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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History – Renette Vermeulen


Renette Vermeulen






God’s Word declares, “Of [all domesticated] and [wild] animals, of birds, and of everything that creeps on the earth, [which would not be able to live in water during the flood,] two by two, went into the ark to Noah, male and female…”  (Gen. 6:19; 7:7-9.) 

However, Creation Science and their popular teacher Kent Hovind say Noah was clever enough not to take live dinosaurs on board – he took eggs instead!  If this were true, Noah had great ESP, (extrasensory perception,) to know which eggs were male and which were female! (The notion that oval eggs are male and round ones are female, is a hoax.) 

So, why stop with dinosaur eggs?  Surely Clever Noah took the eggs of all other oviparous (egg-laying) animals and birds on board and saved a lot of food, space and chores on the ark! 

Good work, Old Noah.  First, you chased away all the animals that came to you two-by-two.  You  yourself also protected and eventually hatched all those thousands of eggs during that incredible storm and while you had to wait for the water to finally subside — which was a whole year all in all.  Then, you fed and trained all those little animals and birds by hand! But most importantly, you successfully vetoed God Who commanded in Gen. 6:21, “You must take for yourself of all food that is eaten.  You shall gather it to yourself; and it shall be food for you and for them.”  Moreover, someone made the one who wrote the following in Gen. 6:22, a shameless liar, “Thus Noah did: according to all that God commanded him, so he did.” 

Sorrowfully, as we compare the teachings of Creation Science, we will see that they do not twist Scriptural truth.  They twist the Word of God into lies in everything they teach.       


                             dino in eden.jpg     dino eggs on the ark.jpg   

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Above Left:  Here we see what Hovind teaches when he states, “Dinosaur’s were with Adam in Eden!” 

Above Right: Here is actually a photograph of dinosaurs hatching just before or as the ark made landfall! 


In the whole of the Scriptural Genesis-creation, or for that matter, in the whole of the Bible, there is not really a single trace of dinosaurs that lived!  Elephants, yes.  Giraffes, yes.  “Great sea creatures” like whales, yes. (Gen. 1:21.)  Dinosaurs, no. 

Why not dinosaurs?  Real science should have been able to tell us that the skeleton of a so-called 100-ton titanosaurs” would not have been able to sustain its weight on land.  Water disperses the weight of the “great [or giant] sea creatures,”  which makes life sustainable for them.  That’s why there have been whales and other huge creatures in the sea from the very beginning when God created everything on earth “so very good!” 

Dinosaurs, however, is a very clever “scientific” figment of masonic evolutionist imaginations.  All the great men and women from masonic orders are anti-creation evolutionists at heart. 


         levy 1.jpg     dragon-seven-heads.jpg

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   Above:  The Leviathan or dragon snake that Hovind and Company made into “a living dinosaur, which still lived after the flood of Noah,” is actually an allegory of Satan, the humanly untameable evil spirit’.  Job 41:18-19, “His sneezing flash forth light.  His eyes are like the eyelids of the morning.  Out of his mouth go burning lights: sparks of fire shoot out.  Smoke goes out of his nostrils…”  Rev. 20:2, “Jesus seized the dragon, [the Leviathan,] that ancient serpent, who is the devil…”  Rev. 12:3, 9, “A fiery red dragon with seven heads…  The dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the devil…” 


levy behemoth.jpg                    dino tail like a cedar.jpg                        behemoth crocodile.jpg  

 [Acknowledgement to the people who compiled these images]

Above:  Is Hovind and Creation Science’s “Behemoth” of Job 40:17 a “brontosaurus,” a strange elephant-god, a crocodile, or some other mythical creature? 

Þ No,  the Behemoth is another allegory of the humanly untameable devil or one of his mighty demons, which can  only be subdued by God Himself. 

Þ If the Behemoth were a so-called “brontosaurus,” it would have been an animal with “bones like beams of bronze and ribs like bars of iron… and the [whole river] Jordan gushed into his mouth!”  (Job 40:18-19; 23.)  How can anyone with a sound mind believe that such a physical beast can, or could have existed?  This river-Jordan–swallowing beast is an allegory of the devil, which absorbs everything good that comes his way! 


· This verse in Job does not say the behemoth had a tail as long and stiff as a cedar treeThis verse actually states “he moves his tail like a cedar.”  (Job. 40:17.) 

· This supernatural creature actually moves its thick bushy tail like a bushy cedar tree moves in the wind — which is probably another allegory for an ability of this spirit beast.   

· A squirrel can also move its bushy tail like a cedar that moves in the wind, but is a little animal not a supernatural beast like the behemoth!   

