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WITHOUT EVER MINIMIZING THE APPALLING SIN OF APARTHEID AND THE MASONIC SPIRIT behind it, one must ask, Has Denise Woods familiarized herself with the shamans of imperialist Islam [scroll down on the Webpage] and the meaning of their many mosques all across the globe?  Just as in the false predestination doctrine of Calvinism, according to Surah 9:21, Muslims cannot choose their destiny in any way, because if they could, there would be two ‘creators:’ man and Allah!  Predestining Allah, (the god from which both good and bad flows) decides; humans cannot decide.  Allah chooses even their works; good and evil, as Surah 9:21 decrees, “Allah fixed the portion of adultery…”  (In contrast, the God of the Bible is the Mono or One God!  In Him there is no darkness; He Himself Is Light and Truth.

What Woods apparently does not know, is that the entire African continent, not just South Africa, was dedicated to ancestor spirits.  The 311 page coffee table book, “Myths & Legends of Southern Africa” by Penny Miller vividly describes how complexly ingrained ancestor worship is in every aspect of culture.  There is not a single portion of this continent that was not dedicated to ancestor spirits, and which is not ruled by either ‘good’ or evil spirits. 

Globally, in Satanism among all races, occult “medicine” is comprised of various substances, and for this purpose, ritual murder is committed for the sake of power, victory in war, healing, prosperity, etc.  Knowing or unknowingly, people dabbling in the occult drink blood (vampirism) and some eat human flesh (cannibalism;) mostly soaked and stirred in potions to give them “power.” 

Penny Miller wrote, “Ritual murder was common as certain parts of the human body were necessary for the completion of spells and cures.  Many body parts were consumed for their properties which, it is thought, were transferred to the person.  Thus, brains would be given to those who wished to be cunning, or heart for greater courage… There are [strong] evidence that ritual murders still take place…” [p. 162.] 

The early Malayan people of the Cape mingled with Africans, Indians, Chinese, Arabs and Europeans – incorporating the deities, occult rituals and beliefs of these people into their view of Islam, Catholicism and Calvinism; evoking these spirits all across the Cape, and carrying them into the interior of South Africa [during the Great Trek inland.]  (1 Cor. 6:16-20.)

Speaking of Denise Wood’s “country dedicated to Satan,” which is, Biblically, already under his rule, as he is ‘god of [all the people in] this whole [deceived] world.’  What about the cave-like temples of the Bushmen, and their demonic, galloping gods, (embodied by wildlife such as rhino and antelope,) as depicted in their ‘rock-art’ drawings? 

When Africa tribes violently colonized South Africa from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Angola, they carried their gods of war to this country.  Praise God, the Lord Jesus Christ, for He has saved millions of Africans since!  Nevertheless, prayers to the dead, (‘the new gods, who pray to the gods of old,’) continue on a national scale and are, according to Biblical truth, prayers to, and fellowship with demons not ‘human spirits,’ (Deut. 18:10-13.)   

What about Modjadji, the rain-goddess? The land of Modjadji is known as LoBedu – the land of sacrificial offering.  [Formerly the picturesque Northern Transvaal in South Africa.] Of course ancestor worshippers deny that they torture animals and even humans and drink blood, but what about President Zuma’s public, most cruel sacrifice of a bull in a sports arena?  To appease the ancestor gods and ‘assure’ their ‘blessing,’ this country was made into a land of national blood sacrifice.  Candice Bailey wrote in ‘Muti  Killings is a Way of Life in Rural Areas, “One in five people in South Africa's rural areas has had first-hand experience of a human body part being trafficked after a muti killing ..”

Then there is the mythological beast Koteign Koorou – master of the water, a mighty territorial demon that guards the rivers and lakes, which shamans dedicated to him… 

And so the dedication to territorial spirits continues to this day.   


In 1822, the colonizing Zulu armies of the mighty, power-crazy Shaka plundered the many different African tribes in the fertile valleys of the Caledon River, dispersing especially the fleeing Sotho tribes further inland.  [The Zulus arrived in South Africa during the 19th century, not before then.] Pursuing the Sotho relentlessly, trained military regiments nearly annihilated the Sotho tribes during that time.  Eventually, only the Sotho tribes of Mantatise and Moshesh remained.   

As a result, thousands of starving Sothos barricaded themselves in strongholds in the Yoalobohola Mountains near Ficksburg and Thabo Bosiho in Lesotho, while remaining people fled to the Maluti Mountains. 

In their fierce struggle for survival, the desperate, starving Sotho tribes resorted to mass cannibalism. 

Eugene Casalis, one of the first missionaries in Lesotho and especially the daily journal of Thomas Arbousset, give a detailed account of the tragedy that happened there in the early 19th century.

The fatality-numbers and actual circumstances described in “The Hungry French Missionary  
Narratives” are now disputed and hotly debated by politically correct ‘history’ writers.  However, Arbousset was a literate missionary, who gave a good eye-witness account of what happened there.  He recorded that Sotho cannibals devoured 288,000 — 300,000 people during that time. 

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