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Renette Vermeulen




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This article exposes the Masonic-Darwinist teachings of evolution, which support the unbiblical theories of Creation Science and ‘Answers in Genesis,” as taught by ’science teacher’ Kent Hovind.  God commands us in His Word to ‘test every spirit to see whether they are of God, because many false prophets [and teachers] have gone out into the world.” (1 Jn. 4:1; 1 Ths. 5:21.) 

If it is not in the full contextual truth of the Book of Genesis and in the whole context of the Bible, it’s not true! We do not have to speculate whether dinosaurs walked with Adam and Eve in the Garden in Eden.  In the Book of Genesis, God explained exactly when and what type of life He created on earth, and looking at nature in real life confirms Gods’ Genesis account! (Rom. 1:20.) 

Thus we must conclude, if the teachings of Creation Science/Answers in Genesis and Hovind add to, twist, or omit God’s account of creation, and if their teachings do not fit into the whole context of Biblical truth, we have to do with a strange, dangerous, anti-god, anti-creation spirit!



· Dinosaur eggs on the ark? 

· Were the leviathan and the behemoth dinosaurs? 

· Creation Science/Answers in Genesis: an adaptation of Isaac Vail, Darwin, and Baugh

· Kent Hovind’s earth was a freezer, not a greenhouse 

· Some of Hovind’s abuse of Scripture landed him in prison 

· Hovind:  “Adam took Eve’s sin just like Christ took our sin!” - What blasphemy!

· Hovind, ‘Satan was created on the first or second day (of Genesis, and) fell in Eden, after 100 years or so with Adam and Eve’ - Satan was there when earth’s foundation was laid!” 

· Lizards ‘became’ dinosaurs and then ‘became’ lizards again” — pure evolution dogma

· Biblical facts that refute evolution and “Answers in Genesis” (Creation Science) 

· The darkness ‘on the face of the deep’ - what does Scripture really say? 

· Hovind, “Everything  ‘became’ gigantic in Eden”  - over “millions and millions of years?” 

· Hovind, “Adam, Noah, and his sons were giants” - how did they ‘become’ human again

· Hovind, “The genes for largeness are gone, for some reason!” - Genes can never change!

· Hovind, “The original creation was above the oceans[Flat earth conspiracy.] The oceans used to be inside the earth…”  What lies — Genesis 1:9-10, “Water covered the earth… God separated the sea from the land..” 

· Hovind:  “No mountains before the flood.  Lie.  The Truth: Genesis 7:19-20,  “It rained until all the high hills and mountains were covered.”   

· Hovind: “Dinosaurs suffocated after the Flood and man hunted them to extinction – but they are still alive today!’  - What an oxymoron!  “Suffocated…  still alive today…???” 

· Hovind: “Human and dino tracks in rock prove [just as in evolution] that dinosaurs lived in Eden and some are still alive today!” - one of the biggest jokes of the modern world!     




                             dino in eden.jpg     dino eggs on the ark.jpg   

[Acknowledgement to the people who compiled these images]

Above Left:  This is what ‘Answers in Genesis,’ Creation Science, and their disciple Kent Hovind teach.  He states, “Dinosaur’s were with Adam in Eden” — and “Adam and Eve were also giants!” 

Above Right: This is actually a “photograph of dinosaurs hatching just before or as the ark made landfall,” which, according to Bible Truth, took a whole year since the rain started! 

God’s Word undeniably declares, “Of [all domesticated] and [wild] animals, of birds, and everything that creeps on the earth, [which would not be able to live in water during the flood,] two by two, male and female, went into the ark to Noah…”  (Gen. 6:19; 7:7-9.) 

Yet, Creation Science/Answers in Genesis and their teacher Kent Hovind say, “Noah was clever enough not to take live dinosaurs on board – he took eggs instead!”  If this were true and dinosaurs did live in the garden in Eden, (if they really did live at all and are not an anti-creation, so-called ‘palaeontology,’ masonic deception,) Noah had great ESP, (extrasensory perception,) to know which eggs were male and which were female! (The notion that oval eggs are male and round ones are female is a scam.) 

So, why stop with dinosaur eggs?  Surely Clever Noah took the eggs of all other oviparous (egg-laying) animals and birds on board to save a lot of food, space, and chores on the ark! 

