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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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Christian Communists declare a Socialist Jesus – ‘Comrade Jesus,’ the so-called political liberator; and they preach terrorism (or political anarchy and genocidal murder) from pulpits to supposedly turn the oppression of the bad world into the ‘liberty of a good world.’  Comrade Jesus uses part of the money donated to churches to ultimately arm insurgents and political instigators with machine guns, bombs, and hand-grenades.  He shakes the clenched fist of constant, global revolution over an open Bible, calling for war and violent uprising.  Under the control of the spirit of Comrade Jesus, South African, American, and other communists such as the ‘reverends’ Frank Chicane, Allan Boesak, Beyers Naudé, and ‘archbishop’ Desmond Tutu used the Apostolic Faith Mission, Dutch Reformed and other Calvinist Churches, Catholic Church, Anglican Church, Church of England, etcetera, to proclaim their ‘Social Gospel’ of political anarchy to establish socialism not only in South Africa but eventually in the whole world.

The mason communists Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King called the clenched-fist sign the ‘black power’ salute, while this sign has nothing to do with African people.  It is the satanic First Sign or Due-guard of freemasonry, and it originated from Illuminati Philosophy.  “It is the symbol of secrecy, dissimulation, and hermeticism.  It veils and conceals secrets from the ‘profane’ and the ‘vulgar,’ (the non-Illuminists,) and the meaning is the same in the canons of Buddhism.”  – [Marrs, ‘Codex Magica.’]

As we have seen in the study of socialism and Marxism, the spirit of Comrade Jesus does not work at the same pace in every country.  But it unrelentingly continues for decade upon decade to rob, plunder, and destroy even the poorest of the poor on a global scale, while it ‘changes’ or ‘re-creates’ the entire “old” world into the “new” communist ‘paradise’ of chaos and desolation.

Religion – (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, even Buddhism) – always rides on the back of political socialism, thus aiding Marxism in taking over nearly the entire world with its so-called ‘democracies,’ which really boils down to one-party dictatorships worldwide,  (Rev. 17 & 18.)

Texe Marrs says in ‘Shame, Shame on the Gulag Holocaust Revisionists,’ “Hitler’s henchmen sent six million Jews to death camps…  [As well as six million other ‘undesirables.’]  But at least ten times this number perished in communist gulag concentration camps first set up by Jewish Bolshevik masters (Russian Communist Jews) Lenin and Trotsky, which operated on a gruesome scale…  The famed Russian author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn… conservatively estimates that 66 million [citizens,] men, women, and children died in the Soviet gulags.  [Gulags are socialist concentration camps for their own citizens to submit entire regions of the earth to socialist rule.] 

Others peg the number of citizens brutally slain by their own communist regimes at a staggering 160 million since 1945 when World War 2 ended — excluding those who died in the famines these socialist dictators caused through their dispossession, upheaval and dispersion of ordinary citizens.  But amazingly, [or not so amazingly, as the whole world is under the deception of the evil one, 1 Jn. 5:19,] the world media refuses to tell the people… about the horrors of the Soviet [and all the many other communist] gulags [worldwide]…” 



Mostly, the world still remains quiet and apathetic toward communist atrocities in socialist countries!  Yet, the Moral Law of the Old Testament declares in Lev. 5:1, “If a person… is a witness, whether he has seen or known of the matter – if he does not tell it, he bears guilt.”  And the New Testament Moral Law of Love for God, Who is Truth, commands, “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.”  (Eph. 5:11.)

Where God forbids believers to join marches and follow chaos and anarchy, it does not mean that born-again believers must remain indifferent to turmoil and suffering.  If we  truly belong to the God of righteousness, peace, love, light, and truth, we must live accordingly.  The righteous disciples of Jesus will always speak out against sin and atrocities as far as possible, and warn others of dangers that lurk in the dark – if they are truly motivated by love for their fellow man and a genuine concern to obey the Moral Law commandments of God. 

