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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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When the ‘Masters of the Universe’ called Hitler to “obey their higher call to unify and shape Old Germany” into the New World Order, they implemented the same ‘scientific’ techniques used in Eastern mysticism today.  By labeling their techniques as ‘scientific,’ people readily accept them.  Only a few suspect that these so-called ‘sciences’ have the power to enslave, torture, maim and murder hundreds of millions of people, as seen in communist imperialism, which followed the multi-million massacres of World War 1 and World War 2. 



Matreya in Buddhism means the “perfect christ” or “perfect Buddha” that has carried the “christ consciousness” from one human Buddha to another to complete all the lifecycles of reincarnation to achieve ‘perfect enlightenment’ while still alive one earth.  Allegedly, Jesus was also just another “Buddha” in the chain of “Buddhas” that carried the “christ consciousness” and Hitler was the “matreya.”  “Avatar” in Hinduism means “descent: the incarnation of a god on earth.” 

Hitler was the leader of the ‘hierarchy of the S.S. army - a.k.a. the Masters of Shamballah or the “birthplace of the golden age” when “goodness and peace rule supreme.”  Although it seems as if their mission to ‘usher in the New Age of the Aryan Master Race’ had failed, all of the goals and methods of the Masters of the Universe are still in action.  At this very moment, political and religious powers are still executing these political doctrines, and they are using, in some form or another, Hitler’s blueprint to create the Third Reich or One World Order that ‘would last for a 1,000 years.’

In his book, ‘Peace, Prosperity, and the coming Holocaust’, Dave Hunt calls Hinduism the “embrace that smothers.  Like its counterpart, Buddhism, it kills all other religions by accepting them, embracing them, and incorporating them.  It infiltrates all other belief-structures to eliminate them from within.  Once it has devoured all other religions, it will reveal itself as the universal religion, governed by its antichrist messiah, and the whole world will be in ‘unity consciousness’: one with self, one with the universe, and one with the Master of the Universe, Satan.”  Dave Hunt explained, “Hinduism, (and Buddhism,) these gurus proclaim, is not a religion; it is merely a science!  As a result, Yoga’s Transcendental Meditation is called The Science of Creative Intelligence.  But in reality, all their other teachings like judo and karate are contained in the ‘science of self-realization’ - you merely have to realize you are a god and you can achieve anything!  The Dali Lama openly embraces all other religions while promoting his ‘scientific’ methods to deal with the ills of this planet; declaring the ‘religious tolerance and ecumenism of Hindus worldwide.’ Hindu ‘science’ even accepts Jesus, but turns Him into a ‘Hindu Matreya’ or Avatar.  As Hindu gurus are supposedly promoting ‘science and not religion, they are able to deploy their missionaries globally, yet they do not tolerate other missionaries in their fields.  As far back as the eighties they were pushing for legislation to deem it illegal for Hindus to convert to another faith to protect religious tolerance and Eastern science.  Yet they are flooding the West with their ‘science’ in the form of the Unity School of Christianity, Religious Science, Mind Science, Creation Science, Yoga Science, and so forth.”

The Vatican and most Protestant leaders tolerate and implement these teachings.  (Think of the teachings and visualization-techniques of Yonggi Cho, the father of the modern cell-church system.  Cho was once a blue-blooded Buddhist.  Cho did not lay down the demonic undertones of his former religion when he ‘turned to Christ.’  He still declares he can control his body and his circumstances through his ‘fourth-dimensional thoughts,’ and he can ‘create’ his own miracles through visualization and positive confession.  Through these occultist techniques he ‘created’ the biggest cell-church in Korea.  Christian denominations through the world follow his techniques, and today, even Muslims have ‘cell-churches’ – [‘My Growing Pains As A Visionary Leader,’ Pentecostal Messenger, Aug. 1995, p. 2-5.]  Protestant leaders too, are joining forces with the Vatican and Eastern religions to institute a global religion and a global government.  By embracing all other churches and religions, East and West are furthering Nazism in ever-increasing union – the same Nazism which Hitler called “Positive Christianity: the New Reich Church.” 

Hitler declared, “We are One People, One Reich, One Faith: this is True Christianity!  The New Age of Peace and Prosperity has dawned on us in our thousand-year Reich!”

Swami Svatantrananda said, “Hitler was a mahatma, an avatar, (a Hindu christ,) the visual incarnation of Aryan (god-race) policy.”

Hitler even took his ‘sacred’ swastika from Eastern religion.  It is the emblem of the “Aryan civilization and it signifies prayer for success and perfection in every walk of life under the guidance of the almighty.  Aryan, Tibetan, Sanskrit, Chinese, Japanese, Burmese, Siamese, Sinhalese, Roman, Greek, and Latin scripts all contain this mark.”  The creed of the Gestapo was the following: “We believe in god, in Germany and in the Fuehrer, Adolph Hitler, whom the almighty has sent us…  And god is Brahman, the god of Hinduism.  Brahman is the only living being that exists in the universe…  All other beings…  are only the various forms…  of the living universe.”  Himmler proclaimed, “It has been ordained by the Karma of the Germanic world that Hitler should wage war against the East and save the Germanic peoples – a figure of greatest brilliance has become incarnate in his person.”



Some see it as coincidence, but as Satan is the “god of the world” that shapes the course of its physical history because he deceives people to do his will, (1 Jn. 5:19,) we know for certain that Hitler’s attack on Russia and his ultimate defeat was just another sinister part of “the Masters of the Universe’s” plan to bring the whole world under their control. [The whole world will always be under the Sovereign control of the Most High God.]  

Dave Hunt stated, “The twin of Nazism, Marxism [or National Socialism,] still advances across the earth.”  Marxism tramps with the iron feet of the ravenous Red Bear over earth’s defenseless creatures – humankind, as well as God’s fragile animal and plant life.  It rents apart with bear-like claws, devours with gnashing teeth, and destroys everything that God created so “very good” – especially the true faith of the sincere believing body of Christ - the only faith the evil one will never be able to destroy by the grace of the Only One, True God, the Lord Jesus Christ!

The Lord Jesus Christ Is the Word, The Truth, The Light, The Life.  He cannot be contained, destroyed, incarcerated, or smothered by the world’s religions, because He is Spirit.  He is God.

The Lord Jesus Christ is unconquerable, and His Eternal Spiritual Kingdom is completely unshakable!

While the demons of politics and religion (Revelation chapter 13) are destroying this decaying dimension, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah, will return to earth again.  At His return, He will subject all of earth’s false gods and evil people, and all kings and kingdoms to His almighty reign, (Rev. 11:15.) 

“And we ALL bow down…” sings Lenny LeBlanc on the praise and worship CD ‘Arise’, “kings will surrender their crowns, and worship Jesus – For He is the unfailing love of God!”

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