Good work, Old Noah!  First, you chased away most of the animals God sent to you two-by-two.  You yourself then hatched all those thousands of eggs after that incredible storm while you had to wait for the water to finally evaporate — which was a whole year.  Then, you fed and trained all those little animals and birds by hand! So, you also successfully vetoed God’s command in Genesis 6:21, “You must take for yourself of all food that is eaten.  You must gather it to yourself; and it will be food for you and for them.”  Creation Science/Answers in Genesis made Genesis 6:22 a shameless lie.  It states, “Thus Noah did according to all that God commanded him.” 

we compare the teachings of Answers in Genesis to the truth of Scripture, we will see how they turn God’s Word into the evolution dogma; brilliantly masked with Bible verses, (Mark 7:13.) 




         levy 1.jpg     dragon-seven-heads.jpg

[Acknowledgement to the people who compiled these images]

Above:  The Leviathan or dragon snake that Christian Science, Hovind, and Company made into “a living dinosaur, which still [allegedly] lived after the flood of Noah,” is actually not a real animal, but an ALLEGORY OF SATAN, the humanly untameable, evil spirit of chaos and destruction

Isa. 27:1-2, “In That Day [of Jesus’ return] He will punishLeviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan that twisted serpent; and He will slay the reptile that is in the sea.” This is no ‘dinosaur’ but that ‘old dragon-snake’ Satan!  The “sea” is a symbol of the godless world, (Rev. 13:1-2,9; 1 Jn. 5:19.) Rev. 12:3-4, “Another sign [vision] appeared… [of what happened way before literal time on earth when Satan and his demons tried to dethrone God.]  The great, fiery red dragon with seven heads…  who drew a third of the stars [angels] of heaven to throw them to the earth… (V. 9,) was cast out, [of heaven;] that serpent of old, called the devil and Satan…”  Rev. 20:2, “An angel laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is the devil…” “Ps. 74:14 prophesied, “[Jesus] broke the heads of the Leviathan in pieces… [at the cross:]” (Col. 2:9-15!) 

Only those who search the Scriptures to justify their false dogmas will see the Leviathan as a physical dinosaur in the garden in Eden.  It is clearly ALLEGORICALLY described as the fallen spirit Satan throughout the Bible and in Job 41:1-34.  It reads, “...Will [you] make a banquet for him? ...Lay your hand on him? [...Here are] his parts, his power, and comely proportion. Who can [see him?] Come to him?  …Open the doors of his face? His teeth are terrible round about.  His scales are his pride… His sneezing flashes forth light.  His eyes are like the eyelids of the morning.  Out of his mouth go [fire.]  Smoke goes out of his nostrils… (Verse 31,) He makes the deep to boil like a pot and the sea like a pot of ointment...”  This sounds like what Satan does in hell, doesn’t it? 

The ‘Behemoth’ in Scripture is supposedly a brontosaurus in Hovind’s ‘creation science!’ 

levy behemoth.jpg                    dino tail like a cedar.jpg                        behemoth crocodile.jpg  

 [Acknowledgement to the people who compiled these images]

Above: Which of the above can be a “behemoth?’ Answer: None! Not even the so-called “brontosaurus” that most probably never existed. When the masonic establishment, who are all evolutionists, manufactured this “dino,” they gave it a long, stiff, immovable tail.  This fabrication serves the purpose of decimating the faith of God’s believers with the masonic, anti-creation religion of evolution, through the gross twisting of Scripture through Creation Science and “Answers in Genesis.”  So, Kent Hovind quotes Job 40:15-24, which supposedly verify that the behemoth was a brontosaurus dinosaur with “a tail as long and stiff as a cedar tree.”  To unravel this lie, we begin with the Scripture that states, this untameable creature was “made with humanity” - their ‘proof that dinosaurs were created in the garden in Eden,’ (Job 40:15.)  Contextually, this does nor refer to literal dinosaurs but rather to the spiritual beast called ‘the behemoth’ in the Book of Job.  This is the only reference of a behemoth in Scripture.  Contextually, neither literal dinosaurs nor Satan made in the garden with humanity.  He was created in infinity before God’s creation on earth, although Kent Hovind also denies this.  “Was made with man” in this context probably means that the literal Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil was created in the garden, and there Satan inhabited it. 

In Job 40:15-24, God presented the behemoth as humanly unconquerable, just as He did with the Leviathan spirit. So, if this was physical, “dinosaurs could not have been hunted to extinction” as Hovind also alleges.  However, at first, the behemoth sounds more like a physical beast than the Leviathan does, although literalism is also impossible in the latter interpretation. 

For instance, “...His force is in the navel of his belly.   HE MOVES HIS TAIL LIKE A CEDAR [in the wind…]”  This does not mean that it’s tail is as “stiff” as the tail of a ‘brontosaurus.’  A squirrel can also move its bushy tail like a cedar tree moves in the wind, but it is not the unconquerable beast the behemoth!  “His bones are as strong as brass and [its ribs] like bars of iron…. Trees covers him with their shadow…”  Wow, if this is not an allegory, trees must have really been huge in Eden if the behemoth was a dinosaur of 33,000 pound, 28 feet high, and with a tail of 85 feet.  Still, even such a huge creature could not “DRAW UP THE WHOLE JORDAN RIVER INTO HIS MOUTH AND TAKE IT WITH HIS EYES….”  In reality, this is the final blow to their behemoth-brontosaurus fallacy!  No literal animal, even if it were a dinosaur, can swallow the whole Jordan river through it’s eyes!  This river-swallowing beast is clearly another METAPHOR of the devil that began to operate on a physical level in the garden in Eden.  Satan still absorbs everything good that comes his way!  The Behemoth is undoubtedly another SYMBOL of the devil, which can only be subdued by God Himself. 



