is recorded not oral history,) into ‘Afrikaner evil’ without using these exact words, is completely unacceptable, to say the least.  Did anyone care that Dingaan was worshipping his ‘ancestor spirits?’  So, why should the treaty be ‘nullified’ because Retief was a mason?  Viewed in global context, ancestor worship is always used to gain political power.  Could Dingaan’s mass murder have been sacrifice to his ancestor godsHow is worshipping at the masonic altar then somehow worse than what Dingaan did? 

If Woods is trying to prove that the apartheid regime’s ties with freemasonry make Afrikaner presence in South Africa ‘unlawful’ in favor of African culture and presence, the truth, as always, is in the context of real historic events. 

Firstly: Not only Afrikaners were and are masons — famous communist gods and christs like Mandela, Mbeki and Tutu were and are freemasons too; members of Prince Hall, as well as the Vatican’s Sovereign Military Order of Malta; the Sovereign Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem! 

Secondly: Colonizing tribes such as the Zulu were not the first to arrive in this country.  Zulu armies came down from the interior of this continent after whites settled in the Cape in 1652.  Most early African tribes were “never static,” and therefore did not really “own” any land.  For instance, Zulus only settled in Natal during the 18th century, raiding and dispersing smaller nomadic tribes such as the Nguni and Sotho, [p. p 196, ‘Myths and Legends of SA’ by Penny Miller; p. 63-92, ‘Illustrated History of South Africa,’ Readers Digest.]       

The circle or ‘wheel’ of wagons

While it is believed that 57 wagons formed the laager at the battle of Blood River, the laager that encircles the Voortrekker monument number 64.  Woods explains, “The circle of 64 wagons agrees with the symbol of 64 sunbeams on the floor of the monument.  It accentuates esoterical principles, embodied in the sun wheel, used in the design of the monument.”

In her explanation of the sun wheel that encircles the monument, Wood recites Steve Worrall-Clare’s description of a masonic lodge or temple.  Steve wrote, “A Freemasonry temple is often symbolical of the highest place in the land.  [Such as Monument hill outside Pretoria.]  This represents the cosmic structure and sometimes the religious relationship between god and man…  The [lodge or] temple symbolizes man’s return to the Centrum, to his prehistoric self, to nature and the womb of rebirth.  [Pure New Age dogma!]  The area of the [masonic] temple is divided into 64 squares: the sun wheel or cosmic plan.  In turn this relates to the tradition of freemasonry whereby heaven and earth meet at the doors of the [masonic] temple, [which is also typified by the New Age Rainbow, which links the ‘fatherhood of god’ with the ‘brotherhood of man!’]” 


Woods supplies useful information about the Afrikaner Broederbond, the Dutch Reformed Church and their masonic temple of deception, the Voortrekker Monument.  However, leaning heavily on uncontextual interpretations of Old Testament Scripture, as all scholars of the Kingdom-Now theology do, Woods calls for the “destruction and removal of all such Afrikaner monuments in order to reconcile the country to God.” 

Did it slip the woman’s mind that all other political parties worldwide, (the African National Congress too,) are fanatically committed to Nationalism?  Therefore, they all erected many temples or shrines to political worship, including huge, larger than life, ‘divine’ statues to commemorate the worship of their political “liberators.”  Countries like America were founded on masonic principles by masonic orders right at the beginning of “the New-World.”  America is commonly called the “masonic experiment,” while masonic Christian, Kingdom-Now theologians have been ruling most of the countries in Europe and elsewhere for hundreds of years.  The entire unbelieving world, which Scripture says is “under the [deceptive power or] sway of the evil one,” is infested with occult temples, churches, and monuments, (1 Jn. 5:19.) 

So, if we were to demolish masonic and other occult monuments in South Africa and elsewhere in the world, there would hardly be anything left standing anywhere!  It seems Woods rightfully rejects Calvinism, but fell for the Kingdom-Now teachings of Angus Buchan and the BrotherhoodIn her haste to abolish Afrikaner history and culture, she simply offers their unbiblical Kingdom-Now Theology as solution to the problem of Afrikaner Christian Nationalism — overlooking the African National Council and all other forms of National worship globally.  However, the truth of the Bible is clear on this matter.  No nation will ever, under the New Testament Covenant in Christ, be reconciled to God as a whole, because every person on earth, on hearing the True Gospel of Jesus Christ, has to personally decide whether to be spiritually born again through personal faith in Him, or to remain a mere religionist without Him, (Jn. 1:120-13; 3:3-5.) 


Woods also blames the “failure of the [Dutch Reformed] church to rule South Africa according to God’s ways while dedicating the country to Satan” as the cause of all the crime, violence, chaos, disintegration of family life, lack of ‘church unity’, etc.  God hates a false scale.  If we place “us” on the one side, we must also place “them” on the other side, and vice versa.  Most important, in New Testament context, one cannot apply any of God’s commandments nationally, (Rom. 9:24-26.)  No church could, or can rule any country according to God’s ways, as all churches have their own doctrines and agendas, and they never teach the “entire truth” of God’s Word to their members. 

