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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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to flee before rising floodwater and dams spectacularly overflowed. 

The people rejoiced!  God had overruled the destroyer!  South Africans had a new lease on life.  However, five years later in the cities, at least 25,000 men were still on “poor relief” or on government subsidized work.  Some 45,000 men registered at the Labor Bureau, but only 500 got jobs – not counting the unskilled workers of all races.  The Nationalized Railway system took thousands of impoverished people into the government’s ‘uplifting-scheme.’   Sadly, this was really “too little too late.”  Poverty and unemployment kept abounding in South Africa.  It seemed as if the pain of hunger and the hopelessness of unemployment would never abate again. 


In the old Transvaal, The Drought almost culled the once abundant herds of cattle.  The drought had forced ranchers to turn immense areas of grazing land over to maize production.  In the Orange Free State, impoverished farmers were also unable to replace their flocks of sheep and had to change to agriculture.  A lasting consequence of all this was that the farming industry in South Africa would never be the same again.  Farmers had lost and estimated ten million sheep – not counting the loss of other livestock. 

Now that God had sent rain again, many farmers started from scratch, just as they did after Britain’s devastating war on South Africa at the turn of the century.

As in times gone by, when people from the Cape colony settled in the two Afrikaner Republics, their non-white and now their white ‘bywoner’ laborers too, became part of the farmer’s extended family.  Farmers were able to be merciful again, now that they have received mercy from above.  South Africa’s Yesterdays wrote, “Often, the servants would join the farmer and his family at tea time to talk over the day’s problems, how the work had gone; what new stock and seeds to buy.  On Sundays, the farmer would make sure they all attend church.  He took the same paternal interest in their children.  On many farms, schools were built and teachers imported.  [Just as today.]” 

The average income of a farmer was about 300 pound a year.  However, bywoners and non-white farm workers still lived on the brink of starvation, earning only about 25 pounds a year.  To be fair, one must realize that the latter had nothing to begin with.  As all poor people, they were just carting along on a hand-to-mouth existence. 

At least now, people in rural areas were able to live again!  South Africans of all races had suffered together; despaired together, prayed together, hoped together - and received God’s mercy together.  Once more, they faced the future together.  They had not a single thought of ‘apartheid,’ ‘separate development,’ or ‘segregation.’  It seemed, after all, that God was turning into good everything that Satan had meant for bad.  South Africans had been leveled to a great degree, and found common ground in their faith in God.

If the Masonic Brotherhood and their master the destroyer meant to drive them apart through suffering, they certainly did not succeed.  However, South Africans should have known that it would not be long before Satan would attack again.  Their newfound unity in God was not quite what the Brotherhood had in mind, as for them, (the Brotherhood,) union had to centre on ‘the fatherhood of [their masonic] god and the [false] brotherhood of man.’ 


Another baptism in fire and blood for the ‘chosen,’ New Testament ‘Israel’ of God

In the thirties and forties, after the God-sent rains had softened the parched earth and the hardened hearts of many South Africans, another chaotic stage of ‘The [communist] Plan’ for South Africa was carried out through the numerous underground movements active in this country. 

At the forefront of this communist drive was former Boer General Smuts of the Union of South Africa under Britain's command, who cold-bloodedly declared, “[Again] our people must be baptized with a baptism of fire and blood before we can take our place among the [united] nations of the world.  We would either be annihilated completely, or fight our way to the top.” 

Of course, Smuts was not referring to his own fire-and-blood baptism, or annihilation.  He delivered this murderous prophetic message to unwary South Africans in pure masonic lingo and in his flamboyant masonic style.  Smuts was callously telling his citizens what the International Brotherhood still had in store for them in the near future.  ‘Sly Jannie’ was referring to the masonic slogan “Ordö AB Chao,” or “communist One World Order from willfully created communist chaos.”  Through continual media propaganda and a great ‘poverty-relief’ push from the government, the Afrikaner Broederbond brought their people to realize that “the time had now come that the Afrikaner nation must rise from the ashes.”  They did not tell them that their economic lift would only be temporal.  What the ordinary Afrikaner could not suspect was that actually, the time had now come for the Afrikaner Brotherhood to take control of all Afrikaner minds. They were broken and punch-drunk.  War and poverty had flattened them to the floor.  All they had left, was their faith in God.  It was exactly their need for God, then, which the Brotherhood would exploit. 

The New Testament dispensation, the blood-covenant of the Lord Jesus Christ, is a uniquely personal Gospel, where every individual person on this planet has to decide whether to reject or accept Jesus as personal Lord and Savior, (Jn. 3:16; 1:12-13, Titus 2:11-14.)  In spite of this wonderful fact, the Broederbond took their ungodly Social Gospel, the Kingdom Now Theology of the Calvinist, masonic, Mary worshipping Dutch Reformed Church, and applied it to the ‘Christian’ Afrikaner nation as a whole. 

