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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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Looking back, it is plain to see that the Afrikaner Broederbond-regime, which evolved from the British monster of ‘segregation’ into the apartheid dragon, was one of the best-camouflaged, communist-masonry-evolutionary-New Age machines of the modern world.  I must again emphasize that the Brotherhood’s apartheid regime did not originate with Afrikaners, as most people believe.  By legally separating people of different races first, the British ensured that Afrikaners, English and people from all other races hated one another.  Yet, behind the scenes, masonic orders, all grounded in Marxism, are not enemies, but satanic friends!  The Global Planners use these secret alliances to stealthily accomplish their goal of One-World union. 

Mason AA Cooper wrote that in 1977, (in the heart of the apartheid era,) “Forty brown and Indian masons, Prince Hall members, were initiated, passed, and raised at De Goede Hoop Lodge in Cape Town and the new Grand Master consecrated them into the Lodges Perseverance and Phoenix during a banquet of 400 people...  Today, they serve in all spheres of the [South African] Brotherhood.” 

“The public recognition and stately inauguration of Prince Hall members came about when Broederbonders Minister Adriaan Vlok, Dr. Piet Koornhof, Dr. Connie Mulder, Barend du Plessis, Eschel Roodie, and General Van den Berg – whose school friend Eddie Conradie was masonic Grand Master – arranged with Dave Levitan, [Jewish] member of Lodge Kaapstad, to invite Prime Minister John Vorster’s wife to be the Matron of a masonic old age home.  Mason Morris Levin, [another communist Jew,] and others were present at the opening, who “urged her to influence the Prime Minister to grant Prince Hall masons membership in South African lodges.”

If non-white Prince Hall masons, Zionist Jews, and the white masonic Broederbond regime were not working together on the Paradigm Shift towards the global communist paradise, why this governmental fuss over an unimportant ‘charity’ organization such as freemasonry? 

In ‘Turning Point, Explaining the Miracle,’ Max du Preez wrote that the Broederbond worked the Paradigm Shits from the old South Africa Union [1910] to the National Party takeover in 1948 – and again from the rule of the Broederbond regime to that of the African National Congress in 1994.  He alleged, “F.W. De Klerk, supported by the Broederbond, the Dutch Reformed Church, and Afrikaans Newspapers, were the vessels through which the Broederbond and the Communist African National Council [the current government of South Africa] achieved The Shift.”

It becomes progressively clear that before 1994, the 25-28 million, multiracial ‘cannon fodder’ of the old South Africa, (secretly called that by the “Global Planners,”) had no idea that they were all just ‘pawns in the game.’ 

Wilkins and Strydom wrote in ‘The Super Afrikaners,’ (Jonathan Ball Publishers, 1978,) “A crucial element of South African political reality has largely escaped detection.  This strange, unique society is not ruled, as is generally believed, by “whites” or “Afrikaners.”  It is not as simple as that.  The dominant force was an ultra-secret organization, the most exclusive and influential underground movement in the Western world.  It was called the Afrikaner Broederbond.  Although it has only 12,000 scrupulously selected members, it plotted and influenced the destiny of all South Africans… The South African Government [under the apartheid regime, was] the Broederbond and the Broederbond is the Government…  Mr. PW Botha, the current Prime Minister, is a member – as were his four predecessors, Dr. DF Malan, Advocate JG Strijdom, Dr. HF Verwoerd and Mr. John Vorster…  From this pinnacle of executive control over South Africa’s affairs, the organizations’ 12,000 members permeated every aspect of the Republic’s life…  When Vorster reshuffled his Cabinet in 1978, the brotherly tradition of power was maintained.  The only newcomer to the Cabinet itself was FW de Klerk who became Minister of Posts and Telegraphs and of Social Welfare and Pensions.  He too is a member of the Broederbond…” 

As such, De Klerk too, is and was also a Christian-Calvinist mason, a New Ager, an Evolutionist and in fact, a true masonic communist.  Broederbonder FW De Klerk was part and parcel of the oppression of that evil regime.  He was also the tool that completed The Global Paradigm Shift to Marxism in South Africa - a feat for which the International Brotherhood rewarded both him and masonic Cabalist/Knight of Malta Mandela the Nobel Peace Prize! 


