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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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No matter how brainwashed, used and abused we all were from all sides — dare we forget the anger and the anguish of fleeing rioters under fire?  The terrified screams.  The panicked stampeding and the faltering feet.  The fear-wrenched, tear-drenched faces.  The bullet-contorted bodies.  The heroism of those who carried their friends to safety?

These cries, however, are not the only ones we still hear. 

The wails of fathers, mothers, widowers, widows, and orphans from all walks of life still ring in our ears, as well as the gasps and shouts of insurgents and soldiers, who shuddered to death in hails of bullets and were torn apart in land mine and other explosions.  We hear police officers of all races scream in torment as rioters turn them into living torches with petrol bombs; decapitate them with high wires as they patrol in open armored cars and stone, kick and batter them to death when they meet them off duty.  We still tremble in compassion with those who sobbed and begged for mercy while their own people draped them in kerosene tyres to consume them with fire.  We still choke on the billowing black smoke that engulfed them and the stench of burning flesh and rubber that drifted over the townships.  We feel the stinging pain of rubber bullets tear at our flesh.  The bruising of bashing batons and combat boots, and the slashing teeth of trained police dogs.  The violent, humiliating and unprovoked assaults on innocent civilians by some despicably corrupt and racist police officers! 

Our hearts skip many beats in compassion with the frantic parents, sweethearts, wives and children of those who, in tandem with the violent crowds, were doing police and military duty amongst the ashes of charred bodies, deafening crowds, bombs, bush and machine gun fire. 

Racial violence reaches a deafening climax. 

Then the inevitable happens. 

As if helter-skelter years trot to an end in slow motion, some silence returns to the townships, farms and the bush — but no one knows for how long, or if indeed it will every really cease. 


In post-apartheid South Africa, most South Africans of all races are still trying to come to terms with their terrible loss, anger, grief, fear and disappointment, while the new socialist government threaten white South Africans with “de-colonialisation,” or actually complete annihilation, expulsion, and dispossession. 

Only a few realize how severely all South Africans from all races have suffered over the last decades.  Both the apartheid regime and their communist brothers taught us to hate and discriminate against people of other races, instead of loving one another as God had commanded.  The Afrikaner ‘Broederbond’ deprived us of living together, working together and laughing together.  Now the reversed racism of the new government in the form of ‘affirmative action,’ ‘land reform,’ etc., still deprive us of working, growing and grieving together - mourning all our dead.  True South Africans must lament all injustices, all losses; all sins, not just the sin of apartheid.  We all lived in fear.  We all despaired.  We all have lost; we all have sorrow. 

Now, under the inception of socialism, crime and poverty are rampant on a countrywide scale and among all races.  Millions of people from all races are still homeless and millions are actually starving.  Multitudes of beggars from all races line nearly every traffic light and stop street.  The streets of South Africa’s once affluent cities are once again, as after the Boer War, turned into squatter camps as millions of starving refugees from Zimbabwe and other communist ‘paradises’ flee the ethnic cleansing, oppression and dispossession of Marxism! 

Sowetan Live, Sunday World wrote, “Almost half a million people [500,000] have been murdered in South Africa since 1994” to March 2016.  “...The report‚ compiled using statistics issued by the SA Police Service‚ shows that for every 100 000 people in the country in 2015/2016‚ 34 were murdered.  The deadliest year for democratic South Africa came in 1995/1996 with 26 877 total killings recorded‚ the IRR survey revealed.  But the groups’ crime analyst Kerwin Lebone said South Africa still holds a significantly higher murder rate in comparison to other countries.  The country’s murder rate is almost 29 times higher than that of Australia‚ 30 times higher than the United Kingdom and 45 times higher than Germany.  “South Africans live with horrific levels of violent crime…. it remains one of the highest in the world‚” said Lebone.  The survey revealed that murder affects the most vulnerable in society with 884 children murdered between 2015/16.  Lebone said South Africa’s murder crisis is so serious that some South Africans are more likely to be murdered than the residents of many terror-affected countries.” 