What’s more, the history of only the last century, and especially since 1994, has proven that, worldwide, false church and other religion, crime, most cruel murder, government and personal immorality and socialist corruption are proliferating on an unprecedented scale.  To blame the so-called ‘inherited sin [scroll down on the WebPage,] of Afrikaners on the dreadful communist decline in this country, is really ridiculous.  The Roman Catholic, masonic origins and doctrines of the Dutch and other Reformed Churches leave little good to say about them.  However, to overlook the extremely strong influences of Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Ancestor Worship etcetera, to focus on Afrikaner evil is just preposterous. 

Besides, God never commanded New Testament believers to pull down physical strongholds, (i.e.: topple governments; rally political campaigns, or break down occult temples, ‘cult’ churches, or masonic and other National monuments,) because Jesus’ true believers live by a completely different Covenant and Gospel than National Old Testament Israel did.  All the physical kingdoms of this world “are in the power of the evil one,” because those who govern them chose to belong to the devil and not to the true God of the Bible, (Mt. 4:8-9; 2 Cor. 10:1-6; Eph. 6:10-13.)  The only commission Jesus gave His believers was to go after every susceptible soul by preaching His true Gospel of light, love, and truth – exposing deception and darkness to pull down spiritual strongholds in the thoughts of people! (Mt. 28:19; Eph. 5:11.) 

Yet, Woods also declares, “It is a fact that no other population group had dedicated South Africa in its entirety to the powers of darkness, entering into a covenant with territorial spirits” like the Afrikaners did.  “No other form of witchcraft, idolatry, and sorcery of this magnitude ever happened before or hereafter in South Africa…” 

Wow!  Did she forget the very violent communist struggle; (child ‘neck-lacing’ or cremation by burning tyre; bombs in the streets, shopping malls and restaurants…) the bloody socialist action that still continues in this country?  The communist instigators behind it all claimed the lives of at least 160 million of their own civilians — not counting the soldiers.  Woods wrongfully believes that these ‘liberators’ were ‘saints!’  And what about an estimated 80,000 (and counting) whites that have been most cruelly murdered since 1994 while the ANC government does nothing about it? 

Yet, Woods continued, “As a nation, [Afrikaners] desperately need a baptism of repentance… which is the responsibility of this generation.  We must realize that the sins of our fathers rest upon us, although we did not necessarily had any say in the matter… [What happened to the truth of New Testament/Covenant Scripture, which declares that the blood of Jesus  fully cleanses, saves, redeems, and blesses all His sincere children who personally believe in and follow Him? (1 Jn. 1:7-10; Gal. 3:10-14.)] We should therefore cancel and renounce the covenants, [physically] remove all the altars, [all Afrikaner monuments and Dutch Reformed Churches, in other words,] and start a new dispensation.” 

Can it be that Woods doesn’t know anything about ancestor-worship and blood sacrifice, as well as the tribal and masonic initiations of well-known politicians in the New South Africa?  Or has she forgotten the true meaning of Mbeki’s ‘African Renaissance’ and Zuma’s most cruel national sacrifice of a live bull to their ancestors, called Ukweshwama

If we must destroy physical temples and national monuments, we must also physically kill false prophets and teachers according to God’s commandment, “There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his [children] pass through the fire… practices witchcraft, a soothsayer, one who interprets omens, a sorcerer, one who conjures spells, a medium or a spiritist or one who calls up [or speak to] the dead…  [These are] an abomination to the Lord…” (Deut. 18:9-14.) Then, me may ask, how can we spare any other false teacher or shaman? 

If we did have God’s permission to physically destroy altars and temples, believers would have to begin by burning every Reformed, Roman Catholic, and Pentecostal church, as well as all the other churches affiliated with them, especially churches with steeples, which signify masonic sun and phallic worship, (Acts 7:48-51.)  Then we must also destroy Hindu, Moslem, and masonic temples; all other national monuments, (all the many monuments that the African National Council erected in South Africa too) - and especially the entire town of Matjiesfontein, which was built, kept, and owned by freemasons!  (Mt. 4:8-10.) 

However, that would be preposterous acts of war against all the peoples of South Africa, which completely nullifies Woods’ discriminative claims against Afrikaners and Afrikaner Monuments and churches! 


                           church tower babylon.png   church tower babylon 2.png      church tower muslim.png     church tower dubai.png    

[Acknowledgement to those who compiled the photos and images in this study]

The Pictures Above are counterparts of the church steeple.  All originated from Ancient Babylon.

1) A depiction of the original tower of phallic and sun worship, the Tower of Babel. 

2) A pagan temple tower. 

3) The ornate towers of an Islamic mosque. 

4) Masonic towers in the ultra modern Muslim Empire, Dubai.