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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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solidified by suffering and sorrow.  They have been fighting with their men for the safety of their families since the Trekkers first left the British Cape colony in 1835.  They were not willing to surrender to Britain and became the marrow in the bone of the farmer’s ‘people’s resistance.’ 

While some Afrikaners turned traitors with the support of their wives, let us salute those Afrikaner women and their men who would not budge, even under the pressure of complete dispossession, incarceration, starvation, and the mass murder of their babies, children, and elderly! 

The British were the enemy that constantly threatened the very existence of Afrikaners and all their descendants in South Africa.  These women would feed the enemy if they were hungry, as President Paul Kruger’s wife, Gezina, did while British officers detained her in her Presidential home in Pretoria.  Yet, they could not accept collaboration with, or weakness towards militant British invasion, intimidation, and their spineless war atrocities against ordinary civilians.

The least we can do to honor Britain's thousands of innocent victims, is to let the world know what really happened in South Africa at the turn of the 19th century.  Before, during, and after Britain’s relentless attack on the farmers and other citizens of the Orange Free State and Transvaal, there was a huge attempt from those who suffered from Stockholm Syndrome, (a sick, emotional bonding with cruel abusers,) to twist their unspeakable war crimes into a ‘gentlemen’s war,’ and to dismiss complaints against dispossession, torture, and mass murder as ‘malicious slander.’ Bare historical facts extinguish the so-called ‘romantic’ notion that these combat commanders and their half a million Allied troops were ‘gentlemen.’ 

This was not a war.  This was a planned holocaust, calculated genocide, the brutal dispossession and impoverishment of the vast majority of South Africans, and the premeditated robbery of all South Africa’s enormous mineral wealth.


Between 1900 and 1902, Queen Victoria, her military advisors, commanders, and financiers intentionally “scorched” two Afrikaner Republics with famine and fire, obliterating an “estimated” 34,000 productive farms, and millions of prime livestock in the process.  In this process, they eradicated great regions of first-rate farmland in the two Republics and destroyed entire herds of thoroughbred horses, cattle, and sheep.  They also demolished entire towns such as Lindley and Frankfort.  According to their own bungled statistics and the length of the war, the British could have destroyed many more farms and murdered thousands more — but they will never admit it.  On top of that, Britain poisoned the water and land with kerosene, salt, and incessant weeds such as Khakibos (named after the khaki uniforms of the English,) and Knapsekêrel, (black jacks,) which stick like Velcro. 

However, from all these war crimes, it is the callous persecution and grossly minimized, deliberate murder they committed on thousands upon thousands Afrikaner and African women, infants, children, old men, and prisoners of war, which prove that Queen Victoria was a common mass murderess and war criminal. 

How could she not have foreseen that, to herd thousands upon thousands of people together in tents in the sweltering heat and blistering cold on the open South African veldt, (and prisoners of war in the tropical heat and the diseased camps of her overseas colonies,) without adequate clean drinking water, sanitation, and medication, deliberately starving civilians of all ages to death, would not, during the turn of the 18th century, result in a national holocaust of unrecorded proportions

Victoria’s Cape Colony Governor Sir Alfred Milner, Cape Prime Minister, masonic/illuminist and mining magnate Cecil John Rhodes, his masonic brother British Colonial Secretary Joseph Chamberlain, and mine owners such as Alfred Beit, Barney Barnato, and Lionel Phillips all planned and financed this war together. 

I stand with every other writer who declare that “every monarch, who inherited the British throne since then, and refused to ask forgiveness (or even  just apologize) for any of these atrocities, share in all Victoria and her helpers’ unspeakable crimes against humanity.”   



God commanded in Lev. 5:1, “If a person… is a witness, whether he has seen or known of the matter – if he does not tell it, he bears guilt.” 

I am not discriminating against South Africa’s many English speaking people and impartial war correspondents.  Some, such as Cornelis Broeksema and Emily Hobhouse, were heroes and heroines, who condemned, disclosed and withstood the countless atrocities of this ‘war’ on thousands upon thousands of unarmed citizens in the two Afrikaner Republics.  (Broeksema paid with his life for exposing the most dreadful conditions in the Turffontein concentration camp.) 

During 1899-1902, Britain could not conquer the great minority of farmer/hunters man-to-man on the battlefield.  Hence, to blackmail the Afrikaners into submission, the mighty British Empire engineered the communist-socialist displacement and dispossession of nearly an entire nation, committing a genocidal holocaust unparalleled in modern history until the Russian communist takeover in 1917, and World Wars One and Two.  (The Spaniard holocaust in Cuba a few years earlier in 1897 was terrible but mercifully short-lived.)   However, this was not the worst of their war crimes in South Africa.  For the men and women, who refused to bow to Britain's Queen Victoria’s brutal imperialism, the British crown had a special punishment in mind

If Victoria could not lay her hands on the Afrikaner fighters, or break their women through dispossession, incarceration, and starvation, she would torture their infants and children to death until they surrender.  Victoria separated the children of these “bittereinders” (meaning those who would fight to the bitter end) from their mothers, (as the little weak, living skeleton Lizzie van Zyl in the Bloemfontein concentration camp,) to starve them meticulously until their parents relented from their ‘foolish’ Afrikaner patriotism to pledge allegiance to the British crown. 