The atrocious torture and murder of people of all races, as well as high jacking, extremely violent home invasions, abduction, rape and murder have become part of life for all South Africans. Such heinous crimes, and especially the satanically cruel way in which they are committed, were virtually unheard of in the well-policed ‘old’ South Africa.   


post apartheid one.png         post apartheid two.png   post apartheid three.png  

                                   [Acknowledgement to those who compiled these photos]

However, today, in Africa south of the Saharan dessert, at least 80% of women, grandmothers, and girls are violently raped in the ongoing communist, genocidal, civil wars.  Many of these wars have been raging for more than 70 years with still no end in sight!  Men and boys are also not excluded from the crime of rape — and of course, murder. 

High and increasing taxation, crime, lawlessness, and unemployment are at an all-time high.  Economic oppression turned thousands of citizens of all races into paupers, and pushed thousands of South Africa’s educated sons to foreign countries.  This time, we are even losing the love and companionship of our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren! 

This murderous trend in the new South Africa began when the early Communist Party (1903-1922) started shouting, ‘Oppressed workers of South Africa, unite and fight for a white country!’  When the white minority failed to advance the communist cause during the Rand strikes of 1922, the South African Communist Party, (SACP) the African National Congress, (the ANC) and (in later years) the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) all began to cry war, shaking Bolshevik fists, “Workers of South Africa, unite and fight for black majority ruleKill the Boer and the Farmer!  [white South Africans called “Afrikaners” and other farmers.]  We will hit [mercilessly torture] them and kill them with the machine gun!” 

This trend escalated a thousand fold when the African National Congress took control of South Africa singing and shouting these creeds, while Presidents Mandela, Mbeki, and Zuma all danced to the tune.  Between 1994 and 2016, Mandela and the other presidents creed actively contributed to the racist murder of at least 70,000 white South Africans, and the worldwide displacement of some one million white South Africans, who left the country since 1994! 

The ANC’s attitude towards all these inexcusable crimes against humanity is that “whites and Afrikaners in particular are merely shouting genocide, ethnic cleansing, and land reform as anti-government propaganda.”  Yet, “their war cry Kill the Boer [and the English Farmer] was part of  [Nelson Mandela and all his comrades’] history of the struggle and therefore it [supposedly] remains acceptable and part of their culture.” 

Although a court of law eventually forbade these ‘war cries’ as ‘hate speech,’ it continues and so, the farm attacks and home invasions escalate.  It is completely illogical and in fact impossible that such ‘liberation songs,’ sang in public by all these presidents and their youth league leader, “does not” continually incite millions of people to racist hatred and genocidal murder on a small minority of South African citizens.  The brutal, prolonged and most torturous murders of white people in particular prove that these are no ‘ordinary’ killings.  The rape and bloody ferocity behind these attacks point directly to racist murder.  Considering the amount and length of suffering inflicted during these attacks, one might ask whether it is possible that human sacrifice to ancestor gods can also be a contributing factor?

Thetruthaboutsouthafrica wrote, “Since 1994 [to 2016,] over 4,000 white farmers and their families have been murdered in thousands of farm attacks, with many being brutally tortured and raped. Some victims have been burned with smoothing irons or had boiling water poured down their throats.”  Young children, toddlers and babies are most cruelly tortured and murdered as well, and even the family dogs are most brutally butchered during these attacks. 


woman murdered.png            farm murders19.jpg        farm murders5.jpg                                                          [Acknowledgement to those who published these photos]

Above:  These gruesome murder scenes are typical of the cruelty of these murders. 

Photos from: Proud South Africa on www.thetruthaboutsouthafrica.com

These photos speak of absolute unscrupulous ferocity not ‘ordinary’ murder; instigated by racial hatred and condoned by the silence of four presidents and their entire cabinet — the Democratic Alliance and African Christian Democratic Party included! 