This kind of ‘exposing the unfruitful works of darkness,’ is not gossiping, slandering, or the spreading of heresies and false information acquired by hearsay.  God commanded in the Moral Law of the Old Testament, which is echoed in the Moral Law of the New Testament, “You shall not circulate a false report.  Do not put your hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.  You shall not follow a crowd to do evil, nor shall you testify in a dispute to turn aside after many to pervert justice.  You shall not show partiality to a poor man, [just because he is poor,] in his dispute.”  And James stated in 2:9, “If you show partiality [to the rich,] you commit sin, and are convicted by the law as transgressors.”  - Ex. 23:1-3.

If we follow Jesus’ example and refuse to interfere in Caesar’s affairs on a physical level to violently uproot governments and change the world into a supposedly ‘good’ world, we are not “retreating into a zone of social and political impotence and irresponsibility.”  True believers must stand for truth on all levels of life while exposing abuse of God’s Word, children, humanity, animals, and the environment; doing everything as far as possible to warn, educate and help on a physical level while brining the answer to this broken world to all those who would listen: the True Gospel of Christ and most importantly, the True Christ of His Gospel, (Eph. 5:11.)  Obedient, responsible believers are definitely not “jellyfish” either.  We are the kings and priests of Jesus Christ, the King and High Priest of the universe.  And yes, we cannot compromise obedience to God by accepting false doctrines and false religious structures “in the name of spirituality” or ‘church unity.’  God has called us to be “the salt of this earth, and the light of the world!” 

Yet we cannot manifest the spiritual Kingdom of God through social or political means.  True believers are living as spiritual “strangers and exiles in this world,” and physically we might be “the scum of the earth,” but spiritually we are “a chosen race, a royal priesthood… that we may set forth the wonderful deeds and display the virtues of Him Who has called us out of [the spiritual] darkness [of the world] into the marvelous light of [His spiritual Kingdom].”  – 1 Cor. 4:13; 1 Pet. 2:9-16.  



The word “ecumenical,” which describes collectivism in the churches, is best defined as “a political/religious system, whose beliefs pertain to the entire inhabited world or belonging to the Christian church as a whole, and religions universal” – a system without the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible, and The Truth, Way, Life and Light of the Scriptures. 

The ecumenical World Council of Churches (W.C.C.) was formed for the purpose to unite the world through a one-world religion, just as it is the task of the United Nations to unite the world through a one-world government.  Most of the leaders of the one-world religion were and are masons – a secret society that does not worship the God of the Bible but the goat-god of the masonic lodge.  Still, confessing Christianity, The World Council of Churches voices it’s mission as ‘calling on world governments to act Godly’ and to ‘bring humanitarian aid globally, wherever necessary.’ 

Since the World Council of Churches was formed in 1908, (governed by unbelievers of all spheres of religion), it implemented, through humanist doctrines disseminated by communist ‘evangelists’ like Jesse Jackson, Dr. Martin Luther King, Desmond Tutu, Allan Boesak, Frank Chicané and all their numerous helpers and followers, a socialist/communist basis for Christianity. 

Socialism is the so-called ‘science’ through which politicians and their religious counterparts convert the whole world to the ‘democracies’ of Marxism.  Contrary to what they preach, their goal is not to save the poor, but to bring about a totalitarian, one-world socialist government that oversees all the world’s political and religious affairs. 

The World Council of Churches and all her ecumenical affiliates are advancing Marx’s socialist idea of creating by constant, worldwide revolution, a communist ‘heaven on earth’ – which results not in heaven, but in utter destruction and desolation.  “Surely,” they say, “it must be Biblical that the bourgeoisie (the rich) must be dispossessed to ‘share the wealth’ with the preliterate (the poor)?”  They conveniently forget that the 1-3% communist capitalists at the top are the most superrich this world has ever seen. 

The members of the World Council of Churches - religious leaders from every corner of the globe, have already combined forces through the ecumenical interchurch and interfaith movements.  This Council and its movements do not concern themselves with the Truth of the Gospel, as they do not want to ‘offend anyone.’  They say they can win souls through ‘love’ and ‘peace’ and their “Godly lifestyles” which, without the Truth of the Gospel, is mere secular humanism, which is not Godly love at all.  It is the old-old lie of the evil one that, by disobeying God while pretending religiosity, man can turn himself into ‘a good god,’  (Gen. 3.)

