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The Pope preaches Socialism and the Mark of the Beast to “the Merchants of the Earth,” (Rev.  13, 17 & 18) 

Renette Vermeulen




Facebook post June 2018 

pope sits central to the one world order.jpg  

[Acknowledgement to the person who published this photo]

Above:  The Pope sits central to all the most wealthy and influential business people of the world and preaches global socialism to them 


masonic signs at the one world order.jpg

[Acknowledgement to the person who published this photo]

Above:  The masses of attendees at the “Global Citizens Festival 2018,” (politicians, businessmen, actors, religionists, and Christian clergy from all over the world,) all give their masonic signs to openly show their allegiance to Satan, “the god of this world.” 


In the first photo above, the “head” of all Christian Churches, Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church, the “Mother” of all Christianity, sits in leadership of all the most wealthy and influential business people of the word, (called “merchants” in Rev. 18.)

This was during “The Vatican’s [economic] Global Forum,” where Francis dictated global socialist reform to all these business people.

Do not think that any of the Protestant denominations or divisions of Roman Catholic Christianity and their affiliated branches such as Messianic Judaism, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists are exempted from this global ecumenism or unity under the pope and his Christian and other masonic orders that are still ruling and steering global politics at this stage, (Rev. 17:1-15.) Whatever and wherever your church is, it is operating somewhere on the pyramidal scale of Vatican/political, one-world rule, (Rev. 18:4.)  

The entire “New Reformation” or “Reconstruction” Movement, (as also seen in Ecumenical Evangelical Reform of all sorts,) is to bring every Christian consciously back to the global rule of the Church of Rome.

Wherever you give your “tithes and offerings” to the church, part of it will be passed up the pyramidal ladder through the World Council of Churches in support of the Vatican, which, in turn, fuels and controls, together with her political allies in each country, continuous mayhem and suffering through socialism and communism

Global Socialism is the main political dogma of the United Nations and of the “Mother Churchof Rome and all her super-rich divisions or denominations. Pope Francis presents socialism as the final solution to poverty and suffering, but it is not the friend of any poor, middle-class, or hard-working rich man. 

Hence, in “The Vatican’s [economic] Global Forum,” pope Francis preached to all the most influential business people of the whole world, making hypocritical pleas for “sharing the world’s wealth.”    Yet, this church-political system, like all communist-socialists worldwide, never think of sharing their own immense wealth. 

In conclusion to Francis' financial speech, he gave the businessmen this final solution. “His holiness” the “holy father” (if you don’t mind!) said, “Companies [worldwide] must support initiatives to produce digital identities, [to “global citizens” of the “emerging world community;”  bar coded identities, which will result in the rising of microchip implants,] of the ONE FIFTH of global citizens, [four-fifths of the world already have been micro chipped!] who lack one and therefore are shut out of financial systems.”

First and foremost, let the affiliation and acceptance of any church clergyman or woman by prominent world figures such as high profile politicians, alert us to the fact that they have sold their souls to Satan to be there.  Church and politics are working together to place Satan in absolute control of this world, (1 Jn. 5:19.) True disciples of Jesus will always be “hated by the whole world, because the world hated Him first,” Jn. 15:18-27. 

Furthermore, pope Francis' call for "global digital identities" is a stark realization of John’s prophecy in Rev. 13:1-18 and chapter 17, “And he, [the beast from the earth or religion, through the beast from the sea or politics, Rev. 13:1-18,] causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark… that no one may buy or sell [or be “shut out” from the economy of “his holiness’” “world community,”] except one who [does not have] the mark… The number of the beast, [which is a bar-coded, identification chip, implanted in either the hand or forehead, which is] the number of a man, [it is definitely a physical thing, called] 666.” 

Take note: at this stage in history, this "mark” was already placed on, and/or implanted in four-fifths of the world’s population.  All these "global citizens" are already included in this satanic bar-coded identification system of politics and religion. All these people are already part of the “one global community” of “global citizens,” in the very last phase of Satan’s rule on this earth before the return of Jesus. 

The second photo above shows how the masses of attendees at the “Global Citizens Festival 2018,” (politicians, businessmen, actors, religionists, and Christian clergy from all over the world,) give their masonic signs to openly show their allegiance to Satan, “the god of this world.” 

Both these photos are documented proof that “the beast from the earth,” (Christian religion at this stage, Rev. 13:11-18,) riding “the beast from the sea,” (global politics, Rev. 13:1-10,) are now forming the one-world, borderless, political “Fourth World” of the Socialist One World Order, as described in Revelation Chapters 13, 17 & 18. 

The One World Order is a global, religious/military order under United Nations Governance, with a one-world political dogma, (the “bear” of communist socialism, Rev. 13:2,) one-world citizenship, (Rev. 13:8,) one-world language, (English, the “mouth of the Lion,” Rev. 13:2,) one-world religion, (it is still the West and Christianity now, but it will soon turn into the East and Islam, (signified by the “dragon” with its great natural resources (oil) and other wealth, which “powers,” the leopard-like political beast, (Rev. 13:2; 18:1-4; 8-20.)  All this power and control will be possible by the support of a one-world nation; all marked with the same digital or electronic monetary system, (Rev. 13:16-18.) 


Since 1945, at the end of World War Two, the assault of One World Governance on the “citizens of the world” has been executed on these two fronts: empowering the East and branding the citizens of the world. In tandem with religious revolution globally, (to unite all religions and church denominations with the Vatican,) falls the creation of the borderless Fourth [political socialist] World, where everyone will soon be “Global Citizens” of the One World Order, (Rev. 13:11-14.)

We witness this now through the millions of ‘migrants’ who flee from all the destitute Third World communist countries, where the poor are “abysmally” poor and the ruling socialist despots are majestically rich – which is the two-tier economic system of communist-socialism. 
Among these are millions of Muslims, invading the whole world with the religion of Islam and also taking extreme “lawlessness” into even the most prominent First World Countries, raping women (and little girls) to place them under the Muslim “cloth.” (Mt. 24:11-14 KJV of the Bible.) 

Satan wants all “unenlightened” ones globally, (those who know nothing about masonic orders,) to believe that these masses of “enlightened” Satanists in every type of leadership in both politics and religion, is a “conspiracy theory.” Yet, he is revealing himself globally through utter “lawlessness,” (1 Ths. 2:9-12; Mt. 24:1-28,) and complete satanic [masonic] solidarity in both politics and religion, (look at the mayhem in the world and in churches, and how everyone that is someone in the world, show their masonic signs,) so that the whole world can know it is uniting under his despotism of economic, political, and religious control, (Rev. 13:4-9; 13-18.)

Jesus declared to all His true disciples in Lu. 21:27-28 and Mt. 24:29-31, "Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, [because everyone will very soon] see the Son of Man coming [on the clouds of heaven] with power and great glory... (Mt. 24:29-31,) Immediately AFTER the tribulation of [these] days… [not before or during the tribulation,] the Son of Man will appear in heaven, [at His once off, and only return,] and then all the [unbelieving] tribes of the earth will mourn... [No matter where or who you are, all over the planet, once and for all, in That One Day at His return, every eye will see Him, and every tongue will confess that He is God, and every knee will bow before Him at His return.]”

Mt. 24:31, “And [then He will send His angels with a great sound of [the last] trumpet, and they will gather together His elect [all true believers] from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other." All His believers, once and for all time, in That One Day, will then be with The Lord for all eternity!


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