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Journalist and writer Andrew Kenny continues, “To understand this period [prior to the 1994 election in S.A,] it is essential to read "People's War" by Anthea Jeffery, who describes in detail the purpose and strategy of this war that bought the ANC to power. The people’s war was about gaining exclusive power for the African National Council and its allies, which meant smashing all other non-white groups such as the PAC and Azapo, and using violence and terror to gain hegemony…  [Just as now, in 2016/17.]  In the townships, young thugs used beatings and torture to enforce consumer boycotts, burnt down the houses of local councillors and police officers, [as well as all government buildings such as schools and the thousands of houses that the Government built for them,] and necklaced suspected collaborators. “Liberation before education” stunted [more than one] generation of non-white schoolchildren.  They became “ungovernable”.  To add to the terror, there were bombings of civilian targets inside the townships such as shops and restaurants.  The aim was to show that the government of the day was incapable of protecting its citizens.  “It has been said: “The ANC’s goal was not to end apartheid but to stop anybody else ending apartheid.”  The Real aim of the ‘struggle’ was not so much the liberation of the oppressed masses.  It was deliberate same-race on same-race violence from the so-called illustrious ‘third power,’ which had to secure victory for the ANC.” 

Prior to the 1994 election, horrendous infighting erupted amongst the tribes to crown their own party as the new government of South Africa.  In-fighters between Zulu chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi’s Inkatha Freedom Party (the IFP) and the African National Congress (the ANC) set alight the houses of their enemies.  The Zulus attacked ANC bases and the homes of their leaders.  The ANC murdered numerous Zulus, while incinerating ‘collaborators’ in burning kerosene tyresThe South African apartheid Government kept on stating that a “third power” was at work in South Africa, instigating unnecessary violence against the State, and amongst different tribes.  Yet, the ANC and the IFP both blamed the regime for instigating terror between tribes.  The media also blamed the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) for tribal infighting and even for African National Congress terrorist attacks, [they did launch a few floppy attacks of their own,] as this organisation was perceived as the great ‘enemy of democracy’ – which, in communist language, means that no greater adversary exists.  Let the AWB get what’s due to it, but the non-white on non-white violence in South Africa during the struggle, (which continues to this day,) had nothing to do with the AWB. 

Business Day, Wednesday 30 March 1994 reported, “Buthelezi threatens to fight as TEC agrees on a state of emergency, Inkatha Freedom Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi yesterday vowed to fight the ANC "to the finish" unless the elections were postponed – as the Transitional Executive Council recommended emergency measures in KwaZulu/Natal.  A state of emergency encompassing the whole of Natal and KwaZulu would be proclaimed by the President within the next few days, the TEC agreed.  The declaration, accompanied by the incremental deployment of SANDF troops, was intended to halt the escalation of violence in the region and to ensure free and fair elections...” 

Business Day, Tuesday 29 March 1994, Mayhem as Zulus march in Jo'burg.  More than 30 people were killed and hundreds injured in battles in the Johannesburg area yesterday as tens of thousands of Zulus converged on the city centre to demonstrate their support for King Goodwill Zwelithini.  Eight Zulu marchers were killed outside the ANC’s headquarters in Plein Street when security guards fired into the crowd after snipers fired on the building.  [Then,] gunfire sent a huge crowd at the Library Gardens scattering for cover. When the commotion subsided at least five people lay dead.” 

Sowetan, Monday 29, March 1994, “The KwaZulu-Natal region remained a tinder box over the weekend — despite several high-profile peace initiatives.  In one incident, the home of ANC regional premier candidate Jacob Zuma [now president of South Africa] was torched by a mob on Saturday night in Nxamalala in Northern Natal.  Anti-ANC pamphlets, accusing the organisation of colluding with the government (describe as “the Boers”] to overthrow Zulu King Goodwill Zwelinthini, were strewn in the area.  Zulus were also urged not to vote in the April 27 elections.” 

However, today, with tribal infighting continuing in all its destructive glory, it is clear that the ‘third power’ was none other than the African National Congress itself.  While ANC agitators were inciting the burning of the country and its peoples, and forcing ‘liberation before education,’ thus holding back and impoverishing millions of their own people just to rise to power, they were scooping the majority rule with all the incalculable wealth of S.A. into their own overfilled bowls! 


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                      Wikipedia Encyclopedia reported on the brutal course of the Struggle that “The South African Communist Party had to build a mass party based chiefly upon the toiling masses…”


The crux of the ‘South African struggle’ was not really about the desperate need of the masses, but about Worldwide Communist greed and totalitarian control, satisfied only by “constant revolution globally.”  Socialist-Communist greed always focuses on constant revolution, civil war, continual genocide and ethnic cleansing to advance the immense wealth of the 1%-3% at the top.


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Photos above: Riots and revolution in nearly all other countries worldwide, which prove the real goal of socialist Marxism: Constant Revolution Globally! 



I am not suggesting that police and Defence Force members did not transgress the law.  Inexcusably as it was, many of them did, just as in every other country across the globe and in the new South Africa as well.  However, the truth of Youth Day is that communist agitators were trying to make the whole country ungovernable by national civil disobedience, extreme violence, and machine gun attacks and bombings from without and within the country.  The result was a State of Emergency [not martial law] that restricted movement and warranted constant policing, which could have turned the unrestrained riots of millions into countrywide massacres if police and SANDF forces were not commanded to exert extreme self-control and caution.  

This was also the backdrop to what happened in Soweto on June 16, 1976, and here, contrary to wild allegations, which are now smothering all truth, follows the documented account of what really happened there. 