The part, which Indians, under the lordship of Mahatma Gandhi, played in The South African Shift to outright Marxism, was also significant, as we see in their growing influence not just all over the world, but in the current Parliament of South Africa in particular. 

Well-known cult writer Henry Makow (a.k.a. Timothy Watson Ph.D.) states that “Mahatma Gandhi was and Illuminati agent, who was assassinated because he betrayed the [Indian] cause.”  Conspiracy School, by David Livingstone, presents Gandhi as a Madame-Blavadsky Theosophist who claimed, “The soul of religions is one, but it… aspires to create a One-World religion based on the teachings of [masonic orders…]” 

Dr. John Coleman explained some of the consequences of Britain's “200-year,” (actually 100 year,) rule in India in his book, ‘The Committee of 300.  He wrote, “By the turn of the [19th] century [Britain’s] oligarchic plutocrats’ income from the China opium trade exceeded David Rockefeller’s income by several billion dollars per annum… By 1905, the Chinese government, deeply concerned about the rise in the number of opium addicts in China, tried to get help from the international community.  Britain pretended to cooperate… [At the Fifth Hague Convention,] British delegates… made a very strong case for legalizing the sale of opium… [and] doing away with… the black market… The British had set up a scam whereby Chinese “coolies” [the word refers to rehabilitated or ‘cooled’ opium addicts] were sent to the US as so-called indentured laborers…  [In 1904, the South African Chamber of Mines also imported 64,000 virtual slaves, or indentured Chinese to replace local non-white and white labor in the mines.]  Very few [African Americans] got the manual labor jobs they were used to at that time…  The problem was that there was no market for opium among the them and Lord Inchcape… needed the Chinese to smuggle in thousands of pounds of raw opium into North America, something [African Americans] could not do… Once the railroad was finished, the Chinese did not go back…  [This also happened in South Africa.]  British Committee of 300-member Cecil John Rhodes, who fronted for the [billionaire] Rothschilds in South Africa, followed the Inchcape pattern, bringing thousands of Indian [former drug addicts] to work on the sugar cane plantations in Natal.  [The South African province of Natal was also under British rule at the time.] 

Among them was Mahatma Gandhi[Gandhi was a British-educated lawyer not a poor worker, clearly planted in South Africa to promote Marxism, and to bring this country closer to the One-World Order.] Like the Chinese, Indians were not returned to their country when their contracts expired…  They… became [communist] lawyers [and superrich businessmen] who spearheaded the drive to infiltrate the government on behalf of the [now ruling] African National Congress…”

At the time, the oppression of Britain in India was on a scale that completely dwarfed her crimes in Natal, South Africa.  In fact, globally, Britain’s oppression also outdid the crimes of the apartheid regime a million fold, yet British atrocities were, and are hardly ever mentioned. 

Britain's prosperous colonial rule in the lush and beautiful India explains why she brought incredibly poor Indians, (Mahatma Gandhi and his comrades excluded,) to South Africa in the 19th century.  In a familiar repetition of colonial-communist history, a century of British rule had left millions of Indians disgruntled, so say the least, despite the most wealthy infrastructure, agricultural and industrial progress, which Britain brought to that country.  Based on the Inchcape pattern for American Chinese, poor British-’owned’ Indians could work in South Africa during those early years, subject to their return after two years

Although some Indian workers physically abused by English farmers, (there were very few Afrikaner farmers in Natal,) and remained poor, the vast majority of Indians quickly thrived in the fertile economic climate of the young South Africa.  Most became traders, shopkeepers, doctors, lawyers, and businessmen, while such prosperity scarcely overflowed to any of the indigenous non-white and white populations of South Africa.