W.T. Stead, an English journalist, wrote, “Every one of these children, who died as a result of the halving of their rations, [as all the others that were calculatedly starved to death, and detained in diseased camps,] thereby exerting pressure onto their families still on the battle-field, was purposefully murdered.  The [penal] system of half rations stands exposed, stark and unashamedly as a cold-blooded deed of state policy employed with the purpose of ensuring the surrender of men whom we were not able to defeat on the field.” 


I could not find any population statistics of the two Republics before the Second ‘Boer’ War, so it seems impossible to determine how many people lived in the Orange Free State and Transvaal or ZAR before and during that time.  Maybe someone can assist me if they have information on any of this.  During the “guerrilla” phase of the ‘Boer’ War, which began in 1900, Afrikaners were unable to keep official statistics, as the capitals and towns of the two Republics were under British siege. 

Population statistics prior to this siege seemingly disappeared.  Afrikaner commandos, (farmer fighters on horseback,) their presidents, (President Paul Kruger and President Steyn,) the parliament, (‘Volksraad,’) and the entire Afrikaner infrastructure were moved to the surrounding veldt, mountains, and bush, from where they kept on resisting the British invasion until May 1902. 

No one seems to have any real statistics of the casualties of this war either.  Most sources recite extremely contradictive stories like the following, “...There were 58,000 Boer War casualties...” No actually, “22,000 British soldiers and 58,000 Boer soldiers died in the Boer war, [while the Afrikaner Republics had no formal armies.]” A new BBC database declares, “55,000 British soldiers died in the war… At least 25,000 Afrikaners died in the war, most of them in concentration camps… and 12,000 Africans died.” 

The South African Military History Society reported, “The British lost about 2,752 officers and 35,404 from other ranks… 38,156 British died in the war.”  Wikipedia wrote, “...22,000 British died, 934 went missing… There were 24,000 Boer prisoners of war… 27,927 [white women and children] interned in camps died, 20,000 interned non-whites died. ...28,000 Boers were captured and 25,630 sent overseas…”  “...12-25% of prisoners of war died in British camps…” [So, what happened to the 13% POW’s who slipped through the cracks?] “347,000 British troops and 103,000 — 153,000 Allied Forces [the huge number of 50,000 Allied troops ‘disappeared’ or also] fought against 95,000 Boers at the start of the war,” “64,000 Boers could fight with no more than 40,000 in the field, and half of these were captured in 1900 when Pretoria fell...”  “7,000 (total dead unknown) Boers died in battle…”  “3,000 — 4,000 Boers died in battle...” “46, 370 Boer civilians died…” ? 

In addition, “about 35,000 Africans, (Wikipedia says 100,000 African Auxiliaries,) were recruited as British mercenaries” and many traitor Afrikaners also joined them.  How many died?  No one seems to know.  It is a real shame that Britain seemingly made no attempt to record casualties among their mercenaries, whom they so eagerly employed.

What I did find, was the fact that the Boers were suddenly surrounded by enemies from all sides.  While many Afrikaners turned traitor against them, many Africans participated voluntarily in the war and saw the British as a common enemy; having suffered many losses, oppression, and loss of life in their homelands because of British imperialism.  Some African scouts were paid by the Boers, others called “agterryers” faithfully followed the farmers on commando.  They were paid to take care of the horses and to do other menial tasks such as cooking to keep the men fighting

However, thousands upon thousands of renegade African mercenaries of the British were armed, trained, and indoctrinated against the Afrikaners to destroy the women’s support system, which kept the farms running while the men remained on commando.  They were falsely promised to get ownership of the farms after the war.  They were also paid to function as scouts and trackers to find the Boer commandos, and to participate in active combat against the Boers.  They also participated in ransacking, dynamiting, and burning the farms, and assisted British assaults on the inhabitants of the farms.  This escalated to renegade and even instructed gangs  going about to rape, murder, and commit other atrocious crimes against the Afrikaner women, children, and old men. 

Historia wrote, “[In one instance,] Mrs J.H. van der Merwe, raped on or about 26 November by a black man with Remington's Column, reports him as saying that his officer had authorised the black members of the force to do with the women as they pleased, while Catharina Koen, wife of Commandant J.J. Koen, testified that Colonel T.D. Pilcher had told her that if her husband harmed the eighteen blacks he had captured the previous day, [for rape, murder, and other crimes,] Pilcher would allow the other thousand under his control to do what they wished with Boer women. This threat was repeated in a letter from Pilcher to Koen dated Mequatlingsnek, 21 January 1902.”


Britain brought entire military units to South Africa to keep records and organize other logistics.  Looking at the whole scope of the war, I have suspected for quite some time that the war crimes and numbers of deaths in Britain's concentration camps were vastly underestimated.  British reports, believed by most deceived Afrikaners and apparently also the Afrikaner government of later years, are obviously false.  Quite deliberately and for very good reason, Britain did not accurately keep count of their thousands upon thousands of helpless victims, which they ruthlessly removed from the farms to intern in their inhumane death camps. 