· One thing this so-called “brontosaurus” does not have is a thick bushy tail like a cedar tree!  When the masonic establishment, who are all evolutionists, fabricated this “dino,” they gave it a stiff, rather unmovable tail. Therefore, if the crocodile were a grass-eating beast, their behemoth should resemble a crocodile with its swooping tail rather than this “brontosaurus” fabrication, which serves no other purpose than to disseminate the anti-creation religion of evolution and the twisting of Scripture to lead Jesus’ believers astray!  



· Creation Science doctrine is an adaptation of Isaac Vail, Darwin, and Baugh

· Hovind’s earth was a freezer, not a greenhouse 

· Some of Hovind’s abuse of Scripture landed him in prison 

· Hovind:  “Adam took Eve’s sin just like Christ took our sin!” - Wow! 

· Hovind, ‘Satan was created on the first or second day (of Genesis, and) fell in Eden, after 100 years or so with Adam and Eve’ - Satan was when the foundation of earth was laid! 

· “Lizards ‘became’ dinosaurs and then ‘became’ lizards again” — pure evolution dogma

· Biblical facts that refute evolution and “Answers in Genesis,” or Creation Science 

· “The darkness ‘on the face of the deep’ - what does Scripture really say? 

· Hovind, “Everything  ‘became’ gigantic in Eden”  - over “millions and millions of years?” 

· Hovind, “Adam, Noah, and his sons were giants” - how did they ‘become’ human again? 

· Hovind, “The genes for largeness are gone, for some reason!” - Genes can never change!

· Hovind, “The original creation was above the oceans.  The oceans used to be inside the earth…”  (Gen. 1:2, “The earth was without form [a marsh of water and earth..]”) 

· Hovind:  “No mountains before the flood.  Gen. 7:19-20, “If rained until all the high hills and mountains were covered.”   

· Hovind: “Dinosaurs suffocated after the Flood and man hunted them to extinction – but they are still alive today!’  - What an oxymoron!  “Suffocate…  still alive today…?” 

· Hovind: “Human and dino tracks in rock proves [just as in evolution] that dinosaurs lived in Eden and some are still alive today!” - Biggest hoax of the modern world!     



Many churches disseminate the teachings of Christian Creation Science teachers such as Kent Hovind as absolute Bible Truth.  Creation Science has emerged as an ‘alternative’ explanation to the hugely unscientific dinosaur-dilemma and truly Biblical views of the Genesis-creation. 

The well-known evangelist and masonic preacher Billy Graham also supported ‘creation science’ and declared, “…Whether it came by an evolutionary process [or creation,] whichever way God did it makes no difference as to what man is and man's relationship to God." 

Can sincerely born again believers in Christ really believe such a compromising lie?  Sadly, many do. 

What’s more, while the well-known Creation Science, (answers-in-genesis) disciple Kent Hovind alleges that his mixture of some Biblical verses with the evolution theory proves ‘evolution a massive lie,’ he actually uses the lie of evolution to ‘prove’ his many Christianized evolution fallacies

In this way, Hovind and Company are leading thousands of gullible Christians astray. 

Consequently, this much needed article exposes the Masonic-Darwinist teachings of evolution, which also support the very unbiblical theories of Creation Science.

God commands us in His Word to ‘test every spirit, to see whether they are of God, because many false prophets [and teachers] have gone out into the world.’  – 1 Jn. 4:1; 1 Ths. 5:21.

So, if it is not in the full contextual truth of the Book of Genesis and in the whole context of the Bible, it’s not true!  We do not have to speculate whether dinosaurs walked with Adam and Eve in the Garden in Eden, because, in the Book of Genesis, God explained exactly when and what type of life He created here on earth, and the entire context of the Bible confirms Gods’ Genesis account!

Thus, we must conclude that, if the teachings of Creation Science and Hovind add to, twist, or omit God’s account of creation, and if their teachings do not fit into the whole context of Biblical truth, we have to do with a strange, dangerous spirit!



High school ‘science’ teacher and well-know preacher, Kent Hovind, has taken the Christian world by storm with his ‘flat earth,’ and ‘dinosaur eggs in the ark’ tales.  He alleges, ‘Dinosaurs were alive 400 years ago, and I have the evidence to prove that they are still alive today!”  Sounds like an oxymoron to me; ‘were alive... still alive…’  But then, as we will discover, Hovind’s teachings are full of self-contradictions, and more horrendously, contradictions to Scripture. 

