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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History – Renette Vermeulen

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cannot turn away from the fact that complete chaos is just one of Marxism’s weapons of mass destruction, directed at their own citizens.  Globally, the effect of communist displacement is fast depleting all natural resources and life on earth as ordinary people know it — polluting all water and other resources, and torturing to death all animal (and plant) life. 



Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte ruled France from 1804 to 1814 under a communist regime.  The lawyer Etiénne Cabet then introduced the socialist doctrine (and Marxism as a political religion) to France before and during subsequent revolutions between 1787 to 1830, quite some time before the crypto (hidden) Jew, Carl Marx and his friend Engels wrote the Communist Manifest.  Keeping in mind that powerful, secret agents steer the violent spread of Marxism, it is not so amazing to find that by 1842, Marxism was already an INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT. 

Marxism was molded from the pagan philosophies of Plato and the so-called ‘socialist ideas’ of Roman Catholic monasteries.  Marxism really makes no sense, as their lure to join the communist destruction of the globe, (their so-called ‘sharing the wealth of the world to make all equal’) only makes everyone equally poor — except the tiny minority in control of communist countries, of course; they are all the equally superrich!  Just think clearly for a moment.  If one could ‘share’ all the wealth of the world among the billions of people, no one would have much more than a dime!  However, if one BUILDS (instead of DESTROYING) political stability, infrastructure, industry and agriculture, (among other things,) one secures a growing economy to keep inflation down and prices low, creating enough jobs so all can flourish according to their personal ability and ingenuity — which is true, natural prosperity among all the people of the world!   

Karl Marx, (1818-1883,) the so-called ‘father’ of Marxism and its instrument of destruction, socialism, described socialism as follows, “Socialism is the withering away of the previous State assets that kept the economy healthy…  The point of socialism is to change the world [through complete destruction of State assets and infrastructure to enrich a new minority of capitalists.]”

The aim of Marxism is to ‘change’ the very fiber, the very civilized and orderly inner and outer structures of government and society.  For instance, where law and order ruled, lawlessness and disorder must rule.  Where the country was civil and clean, rudeness and pollution must abound.  Where a tax-paying, hard-working middle class was a bridge between the rich and the poor, ‘classes’ must vanish to be replaced by 1% superrich superiors on top with only destitute masses underneath. 

This means, socialist/communists do not have to generate a new and growing economy or put anything beneficial back into the country by managing taxes efficiently.  They only have to ‘take control’ of every ‘safety net’ of the [previous, very wealthy capitalist] Welfare State in order to deplete and destroy all the effective health, security, unemployment and education services, (the general upkeep of the country and all its other resources,) so that the small, new elite of communist capitalists on top can be in control of the entire economy and all other facets that govern the country, to scrape everything down their own insatiable throats.   



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Photo Above:  Karl Marx was actually Jewish not Russian, and here he gave the unmistakable masonic hand sign of the ‘right hand path’ approach into magic, in this case, the Illuminati,  to show the ‘enlightened ones,’ (the initiates of masonic/occult orders,) that he belonged to their Universal Brotherhood.  

Read all about freemasonry in “The  Origin and Extent of International Masonry” 

There is absolutely no difference between white and black magic

See the signs of Mandela the Cabbalist and his communist comrades. 


True to the insane gibberish of communist agitators like Marx and his friend Friedrich Engels, military communist expansion and it’s destructive workhorse socialism will eventually demolish ALL the stable economies of the world, which were founded on opportunity, ingenuity, education, personal ability, and reward for honest and hard work, to replace it with the chaos of constant civil war, poverty, lawlessness, unaccountability and mayhem [scroll down on the WebPage;] destroying all that is good and truly profitable with global communist despotism, which will bring totalitarian control of a ‘new elite’ in all “new world” countries. 



[From: The Great Soviet Encyclopedia 1979.] 