In effect, the Broederbond was stating, Whatever their state of sin and the depth of their evil deeds, “Christ died only for the predestined, divinely elected and saved Afrikaner nation.  Therefore, the Afrikaner nation is the elect of Christ and has a mandate from God to rule South Africa as a Christian country.”

In fact, the masonic, Mary worshipping Calvinist notion of a ‘sacred,’ ‘chosen’ nation began with early Trekker leaders who were all members of this church.  They saw Afrikaners, as Calvinists still do, as part of, or just as ‘holy’ and ‘chosen’ as Old Testament Israel of the Bible.  Hence, the old Trekker leaders, just as this “new breed” of Broederbonders, claimed God’s Old Testament promises, which He made to the nation of Israel under the Old Covenant, to their followers to brainwash the nearly the entire Afrikaner nation. 

During the suffering of the Boer War, two World Wars, the civil wars that accompanied them, and The Drought that came to suck the life out of them, much of these Dutch Reformed dogmas had died down.  Now, the Broederbond began to revive the “fact” that Afrikaners are actually “the predestined, New Testament Israel God; the nation chosen above all nations,” which have to rule over all other peoples.  [Read the article, ‘Lost Tribe of Israel – fact, or fiction?]  


National patriotism is part of every person on earth.  Hence, ordinary patriotism is definitely not bad – except when it is part of a dangerous hidden agenda, which turns real history into religion and folk heroes into christs and gods!  Nevertheless, this is a world-wide control tactic and not unique to the Afrikaner Broederbond.  The goal is to continually infuriate the masses to place and keep bad governments in power — just as we are still experiencing in the new South Africa with the African National Congress’ fanatical focus on ‘apartheid suffering’ and their ‘salvation’ through communist gods and christs, such as Nelson Mandela.     

Average Afrikaners knew nothing about the hidden agenda of their political/religious leaders, and what really lurked behind their teachings.  Most Afrikaners and other citizens of South Africa still know nothing about masonic orders and the great deceptions contained in John Calvin’s Dutch Reformed teachings, which govern their lives from the cradle to the grave. 

Calvinism, as its mother the Roman Catholic Church, was nothing more than a State Institution in each country where it ruled; used by unscrupulous politicians to control the minds of nations. 

The tool of all, not just Afrikaner masonic leaders, is always this social gospel, (or actually, the communist gospel of national worship,) combined with a remarkably strong awareness of culture, history, national heroism, and tradition — just as we see in the African National Congress  government of South Africa.  And so, in the hands of the Afrikaner Broederbond, Calvinist Afrikaner history became not ordinary but ‘holy’ and ‘divine.’ 

The emerging apartheid regime called their ‘holy’ history, backed by their holy’ Dutch Reformed Church, Afrikaner Nationalism.”  [Note the comparison of the African National Congress and all other political parties that  stand on “nationalism.”  They are still unified by communist activists such as masonic Desmond Tutu, Knight of Malta, who preached the social gospel of Comrade Jesus from pulpits during the ‘Struggle’ for South Africa.] The Broederbond applied this deadly concoction of religious politics to the nation by the bucket full, focusing on the so-called unbreakable ‘holy oath,’ which the unofficial Dutch Reformed minister Sarel Celliers made at the battle of Blood River. 

Loosely translated from Afrikaans, Denise Woods wrote in ‘Reap the whirlwind of National Worship,’ p. 281, ‘There is no record of the original oath, which Voortrekkers made with God before they defeated the armies of [the Zulu king] Dingaan at the Battle of Blood River, (16 December 1838.)  According to tradition Sarel Celliers wrote the oath — [Afrikaners were literate people and not into oral history.  The treaty was drawn up by Retief’s secretary, J.G. Bantjies and is therefore recorded history.   It was “recovered undamaged from Retief’s leather purse, as later verified by a member of the ‘victory commando, E.F. Potgieter.”]  Political significance of the oath escalated after 1880, when Afrikaners mobilized against British annexation [and Britain’s first ‘Boer’ War on] the Republic of Transvaal…  Increasingly, the oath was associated with the Afrikaner’s search for sovereignty and independence from British Imperialism…”   

The allegation that the written oath did not really exist, remains unproven.  Instead, it is recorded history that the Battle of Blood River did occur just as Afrikaners recorded it after that day at the Ncome River in Natal, South Africa.  Sadly, this oath was abused by the Afrikaner Broederbond in their quest to keep this country under the lordship of the Dutch Reformed Church and their secret socialist rule.  [All masonic orders are at heart racists, communists, and evolutionists.] 

Yet, Afrikaner masonic affiliations cannot pierce the integrity and sincerity of the average Afrikaner, or the dire conditions under which the oath was made.  In His great mercy, God answered Sarel Celliers’ petition to help and protect them against the overwhelming armies that threatened their lives that day.  To most God-fearing Afrikaners, this miracle will always remain a sign that God had providentially planted them in South Africa to carry forth the truth of His Biblical Gospel, (which they sadly understood as the teachings of the masonic Dutch Reformed Church,) where He will always protect them, and provide for them, (Mt. 28:19-20.) 