South African History Online reported, “[That apartheid-insane] Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd’s
“Bantu education” did provide more education for more non-white people than ever before.  But [I say
it was of lower standard than the whites’ and] the facilities were soon overcrowded... [As still proven today, no government can keep up with the immense population explosions among the majority of people in a country.]  In 1972, the government heeded business calls for a better-trained workforce and built 40 new schools in Soweto. Over the next four years, the numbers of pupils attending high school in Soweto tripled and 257,505 pupils enrolled in 1976 to the former standard six… [Grade 8.  However, simultaneously as disastrous] State plan for non-white pupils to be taught key subjects in Afrikaans began in 1974 and took effect in 1976.  Pupils and teachers objected to having to learn and teach in "the language of the oppressor".  Pupils at the Orlando West Junior School went on strike in April 1976.  An action committee [planned] a mass protest for June 16. The committee ...[was] part of the [global socialist] Black Consciousness Movement.”

On June 16, 1976, 1,500 police blocked the [riotous] movement of [at least] 20,000 pupils towards the Orlando Stadium.  In a confrontation near Orlando High School, 13-year-old Hector Pieterson was killed… For the entire [month of] June 1976 the death toll was 176, with 23 deaths that first day.” 

From there, nearly all the townships followed suit.  Riots spiralled nearly out of control.  Infuriated masses brutally murdered, incinerated and stoned innocent civilians and police officers of all races; especially non-white police officers and Defense Force members and their families, who had to live and do their duty in the townships.  As said, women and schoolchildren were at the forefront of these most aggressive riots, which quickly turned into death-threatening uproars, and usually escalated into mob-murder


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Wikipedia Encyclopedia reported, “Youth Day on 16 June, (with the government shooting of 23 people,) commemorates the start of the extremely violent and bloody Soweto riots in 1976… [which quickly spread to the rest of the townships.]  The iconic picture of the 13 year-old Hector Peterson being carried by an 18 year-old school boy, [when the uprising severely endangered the lives of the vastly outnumbered police officers,] brought home to many people within and outside South Africa the brutalities of the apartheid regime, [while the homicidal brutality of the unrelenting protests were globally propagated as the pinnacle of freedom and democracy.]” 

Viewed against the dangerous, rising anarchy in South Africa, it is ridiculous to think that this completely unacceptable incident on 16 June 1976 was the dreadful “outcome of a peaceful march of 20,000 innocent school children, orderly and politely refusing to be taught in Afrikaans.”  The focus of the media has always been on the catastrophic outcome of this riot instead of on the whole picture.  Unacceptable as the cause as well as the progress of events that led to this shooting had been, communist propaganda maximized the outcome tremendously.  We must remember that most of those 46-year protests escalated into extremely fierce clashes with law enforcing officers. 

Protests during this time had the reputation of being the most unrestrained in the world.  In spite of bias propaganda worldwide, the self-control exerted by police officers during those 46 years of riots is historical fact.  It is therefore completely illogical to believe that police would use sharp point ammunition on “innocent” schoolchildren and “youths,” some of whom could have been as old as thirty years of age.  [Watch this video to see what the ‘youth,’ 22 years after apartheid in 2016, still stand for in the anarchist African National Council’s ‘youth league’.] 

The media did not say what the crowds really did to trigger the police’s use of sharp point ammunition.  Usually, police officers were armed with stun guns and batons, teargas and standard riot control weapons, why would they use such deadly force without extreme endangerment to their own safety?  Today (in 2016/17,) the much-publicized photos of the ‘massacres’ still show war-torn children and masses of fleeing people in the smoke of burnt and bullet-riddled townships, assaulted by armed police and patrolled by Casspirs, (mine-resistant, ambush protected police vehicles.)  Without the context of what really happened, this gives the impression that the Police and Defense Force attacked innocent civilians and demolished the townships at the sight of every peaceful protest.  However, anyone who was living in South Africa at the time, especially those who were blocked-in by these uproars, will also remember the daily media footage of overwhelming masses of vicious people, young and old — men, women and children raging in their own choking smoke as they barricaded roads and burnt everything in sight while advancing on vastly outnumbered policemen, and later, on Defense Force members as well. 

It is always very sad that children should be part of the fatalities in a grown-up war.  It is also very sad, as seen in the terrible pictures below, that the ANC and its global propaganda machine did not distribute any pictures of the incinerated corpses of child “informers,” “collaborators,” and police officers on and off duty, who were literally torn to pieces by rioters.  The press also neglected to publish photos of the many charred and petrol bombed corpses of civilians of all races, which insurgents and the masses left behind in their ‘people’s war.’  Yet, the photos of these victimized children, youths, their parents, and innocent bystanders should have been published globally to alert the whole world to the cruelty of communist enraged crowds in all countries. 


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Children Committing Such Unthinkable Mob Murder? 


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[Acknowledgement to those who compiled the photos and images in this study]

Pictures Above:  A forgotten tyre-necklaced body somewhere in a field — the grizzly legacy of the ANC, and in particular, of one of Mandela’s wives, Winnie Mandela, who called on the masses to “liberate this country with their boxes of matches!”  “Liberation before education!” she shouted


It will always be our personal responsibility to seek and find the whole truth about any given situation before we make up our minds concerning truth and righteousness.  Half a truth remains a whole lie.  We must not be overcome by popular opinion and political propaganda, which have continually been telling their one-sided stories of that tragic day when riot police finally had to resort to the use of live ammunition in an attempt to save their lives and restore order to that South African township.  Still, the outcome was and always will be heartrending and no one can dispute that.