Many churches disseminate the dogmas of Christian Creation Science teachers such as Kent Hovind as “absolute Bible Truth.”  Creation Science/Answers in Genesis emerged as an ‘alternative’ explanation to the dinosaur hoax. Hovind also attempts to nullify the Truth of God’s Genesis-creation. 

The well-known evangelist and masonic preacher Billy Graham also supported ‘creation science.’ He declared, “…Whether it came by an evolutionary process or creation, whichever way God did it makes no difference as to what man is and man's relationship to God." 

What?  Trying to nullify the truth of God’s creation is nothing?  Want to see the True God?  Look at His creation according to His contextual Word. The Godhead “shows” Himself through His creation so we can “see and understand” Him and worship the Creator, not the creature, (Rom. 1:18-32!)  Disturbingly, the Creation Science/Answers in Genesis disciple Kent Hovind pretends that his mixture of some Biblical verses and the evolution theory ‘proves evolution a massive lie.’ Yet, as we will see, he uses the lie of evolution to ‘prove’ that his many Christianized evolution theories are so-called “truth.”  In this way, Hovind and Company are leading thousands of gullible Christians astray. 



High school ‘science’ teacher and well-know preacher, Kent Hovind alleges, ‘Dinosaurs were alive 400 years ago, and I have the evidence to prove that they are still alive today!”  Sounds like an oxymoron to me; ‘were alive... still alive…’  But then, as we will discover, Hovind’s teachings are full of self-contradictions, and more horrendously, contradictions of Scripture. 

To separate Creation Science  or Creation fiction from Darwinism sounds something like this:  (in Hovind’s words,) “In Eden… lizards became dinosaurs... But now the genes for largeness are gone somehow!”  No wait, evolution actually says it like this! “All the dinosaurs evolved from a single cell that came to life during ‘the big bang,’ and they all went extinct in a meteor storm millions of years ago — or no, some evolved into crocodiles and lizards, as the genes for largeness are gone somehow!”  “No,” Hovind argues, “actually, they all drowned in the flood of Noah, [he forgot about ‘the eggs he took on the ark,’] but some are still alive today!”   Wow!  All drowned… some are still alive….???? 

Creation Science/Answers in Genesis disciple Hovind is a fraud and an extremely false teacher, and so, ‘Way of Life Literature’s Fundamental Baptist Information Service’ and many other writings warn, ‘BEWARE OF KENT HOVIND’S EVANGELICAL PHILOSOPHY!’

Creation Science/Answers in Genesis is a cultic religion, foreign to the truth of Scripture, which is an adaptation of Darwin’s masonic religion of evolution and the metallic hydrogen theory, (water behaves as a metal,) of Isaac Newton Vail and Carl E. Baugh.  Baugh said that metallic hydrogen surrounded the earth until Noah’s flood.  Isaac Newton Vail’s 1886 "Canopy Theory" proposed that the Earth had been encapsulated by a toroidal [doughnut shaped] mass of ice, which he named the "FIRMAMENT," until Noah’s flood,” (Gen. 1:6-8.)  Van Allen Radiation Belts too, (magnetically charged particles that surround the earth in a doughnut shape,) which scientists still attempt to understand since it was ‘discovered in 1958 after the launch of Explorer 1, the first U.S. satellite, is definitely not the “firmament” or an indestructible ‘dome’ over the earth, which NASA bombed to get through into outer space.  [Thank you for this info on the radiation belts, Bertus Jacobs!] Carl E. Baugh alleged that earth had a  “crystalline canopy” of ‘metallic hydrogen’ that created a ‘glass house effect on earth.”  After the flood, debris  from the earth and the ‘hydrogen canopy’ was pushed into space and now forms the asteroid belt.”  The Answers in Genesis teacher Kent Hovind changed the above mentioned opinions to a ‘double layer of ice,’ while, (as we will see,)  he kept to the basics of the ‘dinosaur’ theory of masonic/illuminist Darwin

The above dome-philosophies are widely used in the false flat earth theory.The engineer Jane Albright notes several scientific failings of the canopy theory. Among these are that enough water to create a flood of even 5 centimetres (2.0 in) of rain would form a vapour blanket thick enough to make the earth too hot for life, since water vapour is a greenhouse gas; the same blanket would effectively obscure all incoming [light.]” [Wikipedia.] 

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