Socialism is the first stage of ‘The Plan’ to take over and control the entire world; bringing it under the flag of the New World Order, the United Nations.  Socialism is Marxism’s great leveler, which works mostly unhindered in every country in the world.  Socialism is the tool communists use to ‘change’ or destroy the world to ‘create a new world’ where only a few, (most say no more than 1%,)communist capitalists possess the whole world! 

Communists call socialism a ‘scientific doctrine,’ but it does not contain a hint of science.

Socialism is a doctrine, which teaches the exploited masses of the globe that “Violent revolution can create a society where neither commodity production, [the country’s trade, science, technology, industry, agriculture and market economy,] nor classes exist, but where individual access to the Consumption Fund would still be measured by a laborer’s input.”  [“Laborer’s input” does not mean his or her honest and hard work, but his or her mere presence on the job without supervision or accountability.] 

Socialists call the Consumption Fund the ‘Scientific State Fund,’ which ‘equalizes’ society by eradicating everything of the previous government — meaning also the existence of all government safety nets and security for the population.  Someone explained this insane doctrine as follows, “The consumption-fund is a deliberate destruction of market economy, which is supposed to ‘eradicate classes’ based on education, effort, and competition.”  This abolition of the ‘Welfare Fund’ includes the ‘withering away’ of State maintenance on roads, public buildings, parks; electricity, water and sewerage supplies; security, health, welfare, educational systems, etc.  The ordinary citizens of communist countries then have to survive without necessities such as clean drinking water and medical care, and these countries become (as history has proven,) filthy, dilapidated dumps, overpopulated by billions of starving, fleeing, diseased people, pressed together in refugee and squatter camps.  In other words, during the first stage of ‘The Plan,’ socialist workers infuriate every laborer on a designated, but worldwide scale to riot against the existing ‘regime’ to destabilize governments and take control of all countries. 

Then socialism must be vigorously implemented to the conquered country.  Rightfully, socialism teaches that every laborer is supposed to have a job.  However, under socialism, the laborer is not rewarded for the quality or amount of work that the individual provides, but merely for being there – and mostly, for merely being alive and remaining a party member.  Employers have less and less say over the management of their companies until companies close down, massive amounts of jobs are lost, and the whole economy eventually ‘withers away’ and collapses.  In the end, all those billions of destitute citizens are forced to turn to the government’s Consumption Fund.  [I.e., in the new South Africa, the State is currently, (in 2008,) already paying 5 Billion rand per month to Consumption-Fund dependants such as unmarried mothers, which is only some R100 rand for one child for the whole month, which cannot even buy bread for the child.  The effect of this is that unmarried mothers have ten or more children, just to get the ‘social grant’ of R100 for each child — which cannot even feed, house, or clothe herself! 

The old ‘Welfare Fund’ kept places of refuge such as orphanages, old age homes and hospitals in complete running order, but because of mismanagement and theft of state funds, these vital institutions are closing their doors to the destitute and the needy at an alarming rate.  Were it not for the graceful hand of the private sector, (in 2008 and beyond,) more and more orphans, the aged, the mentally handicapped, the physically disabled - all those in dire need of the ‘Welfare Fund,’ would have all been begging on street corners and living on the streets already, as they cannot survive without adequate governmental provision!  Sadly, the private sector is under immense pressure from African National Council laws such as ‘affirmative action’ and ‘black empowerment,’ and will not be able to sustain such handouts for long. 

[In South Africa, the ‘affirmative-action’ and ‘Black Economic Empowerment,’ racist schemes of socialism were supposedly put in place to ‘transfer,’ (through racial discrimination and the incompetence and corrupt workers,) more and more of the previously established state and private sector funds to ‘administrating bodies of citizens,’ and eventually ‘to society in totality.’  In reality, however, none of the poor masses receive adequate help from the billions upon billions, which the ‘administrating bodies’ are squandering on themselves each year.] 