To this day, British reports on their holocaust of shame in the two Afrikaner Republics are greatly minimized estimations.  Why are their statistics only approximate?  Because African and Afrikaner lives meant nothing to the British?  That too, but mainly because Britain’s war on the two Republics was not really about a handful of Afrikaners and Africans, who did not tremble at the mighty roar of this ruthless, imperialist lion. 

Apart from the tons of diamonds and gold which they grabbed from this country, the truth is that Britain, as leading superpower of the world and in conjunction with her many Allied Imperial Forces from her many conquered colonies, saw the Afrikaners and Africans of the two Republics as perfect test-subjects to illustrate their masonic/communist slogan, “Ordö AB Chao.” [It means, One World Order control from Global Chaos.]  Britain’s extremely cruel ‘Boer’ War was only the introduction to her final stage of ultimate global control under the emerging One World Order.  Spain’s Cuban concentration-camp idea shortly before the Boer war was the forerunner that led Britain to her Afrikaner and African camps that became the successful communist experiment, which clandestine rulers behind the scenes of world politics, would copy on a worldwide scale during the 20th century that lay ahead.  Undoubtedly, Britain’s socialist war in the two Republics became the blueprint for global communist warfare that typified the 20th century, as well as our 21st century. 



[Acknowledgement to the person who compiled this image] 

As this cartoon depicts, Britain was teaching her Allied Forces Socialism in the Boer War.  That’s why Britain engaged them all in assisting her against this small minority of Farmer fighters, whom she conquered by murdering their women and children in death camps. 



Britain lies by saying that these camps were ‘safe places’ for ‘fleeing refugees,’ not death camps.  Why would the small white population of the two Republics, self-sustaining, productive farmers and their African workers, burn their own homes and belongings, torture all their animals to death, (pets and livestock were merely bayoneted and left to die,) poison their water supplies, gardens, and fields; chop down their orchards, and flee to “concentration camps” to die there from exposure to the elements, lack of all essentials, hunger, and disease?  It is clear that these camps were not designed to “merely intern” but to exterminate.  Since Spain annihilated their Cuban enemies in such camps a few years earlier in 1897, “concentration camps” actually means “overcrowded death camps.” 

Britain's excuse is that these camps were not that bad and cannot be compared to those of the Nazis, because they were designed to intern not to exterminate.  So, they do admit that these camps were prisons. The innocent citizens that were forcibly removed from their farms were either guarded behind barbwire fences, or herded into tents in the middle of nowhere and on the open veldt with nothing to return to. 

Of course these camps didn’t have any gas chambers — but the British didn’t need gas chambers to exterminate helpless women, babies, children, and old men.  These camps were intentionally misdesigned to imprison huge numbers of unarmed citizens under inhumane conditions to suffer slow execution by exposure to cold and heat, a lack of sanitation, foul water, starvation, disease, a lack of medicine, medial care, and all other essentials, while forced into hard labor — as Britain did with many of her African prisoners during that time. 

Britain's blueprint of “scorched earth,” (burning and destroying everything the citizens of this country had to live on,) coupled with imprisoning thousands upon thousands of citizens in “concentration” or dreadfully overcrowded death camps, (which were deliberately situated on appalling locations,) was a well-planned strategy to murder and not just conquer the Afrikaner nation and their African workers. 

The Pro-British Readers Digest wrote in two history books, ‘Illustrated History of South Africa,’ p. 156 and ‘South Africa’s Yesterdays,’ p. 23, “Between September 1899 and May 1902, Britain incarcerated an estimated  107,344 Africans and 150,000—190,000 whites in concentration camps.”  As these numbers are only estimations, other sources place the numbers on “more than 200,000 whites and unknown numbers of Africans.” 

While population statistics for Africans do not seem to exist, at least 50,000 Afrikaners simply disappeared from British logistics while in the hands of those British officers.  How many Africans disappeared in the same manner? It seems no one will ever know. However, eventually, the British dispossessed, uprooted, relocated, and impoverished almost all the Afrikaners and their African workers, without the world having much to say about any of these calculated crimes against humanity.  Today, few people in even South Africa know anything about the “Boer War.” 

Statistics on the number of farms, which Britain scorched while abducting the residents by force, also differ drastically from one another. It is estimated that 30,000 — 34,000 farms were destroyed in the two Republics.  Here, at least 4,000 farms also disappeared from their logistics! 

Now, lets calculate, according to the number of farms they say they destroyed, the number of civilians, non-white and white, whom Britain kidnapped and incarcerated in death camps. 

Þ If there were only 10 people on one of those 34,000 farms, workers included, (which is impossible,) the British abducted 340,000 women, children, old men, workers and their families, to incarcerate them in an “estimated” “66 white and 50 non-white, or 116 concentration camps.” [These numbers of abductees are very conservative as both Afrikaners and Africans had large families, as well as the elderly in their care.  Usually, farmers employed a whole community of workers.  Realistically, we can double or even triple these numbers.]  Even so, this accounts for an average of 3,000 people per camp.