Edgar C. Bundy wrote, “Neither Jesus Christ nor the Apostles ever called upon the temporal rulers of their day to address their conferences, nor did they ever call upon governments to advance the cause of [the body of Christ…]  Yet one after another, the World Council of Churches addressed state problems to bring about the abolishing of the “bigotry and intense denominationalism, which formerly held the churches apart…”  Many modern missionaries, working under the support of the World Council, are on record as denying the Biblical doctrines of the Bible.  They have become social reformers and followers of the pacifism or so-called non-violent resistance [communist] movement of Mohandas Gandhi… 

“Gandhi’s philosophy, which infiltrated every sector of the church, is a mission of peace without the Peace of God that passes all understanding.  Hence, it always erupts in violent protests and rioting, claiming the lives of thousands upon thousands of people wherever it is preached.  Until the heart of each individual is changed through the preaching of the Gospel, there can be no peace!” 

While it is clear that Jesus made a distinction between His Spiritual Kingdom on earth and physical or political governments, Church Councils and the World Council of Churches have ignored Jesus’ commandment to keep separate the particular functions of church and state! 

Bundy continued, “When the leaders of the Council threw [Biblical] doctrine out, [did they ever teach the Truth of the Bible, or did they teach church doctrine,] socialism came and took over the churches.  More important than anything else one finds a willingness to spend less time and energy in thinking and preaching about the life to come, and more on trying to do something about conditions in this world.  In seminaries clergymen are trained to give less attention to the study of [Biblical Truth] and more to sociology, the science of society, or socialism.” 



Whether they are traditional ‘healers’ or modern voodooists; Catholic or Protestant, agnostic or mystic; Islamic or Judaist, Hindu, or Buddhist, one doctrine unites them all: socialism, or as they see it, “uplifting society with revolution, political change and good works.”  Their Communist/Social Gospel always disguises their Kingdom-Now theology.  Whether they fend for the ‘human rights’ of minority groups or the ‘human rights’ of majority groups; if we strip the veneer off their social gospel, it always reveals its ugly face as personal greed and self-worship, with the ultimate goal of extending their religion, which always exists in political-religious power and political control in the here and now. 

Church leaders have taken their denominations of the Roman Catholic Church into membership with the World Council of Churches without asking whether their followers wanted to join.  Mostly, church members have not the faintest idea what their ‘representatives’ stand for - or what they, the members, actually finance and support.  Yet these leaders shout socialism and democracy in churches – and incite worldwide violence as a means of obtaining “the communist paradise,” instead of focusing attention on the deception of politics and the truth of Jesus Christ.  Hence, Paul commanded in 2 Tim. 2:4, “No one engaged in [spiritual] warfare entangles [or really involve] himself with the [political] affairs of this life, that he may please Him Who enlisted him as a [spiritual] soldier.” 

As early as 1893 Dr. Rauschenbusch said, “The only power that can make socialism succeed, is religion.  It cannot work in an irreligious country.  [Which, of course, does not exist.]  One professor can reach a class of students, but the communists soon realized that one clergyman can reach thousands of individuals.” 

Thus, they used and are still using part of your tithes and offerings to bring all this about!  Every single church, which shares recognition by the state, is a member of the World Council of Churches.  Believers support the hierarchy of each individual church, which in turn, support the hierarchies of their denomination, which ultimately support the World Council of Churches. 

As early as 1914, at the beginning of the First World War, the Communist World Council of Churches had to its disposal the [then vast] amount of 2 million dollars to “make peace” – or rather, to make war.  Dr. McFarland accounted that as early as 1918 the Church Peace Union appropriated 65,000 dollar for distributing Marxist literature as church doctrines. 

Without getting into the details of their dirty work, it is evident that the World Council of Churches and all its various councils never had ‘peace’ in mind when they spent the millions they had collected through ‘donations,’ ‘tithes,’ and other fund-raising projects.  Just think how much money they collect today!  And what they are able to do with all that! 