Nonetheless, the Socialist Consumption Fund will always be “stringently” implemented because the real ‘socialist science’ behind this is to reward all, (the deliberately created jobless from all walks of life, all other destitute citizens, and ultimately, all ordinary workers too,) equally, thereby ‘leveling’ classes and society.  Practically, the needy and the swindlers, the lazy and hard workers, the educated and the uneducated are all rewarded equally.  Ultimately, this does away with the middle class and push everyone to the same level of poverty.  As in all other communist countries, the poor will then have to survive on the measly rations of the Socialist Consumption Fund without any ‘safety nets’ to catch the sick when illness strikes, the elderly when frailty overcomes, or the disabled or orphans when calamity rules. 

The measly handouts of the Consumption Fund might sound wonderful to extremely poor people, as they do not consider the dreadful consequences of living without the infrastructures of the Welfare Fund, but when the recipient is a responsible, hard-working, tax-paying citizen trampled into hopeless poverty, it becomes an even greater disgrace.

Still, the aim of communists remains to apply their ‘scientific doctrine,’ socialism, to such a degree that the conquered country, (and eventually all the conquered countries of the whole world,) “withers away from its foundation” - its ‘foundation’ being all ‘safety-net’ infrastructures of previous capitalist regimes.  As a result, all infrastructures disappear into an ever deepening, black hole of poverty, especially designed for the destitute masses.  It is a lying, socialist myth that ‘all are equal,’ under Marxism and that ‘society in totality’ will ‘share in the wealth’ of the previous regime.  Socialism is not a ‘science’ - it is not even logic, but demonic! 



The “Welfare State” or “State Intervention” of capitalist regimes is a framework of government, which was designed for the upkeep and development of suffering societies within a country.  (Welfare means, ‘well-being, interest, benefit, happiness, good and safety.’)  Under the rule of capitalism, the many infrastructures of the Welfare Fund operate effectively as ‘safety nets,’ which care for the basic needs of the population - such as homelessness, unemployment, health, etc.  However, according to communist doctrine, these infrastructures became “a means of control, whereby the State may choose to punish civil disobedience by withholding some of its benefits,” (i.e. no unemployment-fund payments for workers that strike unlawful.)  Therefore, through the constant implementation of socialism, all Welfare Funds must ‘wither away’ through governmental theft and mismanagement of taxes, bribery and general anarchy, to be replaced with the Socialist Consumption Fund.  (Consumption means, use, expenditure, spending, utilization, using up, eating and burning up.’)                               


The ‘withering away’ of the capitalist Welfare Fund connects with the ‘withering away’ of COMMODITY PRODUCTION, i.e. industrial, scientific, and agricultural progress.  This socialist doctrine explains continual governmental pressure through the mobilization of rioting masses [scroll down on the WebPage] to gain control of all industry and public and private institutions, although it actually results in killing the economy and producing great job losses for all.  It is also seen in all other sectors of the economy such as education, and the pressure for more and more ‘land reform’ while 90% of all productive farms are already in socialist hands — yet most of these farms are laying barren, totally dilapidated, and empty!  The truth is that ‘moving the entire economy into socialist hands’ and destroying all agriculture through constant ‘land reform’ was not implemented in all these countries to ‘empower the poor population.’  The extremely violent land reforms and government dispossession of farmers are merely destructive ‘equalizers,’ which ultimately push ordinary citizens into starvation — as proven by the billions that are suffering and dying of hunger in nearly all socialist countries worldwide.  Ultimately, the destructive influence of ‘the withering away of commodity production’ results in the massive displacement of billions of people through genocide, civil war and starvation — and the disruption and destruction of commerce, industry, and agriculture in all these countries. 



Marxism is actually the second stage of ‘The Plan,’ where a communist government has completely socialized the targeted country.  The ideal ‘Communist Paradise’ is a country where the “principle of satisfaction of needs for everyone is applied, independently of any exact measurement of work performed.”  The ‘Communist Paradise’ is the stage where socialism had replaced the infrastructures of capitalism with the ‘consumption fund.’  This ‘paradise’ is a desolate place, where socialism had ensured that ‘everyone is equal’ - or equally poor.  This is to say that salaries are no longer based on education, competition, and ingenuity, but on individual dependence upon the Consumption Fund.  As history had proven in countries like China and Russia, Marxism’s ‘consumption fund’ eventually compensates both the medical doctor and the tea-girl with ‘a bowl of rice’ per day.