By 1894, Britain had already given Indians the vote in Natal.  Moreover, Indians were not forced to return to India according to their contracts, but could choose whether to be re-indentured for two more years, or pay the annual tax of 3 pounds.  Regardless of the choice Indians had, the communist agitator Gandhi and his comrades infuriated them into revolt, because the rich Indians refused to pay the annual tax, and became more and more demanding.

Apart from what the world media would like us to believe, the oppressed masses in South Africa was never the real issue for Gandhi and his comrades.  Under the guise of ‘liberation of the oppressed workers,’ Gandhi’s true communist mission was to claim Indian rule in South Africa for a minority of Indian immigrants.  Readers Digest, [a pro-communist, pro-British publisher,] wrote in ‘Illustrated History of SA,’ “In 1896 Gandhi, firmly established as a political leader, returned to India to launch a crusade on behalf of the [rich] merchants… Whereas in South Africa Gandhi had shown little interest in indentured Indian workers, and, was remarkably ignorant of their plight, in India he tried to use them as a lever to win concessions for the merchants.  In interviews with Indian officials he suggested that the continued availability of ‘coolie’ [drug rehabilitated] labor be made dependent on the scrapping of laws that affected the commercial interests of the elite group…”

Meanwhile India, as all exploited British colonies, became ripe for communist picking.  In 1947 – a year before the Nationalist Party came to power in South Africa, Britain handed India over to communism.  Following the tendency of all socialist ‘democracies,’ post-colonialist India quickly became inconceivably troubled and poor.

While Gandhi ensured that his elite Indian ‘merchants’ live affluently in South Africa, India’s Calcutta became one of the most deprived cities in the world.  True to socialism, British infrastructure and economic progress in India quickly ‘withered away’ through crime and corruption.  Since British colonialism ended, political upheaval, incalculable communist over-population, unemployment, dispossession, and starvation have been ruling the lives of millions upon millions of Indians.  Today, 276 million Indians still live below $1.25 per day.  While the superrich ‘elite’ of India are ‘rising out of their socialist ashes’ under control of the One Word Order, the vast majority of Indians are still digging dirt to eek out some kind of existence in their country. 

Since 1947, despite the constitution that ‘guarantees’ the rights of minority groups such as the Sikhs, discrimination and the burning of shrines, shacks, and shops became commonplace.  Reports of death-squads that execute men, women, and children are ignored both locally and on the international front.  ‘The Rise of a Illiberal Democracy in India— the Sikh Genocide Project,’ wrote, “Murderous Hindu and Muslim gangs of 200 or 300 ransack the houses and shops of Sikh minorities, hacking the occupants to pieces, chopping off the heads of children, raping the women.  As Winnie Mandela and other activists commanded during the South African ‘struggle,’ they tie Sikhs to tyres to set them alight with kerosene, burning down their houses and shops.”  Singh described this all too familiar Communist ‘Paradise’ as follows, “The killing [in India] assumed the proportions of genocide of the Sikhs.  Massive corruption and a disregard for the law have transformed Indian politics…” 


In 1906, anger over British taxes, [not anger over ‘apartheid,’] kindled a communist revolt; instigated by socialist agitators under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi in Natal, South Africa.  Apartheid did not exist at the time.  South Africa was under British rule until 1961. However, in 1906, the British decided that they would not be intimidated by the “natives” of their Crown colony. 

In a strange quirk of underhanded politics, Mahatma Gandhi suddenly sided with the British.  Gandhi was irrepressibly eager to support the war effort in every manner possible and his agitations [turned] in favour of colonial British violence against the Zulus… Though reputedly a pacifist, Ghandi berated the British for not raising an Indian regiment to help fight the Zulus…” 

Gandhi was appointed a sergeant-major, taking an oath to “be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty King Edward” and “faithfully serve in the supernumerary list of the Active Militia Force. [Yet,] Gandhi lied about his participation in the war in his 1920's autobiography. He wrote: ‘I bore no grudge against the Zulus, they had harmed no Indian. I had doubts about the rebellion itself.’ He also claimed, ‘My heart was with the Zulus...’”  [‘Organization for Minorities in India’] 

In 1906, the aggressive masses of Zulu chief Bambatha KaMancinza seriously threatened the lives of many English farmers.  Wikipedia wrote, “...Bambatha, [under the banner of] the South African Communist Alliance, waged ‘a war of liberation’ against the British regime.” 

