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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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countries as chemical warfare experiments!  After World War Two, Russia and America shared Hitler’s super scientists and extreme scientific advancements — including stealth and space technology!  Now, 72 years later, (in 2017,) we cannot begin to imagine what ‘space technology,’ war, and other experiments they are conducting, and what scientific advancements they are capable of! 

Most hypocritically, historians hope that Vietnam’s agricultural land and tropical forests would take “only” 100 years to recover!  Yet, Agent Orange concentrations in the soil and water are 100% higher than allowed in defoliant herbicidal use. 

Furthermore, communist dictators worldwide murdered and tortured to death 160 million of their own citizens!  Here follow just a few examples.  Chinese dictators: 65 million. Nelson Mandela’s great friend Fidel Castro of Cuba: 30,000.  Martinez of El Salvador: 30,000.  Khomeini of Iran: 20,000.  Mandela’s mentors, Russian dictators such as Lenin and Stalin: over 60 million.  Since the 1800s, eight ‘presidents for life’ murdered, starved, and tortured countless Mexicans.  Hitler: more than 12 million people.  Mussolini: 400,000 Italians and 30,000 Ethiopians.  Idi Amin: 300,000.  Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe: 20,000.  Jonas Savimbi of Angola: 400,000.  Semora Machel of Mozambique, whose wife the great communist ‘hero’ Mandela married, murdered through continuous civil war and deliberate starvation some 7 million of his own citizens. 


Since 1920, controlling Afrikaner Broederbond academics began to break into every area of South African politics, religion, science, agriculture, industry, and education.  (Just as members of the African National Council have been doing before and since their communist takeover in 1994.)  Wilkins and Strydom declared the following in their book ‘The Super Afrikaners,’ “Among these were dr. Nico Diederichs, dr. Piet Meyer, dr. HF Verwoerd, dr. Geoff Cronje, dr. Keyter, dr. Albert Hertzog,  (son of the First Premier of the Union,) dr. TJ Hugo, prof. Diederichs, prof. Cronje, Dutch Reformed minister Joshua Naudé, Henning Klopper, Danie du Plessis, HW van der Merwe, JHP Serfontein, etc.” 

Without the knowledge of ordinary Afrikaner citizens, the despotism of the Afrikaner Broederbond streamed from their Dutch Reformed church (and all other churches affiliated with her) into every sphere of South African life. The masonic government besmeared all Afrikaner Christian universities, colleges, campuses, and schools with Broederbond lecturers and teachers.  They began to control “nearly the entire media, all the organizations that stood for arts, culture, language, and history, [such as the ATKV, FAK, Voortrekker and Rapportryer Movements, etc.,] and more importantly, all state politics and [nearly all] private enterprise.”

The Government, all of them members of The masonic Broederbond and Reformed Afrikaner Churches, (N.G., N.H. and other Calvinist churches affiliated with hem,) adopted Calvinism as State religionEven though they worship(ed) at a strange altar during their masonic meetings, and had/have Mary worship that substitutes the Biblical Holy Spirit, they had the audacity to open Parliament in the Name of Jesus Christ. 

It was this Calvinist/masonic fortress, and not the average brainwashed Afrikaner, which brought forth the apartheid regime.  [See the masonic logo of the Dutch Reformed Church, (scroll down on the WebPage.) Read what the Dutch Reformed and her Calvinist sister churches really teach, and what their church father, John Calvin, did during Protestant inquisitions.]  


In South Africa, after the Rand Revolt of 1922, mining and agriculture were still disintegrating.  The unemployed still sat in startling numbers on the street corners of Johannesburg and other cities.  Even the few families that began to stabilize after Jan Smuts had restored ‘order’ to the mining industry by waging a full-out civil war against striking miners, faced retrenchment and starvation.

Readers Digest reported, “Minister of Labor, [Englishman] Colonel Creswell, ignored the vast majority of non-white jobless.  Politicians assumed that non-whites displaced from the labor market could be absorbed into peasant agriculture with very little hardship…  Cape Town sent a plea to the nation’s jobseekers to keep away from the cities as they had enough workless of their own, and struggling soup kitchens were closed to those living beyond city limits.”

Ordinary citizens of all races had been sorely stomped on by severe poverty.  Conditions were dire.  The different races of South Africa were literally starving together.  A reporter wrote, “In many cases, as many as 30 [white] people are herded together in a three-roomed house.  Children with running sores on faces and hands are a common sight.  [White] people live in absolute misery in hovels – holes into which whole families live with a paraffin stove, mounted on a soapbox.  On heaps of sacks, old clothing and piles of other people’s washing, three or four children are put to sleep…  After midnight is the time to see them – [these whites.]  When the streets are deserted except for the cleaning gangs, they prowl the gutters in search of offal that the very dogs disdain.’

These were the desperate conditions of whites and non-whites in the early 1930’s.  Although history books do not relate this calculated British tragedy in full, from those terrible circumstances, one can believe the stories some survivors told about the living conditions of poor white and non-white people during this time.  Apparently, non-white people were so destitute they sold their babies for a few shillings to anyone who promised to take care of the child! 