The “Holy” Blood River Oath keeps Afrikaners in Political Worship 

The false belief that God gave Dutch Reformed Calvinists a ‘divine mandate’ to subject all the other peoples of South Africa to their despotic rule, is totally unacceptable. However, this type of Kingdom-Now dogma was not ingrained in Afrikaner Consciousness only.  Worldwide, political parties and governments have been, and are still applying this ‘divine, predestined, chosen’ dogma in various ways.  As a result, the worship of political ‘elitists’ are still being used by the masonic African National Congress to grow their Nationalism through their obsessive focus on ‘Youth Day,’ the incarceration of Mandela, etcetera, to keep them in power in South Africa. 

As a Scripturally born again believer in Christ, I reject Sarel Celliers’ Kingdom Now oath as binding over me and my descendants, while I deeply respect my national identity.  On a physical level, we still have to live as the person, whom Jesus created us to be.  However, on a spiritual level, God calls His real disciples to minister His, and all other truth to all people.  Political worship and twisted State devotion are great sins, while Godly loyalty to our own nation remains part of every person on earth.  Surely, it can never please the all-just God that we betray our own people because they are imperfect, simply to embrace the false political christs of other populations?  God hates a false scale, but spiritually, under the New Testament Covenant in Christ, God is more interested in the salvation of souls through the preaching of His True Gospel to every person on earth, who would personally and sincerely accept Him as Lord, God, Savior, Redeemer, and Blessor.  While this spiritual position of personally born again believers does not nullify our national character here on earth, it means we have to live as His spiritual nation, where, in Christ, “there is neither Jew nor Gentile, slave nor free, nor male and female…”  (Gal. 3:28.) 

While many twisted Afrikaners, as well as political parties such as the African National [or political worship] Congress, are attempting to alienate Afrikaners from their culture, history, language, and country, I believe it is good to remember what God has done for Afrikaners throughout history.  I do not say this because political worship of any kind is okay, or because I believe that all Afrikaner generations must keep the Oath of Blood River, but because every nation has the right before God and man to keep their God-given history and identity. 


Globally, the International Masonic Brotherhood uses one formidable strategy to bring a particular people into National Union: a political obsession with the suffering of a nation and their liberation through certain liberators.  Thus, the Afrikaner Broederbond achieved unbelievable Nationalist union in 1938 by calling all Afrikaners to join the symbolic Ox-wagon trek from Cape Town to Pretoria.  This trek was not evil in itself.  It served the purpose of memorializing the brave heroes of the Voortrekker ox-wagon trek, which began in 1836, to shake off Britain’s crushing Imperial yoke.  It is historical fact that the Trekkers daringly wrested their way over the dangerous Drakensberg Mountains, (Mountains of the Dragon,) to settle in the interior of South Africa, bringing the two Republics of the Old Transvaal (the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek) and the Free State into existence. 


                       ox wagon over mountains.jpg                          

 [Acknowledgement to those who compiled the images in this study]


With the arrival of the ox wagons from Cape Town in 1938, a ‘holy’ atmosphere encapsulated the Voortrekker Monument on that hill in Pretoria.  Thousands of patriots enthusiastically welcomed the wagons with traditional dances, religious ceremonies, and passionate political speeches.  Subliminally, this led Afrikaners to believe that God lives in that Voortrekker shrine, just as they still believe, He lives in their Dutch-Reformed Church as the ‘house of God.’  But the True God of the Bible “does not live in temples made by human hands.” He only indwells the personally and sincerely born again ‘hearts’ of true believers in Christ, (Acts 7:47-50; Jn. 1:12-13; 3:3-5.) 

During the opening ceremony, members of the Afrikaner youth movement, the Voortrekkers, carried their flickering torches high in trained military fashion. Supposedly, these torches symbolized the Western culture and ingenuity, which the Trekkers brought to the two Republics of South Africa - and undoubtedly, these torches also symbolized the so-called ‘light’ of their clandestine masonic, Calvinist religion.   

[This statement does not judge the hearts of individual Afrikaners or Afrikaners as a whole.  Many Afrikaners, although they were (and still are) entrapped in the unscriptural doctrines and sacraments of Dutch Reformed Church religion, sincerely and personally believe(d) in the God of the Bible.] 

Under the thundering voices of thousands of people singing the national anthem, women in traditional dress carried the flags of the old Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek and the Orange Free State. 

Immense Afrikaner patriotism filled the proud, nationalist hearts of all those present.

Mostly unknowingly, their love for God and fatherland had merged into one. 

Once again, they were willing to lay down their lives for their beloved country.  

Most were blissfully unaware of the fact that a new but dangerous era had dawned upon this beautiful, bountiful country called ‘South Africa.’ 

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