When the British retaliated by declaring martial law and attacking the furious Zulu masses full force, the midlands of Natal changed into a body-strewn battleground. 

The British so heavy-handedly crushed the Bambatha Rebellion, “it was the last time until the 1960s that Africans resorted to mass armed insurrection.”

Wikipedia reported as follows on the active role of the so-called ‘peaceful’ and ‘passive resistant’ Mahatma Gandhi in this war. “Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who was in South Africa at the time [to instigate the Bambatha revolt,] felt that the Indians in South Africa would do best for themselves to serve the British Empire as a reserve force in the Army against the Zulu uprising.  Gandhi actively encouraged the British to recruit Indians [to fight against Bambatha.]  He argued that Indians should support the war efforts to legitimise their claims to full citizenship…  Gandhi urged the Indian population in South Africa to join the war through his columns in ‘Indian Opinion:’ “If the Government only realised what reserve force is being wasted, they would make use of it and give Indians the opportunity of a thorough training for actual warfare.” 

In 1927, Gandhi referred to his British support of this ‘event’ as "not war but a man hunt.”  Thanks to Ghandhi’s instigation and underhandedness, three thousand Zulus and thirty English soldiers died in this revolt, but all the Indians remained untouched. 

When Chief Bambatha, (an alleged accessory to the murder of several British police officers,) was captured, he was tried by court martial and executed.  Supposedly “convinced of another wide-scale uprising, [and as an extreme war tactic that chased terror into every Zulu soul, so-called ‘civilized,’ ‘gentleman’] British troops hacked off the head of the dead Bambatha in a display of militant power, parading it all over the countryside.”  Needless to say, this barbarous military maneuver quickly dispersed the revolutionists and resolved the forceful uprising. 


                                                                  bambatha's head.png 

[Acknowledgement to those who published the photos and images in this study]

Zulu Chief Bambatha was beheaded by ‘civilized’ British soldiers and displayed as a war-trophy in 1916.  [‘History of South Africa,’ Readers Digest.] 


God hates false scales.  When one places “them” on this side of the scale, one must place “us” on that side of the scale.  Hence, I have placed the atrocities, hidden agenda and masonic/communist origin of the apartheid regime on the scale of truth.  It would be a great injustice not to weigh the real historical and present-day actions of the new South African government as well. 

None of us could choose the color of our skin.  God Himself made each of us as He willed.  We can only choose our own beliefs and actions, not the country, family and nation we were born into.  However, if our own actions, the actions of our people and/or the actions of others seriously affect our family, community and our lives, we must speak out against it.  God warned in Lev. 5:1, “If [one..] hears [about past and present sin that seriously affect us and others] - if one does not tell it, one bears guilt.” 

For a period of 55 years, between 1961, (since independence from Britain,) and 2016, the twin hammers of apartheid and Russian/Jewish (Bolshevik) Marxism have caused a holocaust of continual suffering that affected all South African citizens.  [Read about Britain’s labor exploitation and “The White Reds” in the 1922 Miners’ Strike on the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.]

Considering the length of this holocaust, its fatalities and intensity cannot nearly compare to the British holocaust during the ‘Boer’ War, Hitler’s Jewish holocaust, or any of the other communist holocausts in Russia, Africa, Eastern Europe, China, the Americas, etc., but this was, (and still is) an awful holocaust nonetheless.  Unfortunately, the African National Council government still re-invents and abuses South African history to fuel, inflame and support party politics to control the masses.  God abhors such barefaced witchcraft.  President Jacob Zuma says he is Christian.  Shouldn’t he know that that all disobedience to God’s contextual Truth, the Bible, is witchcraft according to Scripture? Only the real, contextual truth of true historic events can heal the millions that have, and are suffering in various ways under the iron heel of political and religious oppression in this country, calling on total forgiveness, once all war and other atrocities were confessed and repented.