Most non-white law-enforcing officers, even the minister of police, Nathi Mtethwa and the whole government remain apathetic towards these crimes against their white South African citizens, as proven by the blundered investigation of the indescribably torturous murder of the AWB leader Eugene Terreblance

                                        Eugene Terrreblance.jpg         Eugene Terreblanch 3.jpg  

                                               [Acknowledgement to those who published these photos] 


I never agreed much with Terreblanche, but if he deserved to die such an atrocious death, which of those that were involved in the violence of apartheid or of “the struggle” should walk free?  Genocidal, racist murder has been the general tendency through the whole of Africa, systematically annihilating white populations on this continent and also murdering and displacing millions upon millions of non-white citizens.  No one can argue that this is not happening in South Africa as well. 

Pressreader reports, “In 1980, there were 128,000 commercial farmers in South Africa.  In 2013, there are only 40,000 mostly white commercial farmers in South Africa.”  Yet, the government is constantly calling for the dispossession of more and more famers!  “Due to ‘land reform’ and the [torturous] murder and intimidation of farmers, there have been a decline of 88,000 [that is eighty-eight thousand!] productive farmers since communist take-over in 1994. Of these 88,000 remaining farms 90% are barren, deserted and overgrown by weeds.” 

The ethnic cleaning of productive farmers in South Africa and elsewhere on this continent will continue to adversely affect food production in this country and in the rest of Africa.  Wherever one looks in this once affluent country, the landscape is littered with the ruins of once well-kept, beautiful homesteads, barns, orchards, fields, stables, and rusted and derelict farm equipment. 

Raw sewerage and other filth flood the once beautiful and pristine countryside, rivers, lakes, streets and highways of South Africa as infrastructures collapse through mismanagement, fraud, theft of taxpayers’ money, and unchecked corruption.  The minority at the top, superrich government officials and their party members, bask in a type of luxury that shames white apartheid elitists from the previous regime.  In little more than 22 years, the new South African government has turned our once pristine country into one of the filthiest countries in the world! 

                                                                     post apartheid four, raw sewerage.png

The majority of South Africans of all races remain miserably poor, while middle class South Africans of all races are struggling to keep head above water in the torrent of increasing taxations and the rising cost of bare necessities.  Whites are being blamed for every ill, while the government, since 1994, have committed corruption and theft of tax payers’ money of at least R700 billion, instead of supporting infrastructure and uplifting the poor. 

It has become extremely unsafe to walk or drive on the street, get stuck on the road, visit an empty park, or to stroll along a quiet beach.  Little children must beg for parents and crime syndicates at stop streets and traffic lights, while police officers drive by eating fried chicken, using government  vehicles to go shopping and attend to their private affairs. 

In 2007, an estimated 60,000 abandoned children were already living on city streets, while orphanages, old age homes, hospitals and other ‘safety nets’ for the population were ‘withering away’ though incompetence, theft, and mismanagement.

The “twin hammers of Marxism and Zionism” are indeed beating South Africa to a pulp.


                                                                                     slovo and mandela salute.jpg

[Acknowledgement to the person who published this photo]

Frank Weltner wrote on his ‘Jew Watch Project,’ “[Finally,] Mandela and Slovo gave the [victorious] clenched fist salute in front of the blood-drenched Hammer and Sickle flag of Bolshevism.” 

The whole world cheered, oblivious to the fact that the socialist One World Order is responsible for the death of hundreds of millions of innocent people across the globe! 

AA Cooper wrote in ‘Freemasons of SA,’ “Only after a time of world-wide suffering from war could many nations be brought… to seriously unite… to attempt some great reform…  [Masonic orders] will take [their] rightful place in the Divine work... of recreating order out of the present world chaos an ushering in the dawn of a real Brotherhood…  Again the world moves forward under a new order and in its regeneration the masonic fraternity will occupy an important place…  The Fraternity’s fundamental principles once again must be made the rock foundation of the New [One World Order’s socialist] ‘civilization…’” 

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