When socialism eventually ‘withers away’ the infrastructure and market economy of the whole world, the Communist One World Order, [which is NOT a ‘conspiracy but the New Global Government as stated by Mandela himself in his speech at the United Nations,] will be able to discontinue cash money.  When socialism had effectively withered away all wealth, classes, [except for the 1% - 3% enormously superrich at the top of the Illuminati pyramid,] possessions, security, etc.; ideally, the communist paradise is one where ‘no competition, jealousy, war, or poverty will exist.’

No matter what the citizens of these communist ‘democracies’ do or do not do, all are ‘equal.’  Equally poor and miserable, that is - except for the super-superrich at the top.

The Global Socialism under control of the United Nations, which Mandela called for, is the structure that contains socialism’s ‘New ‘Civilization of the New Age.’  Once a socialized country had become a desolate ‘Paradise on earth,’ it joins the Global Communist World, which already consists of all the dilapidated third world, socialist countries that were derived from prosperous first world, capitalist countries.  When Marxism had taken over the entire world by shoving billions of people into hopeless lawlessness and poverty - contrary to common communist belief - this ‘new world’ of ‘freedom’ will not be without an oppressive government and totalitarian control.

The global communist regime will then reveal its total ‘New World Order’ from all the chaos.

Daniel prophesied in chapter 7:7-8, “…A fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong…  [came from the sea or the political world.]  It had huge iron teeth; it was devouring, breaking to pieces, and trampling the residue with its feet.  [This, no doubt, is socialism or the unicorn under its worldwide rainbow of planetary citizens.]  It was different from all the beasts and it had ten horns…  A little one came up among them, before whom three… were plucked out…  And there, in this horn, were eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking pompous words.”

The dragon’s horns represent ten countries or kingdoms, and one joined them, while three were plucked up – so eight countries remained.  These ‘horns’ may very well be the G-8 (super wealthy) countries, the largest industrialized democracies in the world, which control the entire economy of the world: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.  The rest that support them are, like Japan and Germany, ‘post-communist’ destruction leaders of the United Nations, (China, Arab Emirates, etc.) which are ‘being reborn,’ or ‘rising from the ashes’ of socialist destruction.  Together, they all form the basis of the Worldwide Socialism of the New World Order.  They hold Global economic and military power and control the entire world economy by inaugurating electronic money on a worldwide scale.  However, Daniel prophesied that these eight leading countries will not be the ‘helpers’ and ‘protectors’ of the world, but its annihilators!  John prophesied in Rev. 13:8: “All who dwell on the earth will worship him, whose names have not been written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” all who dwell on the earth will eventually worship the ‘little horn’ with ‘eyes like a man, and a mouth speaking pompous words.’  This man is not one man but a global governmental institution, a political philosophy; and this worldwide controlling one-world government will be (and already is) the personification of the end-time antichrist [against Christ Jesus] spirit.



Marxism is always global terrorism in the guise of “freedom fighting.”  Terrorism is termed as militant acts against civilians and civilian infrastructure as part of a military onslaught against the government of a country.  No matter the legitimate causes of the suffering masses, not one communist country has come into being without infuriating abused people to bring dictators to power.  This is actually one of the great dangers of Marxism: it always uses just causes to justify it’s global, imperialist, military expansion, but it cannot hide it’s evil heart.  Whether in its initial onslaught or during its ‘presidents of life’ rule, worldwide Marxism is always typified by blood-drunk, raping, murdering and torturing machine-gun renegades and other criminals; brain-washed child soldiers; the burnt bodies of innocent bystanders; repulsive murderous mobs; military police and indiscriminate land mines and other bombs.  (It is believed that mobs of so-called ‘soldiers’ have raped and mutilated 80% of women in communist countries across the globe — not mentioning the