Kingdom-Now theologians sing this familiar song, No one has the right to question or criticize us!  This church building is the house of God and we are His mediators on earth.  Jesus and the apostles were Socialists; therefore, we must change the social dilemmas of the world!  Don’t you know that the early Christians were communists who sold everything they had – and gave all the money to the church?  We are all brothers in this world; see how God is bringing us together under the banner of One Church?  “Remember the wonderful pacifist Gandhi, who proclaimed peace; the Pope, who calls for peace; the Dutch Reformed Church’s god John Calvin, who, (as in modern South Africa,) ‘changes’ his doctrines for the sake of peace; Mohammed, who wars for peace?” another chants.  See how all the different churches and religions are uniting to [allegedly] replace bad governments, and create Paradise on earth?  Come on, raise up, all the poor and oppressed!  Take by force, if necessary, what you want.  Do whatever is necessary to change the world!”

Then the tenor-voices of the World Council of Church’s Charismatic-Pentecostals join the choir, “You, too, can create your own miracles through positive confession and visualization.  You too, can have all the power now; all you have to do, is to come under our ‘authority’ and receive our ‘anointing.’  Sow your ‘faith-seed’ and see how it grows!  Become our partners in faith: send all your money and save the world with us!  Send that last dollar you have in that jar, see how God will bless your obedience!  You too, can have your gold now.  Jesus was filthy stinking rich – He even had a treasurer called Judas.  All His disciples wore designer clothes.  None of them ever suffered, got sick, or mourned.  Did Jesus not come to bring life and abundance?”

And together all preachers of the Social Gospel shout the chorus, “All you must do to earn salvation and blessing is to attend each and every meeting, and pay your tithes and offerings.  PROVE GOD, TEST HIM; He must bless you if you pay Him.  Whether you are rich or poor, give until it hurts, stick diligently to our doctrines, do everything we say – and see how God will make you rich!”

This is not the voice of the Lamb!  It is humanism: the voice of the wolf, and he is really saying, “It is a lie that you will die if you sin – there is no such thing as sin.  There is no such thing as false church-union and false doctrine.  You do not have to test the spirits; there is safety in numbers.  Trust me, heaven ‘up there’ is a myth.  Make this world your home.  You don’t have to obey or trust God; listen to me!  It is a lie that Jesus will descend with the cry an archangel, with the blast of the trumpet of God.  You will not meet Him in the air; you will replace your corrupt government with a ‘godly’ one and change the world!  This is how you will create heaven on earth.  After all, they will know you by your suits!” 

Jesus came to bring us spiritual life in abundance, not life and abundance in the form of the Kingdom-Now ‘paradise’ on earth.  He came to bring us fellowship with God and unity in truth among sincere believers.  Jesus did promise to supply our every need, not our greed.  And they will know us by our fruits, not our suits. 



Neither Jesus nor His disciples ever preached socialism and Marxism.

The idea that Jesus Christ preached a Socialist Gospel is an oxymoron, because socialism and the Gospel of Christ are complete opposites.  Socialism is the world-destroying doctrine of Satan, and the Gospel of the Bible is the Life-giving Word of God.  Jesus Christ and Comrade Jesus teach opposing ‘ideologies.’  Jesus Christ is the True God of the Bible, Comrade Jesus is a militant political/religious impostor. 

Roman Catholic monasteries that practice ‘Marxism,’ misquote and misinterpret the Word in Acts 4:34, “Nor was there anyone among them who lacked; for all who were possessors of lands [plural] or houses [plural] sold [the excess] and brought the proceeds of the things that were sold.”

If the disciples of Acts did indeed sell everything they had and gave it to the greedy, super-rich top structure of the ‘church’ that would have been Marxism. 

If the ‘apostles’ of Acts did practice socialism, where everything must ‘wither away’ through laziness, corruption, and mismanagement in order to ‘create’ the Communist ‘Paradise’ of  total desolation, the body of the all-sufficient Christ would have been in chaos.