Christians might choose to ignore Hovind’s unscriptural ramblings and ‘unorthodox’ statements, which, untested, seem logical to many gullible believers.  However, the number of Christians he affects necessitates a closer look at his wild Creation Science theories. 

Their attempt to separate Creation Science fiction from Darwinism sound something like this:  (in Hovind’s words,) “[In Eden…] lizards became [or in evolution terms, evolved into] dinosaurs... But now the genes for largeness are gone somehow!”  No, wait! “Evolution teaches, all the dinosaurs evolved from a single cell that came to life during ‘the big bang,’ and they all went extinct in a meteor storm millions of years ago — or no, some evolved into crocodiles and lizards, as the genes for largeness are gone somehow!”  “No,” Hovind argues, “actually, they all drowned in the flood of Noah, but some are still alive today!”   Wow!  All Drowned… some are still alive….???? 

Creation Science disciple Hovind is a fraud and an extremely false teacher, and so, ‘Way of Life Literature’s Fundamental Baptist Information Service’ and many other writings warn, ‘BEWARE OF KENT HOVIND’S NEW EVANGELICAL PHILOSOPHY!’

Creation Science is a cultic religion, foreign to the truth of Scripture, which is an adaptation of Darwin’s masonic religion of evolution and the non-sustainable hydrogen theory of Isaac Vail and Carl E. Baugh.   Baugh alleged that earth was ‘encapsulated’ by a massive layer of ‘metallic hydrogen’ that created a ‘glass house effect.’  Hovind changed that illogic hypothesis to a ‘double layer of ice,’ but later decided it was like Vail alleged, a ‘canopy of water,’ while he kept to the ‘dinosaur’ theory of masonic/illuminist Darwin and Baugh.

“Baugh was the founder of the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas, and host of TBN's Creation In The 21st Century.  Baugh insisted that the earth was created in 3987 B.C. and surrounded by a canopy of metallic hydrogen before the flood.  Baugh believes the stars literally sing and that all dinosaurs were herbivores even after Adam’s fall.” – [‘Realms of Faith, Christian Author’s Database.’] 



Hovind:  “Earth’s atmosphere has 6 layers, [no, earth’s atmosphere has five layers!] but apparently there used to be a 7th layer… [Where is the evidence of this?] which created a greenhouse effect around the earth…  ICE held up by earth’s magnetic field, as well as ICE under the crust of the earth, created a green-house effect, that’s why everything grew huge in Eden…” 

What?  Ice underneath the earth?  The deeper one digs, the hotter earth gets!  No crust of ice there, that’s for sure! It is a fact that the core of the earth is scorching hot, because multitudes of volcanoes brew inside the earth.  It is impossible to place a ‘layer of ice’ on top of such immense heat.

Later, old self-contradicting Hovind forgets about the double layer of ice and says, “A canopy of WATER overhead increased air pressure which allowed trees and other vegetation, insects and reptiles to grow larger, as insects breathe through their skin…” 

No Hovind, what kind of ‘science’ teacher are you?  Insects do not breathe through their skin, but through special openings in their bodies.  And no!  Insects do not have skin.  They have an hard exoskeleton that does not nearly represent skin like mammals have.   

Actually, God said in Genesis 1:6-10 that He divided the waters of the ground from those of the air – God Himself created an atmosphere and a stratosphere, which spans from 9–60 km. above the earth.  The Word of God does NOT speak of, or even suggests a ‘7th layer,’ ‘metallic hydrogen,’ or ‘two layers of ice,’ which supposedly ‘encapsulated’ life on earth! 

If two thick layers of ‘ice’ encapsulated life on earth, life would have been in a freezer, not a greenhouse!  Just think of a cloudy day; now multiply that cold, sunless day by a thousand!  Sandwiched between two thick layers of ice, life on earth would have been unbearable!  Hovind’s earth would have been a dark, ice-cold, uninhabitable, dead planet.  [See ‘The Vapor Canopy Hypothesis Holds No Water,’ Paul Farrar an Bill Hyde.]  

Rich Deem wrote in ‘The Water Vapor Canopy Theory, Why the Bible (And Science) Says It is False,’ “[Freemason] Isaac Vail (1840 –1912) first proposed the canopy theory in 1874. He believed a canopy formed millions of years ago as the earth evolved from a molten state. Vail supported his case primarily by ancient Babylonian mythology.” 

[Find the answer to the questions, “Did God curse (or change) everything at the fall in Eden?” And “Did God make ‘adaptations’ to creation after the flood of Noah?” in the book, ‘Witchcraft, (pagan & Christian,) what is that?’