People from all races scrambled for whatever work there was to do.  Shoulder to shoulder, South Africa’s Road and Railway workers of all races were digging trenches and breaking rocks in the blistering heat of summer and in the bitter cold of winter – for as little as a shilling (10 cents) a day.  Factory workers sometimes had to walk 50 kilometers to work an eleven-hour shift for as little as 1 pound (R2 ZAR) a week. 


As early as 1878, diamond magnates like Barney Barnato and his brother Harry, (they were crypto Jews, and their real surname was Isaacs,) were raising 1,800 pound a week from the financial carnage they and their brutal accomplices had created in South Africa.  In those days, this was an astounding amount of money that rolled effortlessly into their pockets by sapping the lifeblood of this country’s slaves of all races!  However, acting the stand-up comedian, Barney Barnato “convulsed the crowds,” with the line “Unhappy that I’m black,” which was greeted with a shout of “Then go and wash your face!”  The unscrupulous South African billionaire Barney was mocking the many non-white men, whom he was exploiting vilely at the cost of the thousands upon thousands of unemployed white miners!

Then there were the racist mining magnates; the Cecil John Rhodes dynasty and the South African Jewish dynasties Oppenheimer, Hoggenheimer, Sammy Marks, Alfred Beit, Abe Bailey, and Solly Joel.  Sam Cohen and Michael Miller owned the OK Bazaar Stores, which they started in 1927, while Harry and Somah Herber owned Greatermans, which also opened in 1927.

In ‘Committee of 300’ p. 150-151, Dr. John Coleman wrote the following about these industrial giants who never cared a dime about the starving citizens of the country they came to rape and enslave, “Committee of 300 members Rhodes, Barnato, and Beit instigated and [financially] engineered the [1899-1902 ‘Boer’] war.  Rhodes was the principle agent for the Rothschilds, whose banks were awash in [South African] cash…  Oppenheimer, Joel, Beit, Rhodes, and Barnato dispossessed South Africans of their birthright, the gold, and diamonds that lay beneath their soil.  South Africans received nothing out of the billions of dollars derived from the sale of their gold and diamonds.  The Committee of 300 quickly took full control of all these vast treasures…” 


In 1929, billionaire Brits and Jews, the true capitalists with bloodstained hands, had an even greater reason to smile, as labor had never been this cheap before, and starving laborers had never been this willing to work their fingers to the bone in an effort to stay alive.

Ernest Oppenheimer scared the miners into legal slavery by warning that many diamond mines were on the brink of collapse.  Yet, as bankruptcy set in for smaller businessmen, these and other billionaires came progressively in control of South Africa’s immense economy. 

Although the 1929 Wall Street Stock Exchange Crash, which sparked the Great Depression of the early thirties, was the greatest financial crises of the twentieth century, it did not affect the real heavyweights of the stock exchange, or those who owned the bullions bashed from South African soil.  Still, the Wall Street Crash, combined with the nearly worldwide drought that followed in the thirties, ruined the finances and agriculture industries of almost the entire world.  For decades afterwards, the consequences of these disasters influenced not only world economics, employment, and the social status of individuals, families, communities and countries, but world politics as a whole. 

However, what happened on Black Thursday, 1929, was no coincidence.

Dr. Coleman stated that “Worldwide secret societies [such as freemasonry, the illuminati, and the Committee of 300] are all linked and under the jurisdiction of the ruling Jewish Cabalists, who manipulate the International Monetary System, interest rates, and the price of oil, gold, diamonds…”  Consequently, as planned by the masonic rulers of the world, on Black Thursday, Wall Street stock markets were deliberately crashed as a foretaste of the ultimate money-crash, which has to come, as prophesied in Rev. 18:9-24.  Although Black Thursday was not as devastating to everyone on earth as the final prophesied crash will be, “the merchants of the earth” did indeed “mourn [that day.]  They threw dust on their heads and cried out…” 

A worldwide depression erupted like a massive pyroclastic cloud from an exploding volcano. 

Already unstable economies crumbled and were wiped away in a torrent of poverty that engulfed nearly the entire world, sweeping millions upon millions of people into a sea of financial loss, lack, and social decay.  Worldwide, unemployment and homelessness soared.  Shops and other businesses closed their doors.  While the superrich still lazed around in opulence, famine gripped nearly the entire earth, squeezing the life out of everyone and everything else. 

The financial drop of the early 1930’s was so steep and widespread, it became known as ‘The Great Depression.’  To this day, this global financial crisis is studied as an example of how suddenly and serious global economic recession can bury the world economy under deprivation and hopelessness.  

In 1931, Britain tried to fix the Wall Street Crash by coming off the gold standard.  In essence this means, the amount of gold in the banks of a country did not determine its wealth anymore.  Money could now be made from less valuable or even useless material.  Gold and even silver coins disappeared, but governments could still sell gold at a fluctuating price, which was constantly manipulated by the stock exchange.   In defiance of British rule, the third Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa, General JBM Hertzog, desperately tried to retain the gold standard.  However, masonic opposition leader Jan Smuts fiercely opposed Hertzog and tried to pressure Parliament to comply.  Following another of his clandestine plans, ‘Skelm’ (Sly) Jannie and Tielman Roos, (former leader of the National Party in Transvaal, who returned to politics by joining Smuts’ opposition party,) forced General Hertzog to submit to their decision. 

