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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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The Fourfold Beast has been making the World into First, Second, and Third World Countries, and now, it is making these political spheres into the Fourth World  

Daniel and John’s vision of the masonic end-time beast, the fourfold leopard, represents Four Worlds or worldwide political models.  These ‘worlds’ were some five centuries in the making, but before and since World War Two ended in 1945, the masonic controlled United Nations brought them into being one by one.  OneWorldNationsOnline explained, “First, Second, Third [and Fourth] World countries  are models of the geopolitical world from the time of the cold war after World War Two.  [At the end of World War Two, Russia, Britain and America split the world into East and West: two] geopolitical blocks or spheres of influence with different views on politically correct society.”  Since then, these “Four Worlds” aligned East and West under global, One World, communist/socialist control. 

1. “The bloc of democratic-industrial countries within [British and] American influence are "First World" countries.” [Affluent, superpower, European countries and their colonies, ruled by  capitalist ingenuity, but built on slavery,] were only termed ‘First World countries’ after World War Two.]” 

2. “The Eastern bloc of the communist-socialist states are "Second World" countries.”  [The Soviet Union made those First World countries into Second World countries; destroying them to a state between former First World prosperity and desperate Third World poverty.] 

3. “The remaining three-quarters of the world's countries are the Third World countries from across the globe.” [First, these countries were supposedly ‘liberated’ by Soviet communist expansion/imperialism/colonialism through terrorist war and chaos.  Then these countries were, and still are gradually ‘socialized’ or depleted through constant civil war and industrial uprising. (I.e., all of Africa, Latin America, Central Pacific Oceania and Asia, Cuba, India, China, countries in the Middle East...) Allegedly in a process of ‘rising from communist ashes,’ these countries are now called “Developing Countries.” This implies restoration but it is actually a severe deterioration due to continuing socialist upheaval, crime, and the gross corruption of Government officials.]  

4. “The term "Fourth World” refers to widely unknown nations (cultural entities) of indigenous peoples, living within or across national state boundaries.”  [It combines First, Second and Third World countries into the New Age, Fourth World.  The Fourth World is now being made by ‘migrants’ or dispossessed people from communist countries such as Africa, India, the Arab Emirates, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, and China, which flood the whole world to create a borderless Fourth World.  The rise of the Fourth World is also seen in the global dominance of  industrial  giants such as Russia and other East-bloc counties; China, India, Japan, Cuba, and the superrich Arab Emirates that were previously communist destroyed countries, while now, in their great prosperity, their ‘socialized,’ war-torn citizens are still fleeing from these countries by the millions.]”