Grasping at straws, some people prophesied that Smuts’ plan would ‘return the economy to normality.’  They were dreadfully wrong.


The drought of the 1930s eerily coincided with the Great Depression. 

This was not a drought.  This was The Drought. 

Spiritually viewed, it was evident that the ghost rider on the Grey Horse was at a full-out gallop across the globe.  In severity and persistence, this terrible affliction was not much different from the droughts that have been afflicting communist countries in Africa since the 1960’s.  However, in scope and timing, The Drought even affected vast regions of the world such as America, Australia, and the territories in and around Russia. 

Wikipedia reported on famine caused by Marxism,

 “In 1932-33, [communist] confiscations of grain and other food by the Soviet authorities contributed to the famine which affected more than 40 million people, especially in the south of the Don and Kuban areas and in the Ukraine where by various estimates from 5 to 10 million may have starved to death, (the event known as Holodomor…)  The second Soviet famine happened during the [deliberate communist destruction of farms to replace productive agriculture with disastrous socialist non-production or] collectivization in the USSR. Estimates of deaths due to the 1932-1933 famine vary wildly, but are typically given in the millions. About 200,000 Kazakh nomads fled to China, Iran, Mongolia and Afghanistan during the famine. Although famines were taking place in various parts of the USSR in 1932-33, for example in Kazakhstan, parts of Russia and the Volga German Republic, the name Holodomor is specifically applied to the events that took place in territories populated by ethnic Ukrainians.” 

Caused by callously ploughing up millions of acres of natural grassland without replenishing the soil with compost; over-cropping and over-grazing, the bone-dry 150,000 square mile area of The Great Plains in America literally became a ‘dust bowl,’ in which nothing could grow or breathe.  Choking on powder-like dust, 2.5 million people fearfully forsook everything they owned.  Most fled to California and never attempted to return to their sand-buried farms. 


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[Acknowledgement to those who compiled the images in this study

The whole of Africa was also engulfed by the drought.  In South Africa, the Cape Times reported, “Parts of the north-western Cape and the Free State have not seen rain for 5 years!  Marshes and dams turned into deserts of sun-baked clay.  Borehole waterwheels clanked on in vain.  The Free State turned into a barren sandy desert.  It is impossible to plough.  The blade turns over a sliding sandy mass which is blown away and leveled out in the first wind.” 

While city streets suffocated on hopelessness and degradation, frantic farmers left their land and workers, and took their families and herds in search of a livelihood somewhere.  “They roamed the land in their cars, their carts - even on bicycles - which became their homes like the ox wagons of bygone days.  They drove to where their flocks collapsed and their fuel ran out.  Devoid of faith and hope, they sold their vehicles and remaining livestock, the possessions they were carrying, even their shoes and clothing, for whatever they could get.  Penniless and despondent, they quickly became a menace to the other suffering farmers who were holding on.  Like the dust-blown sands of the land itself, some were stranded on the farms of remaining landowners and became “bywoners” – impoverished sub-farmers, while most drifted this way and that, squatting and begging as far as they went.”  - [Readers Digest.]

The better-off white farmers looked down on the destitute ones and treated even white squatters or ‘bywoners’ (white farm workers) with contempt.  One would think such mutual misery would be the Great Leveler of races and societies, but it seems men only become equal at grave-level. 

The clambering citizens of South Africa suffered and died together, and still, the choking grip of The Drought strengthened on them and all around them. 

People lost their sense of survival. 

Farmers started abandoning their dying livestock no one could buy. 

With the stench of decaying carcasses all around them, prime livestock became breathing skeletons that yearned for the mercy of death. 

In the veldt, extinction threatened the former abundance of wildlife. 

Readers Digest wrote, “Animals were in too poor condition to fetch a ready price; sheep stood waiting at abattoirs by the truckload.  Everyone needed a job.  All the women knitted, sewed, and baked for a few extra pennies.  Soil erosion, rinderpest, and locusts all took their toll.”

It is told, in the hope that rumors of some grazing in the Carnarvon district were true; two farmers and their sheep trudged 225 kilometers across the singeing desert.  Only 60 of their 3,000 sheep made it through. A reporter wrote, “At a homestead they asked to water their flock.  In the even voice of those who live in great desolation, the homesteaders explained their water was finished.  All they had left were a few liters for their own needs.  The two farmers went out and stood looking at the heaving flanks of the parched sheep.  One went and with his hunting knife scientifically slit the throats of the sheep before taking his own life.  The other farmer poisoned himself.” 


At last, on 20 September 1933, the downtrodden but hard-hearted people of South Africa turned to the God of the Bible — as far as Calvinism taught them to do.  (Can one believe they waited that long?) Prayer meetings were held across the country and shortly afterwards, newspapers began to report ‘scattered showers’ all over the country.  By November, rivers burst their banks.  People had