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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History – Renette Vermeulen

Secret Societies Control the Rise and Fall of Empires

Renette Vermeulen


PART 8:  Violent South African Paradigm Shift towards Communist Destruction 


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Above:  The name of the Great Architect of the Universe, Jahbulon, the god of the masonic lodge, is revealed to the master mason first.  ‘High’ masons know him as Baphomet, the goat-god of lust and power.    






· The religious Paradigm Shift—The Political Paradigm Shift




· The brainwashing of the media

· Racial, socialist crimes were so much greater

· The function of the apartheid regime in the greater scheme of things


· The Dutch Reformed Church and the masonic lodge

· The pagan design of sun worship — The hall of fame

· The circle or ‘wheel’ of wagons  -  This Monument Exposes the Afrikaner Broederbond





I include the following because John wrote in Jn. 7:51, “the law does not judge a man before it hears him and knows what he is doing.”

In defense of freemasonry, Jim Treshner, Director of the Masonic Leadership Institute, 33rd degree Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, discusses Masonry “calmly and factually” to “separate needless attacks on victimized Masons.  Adversaries of masonry do not ask a knowledgeable mason for clarification… they simply read books written by anti-masons…”

Threshner insists that masonry is an honorable society, which harbors no secrets, harmful rituals, or evil intentions.  He says it is not a religion, nor a persecutor of Christianity – on the contrary, it respects all religions.  He says Albert Pike’s book, ‘Morals and Dogma,’ is not masonic dogma.  Pike’s statement “Yes, we worship a god…  Lucifer is god…” were merely “taken out of context” to smear freemasons.  Treshner also states that King Phillip of France, in AD 1307, confiscated the vast treasures of the masonic Knights Templar, [the militant monks of the Catholic church, who supposedly ‘guarded’ pilgrimages to the Holy Land,] and tortured them until they confessed that they worship Baphomet.  “The confession as well as the meaning of the name Baphomet was misquoted,” he alleges, “as it was merely a term for Mohammed in the Middle Ages, not a demon.  These lies were spread by anti-masonic writers…”

So, is Treshner saying that the Knights Templar worships Mohammed not Satan?

Shockingly, Constance Cumbey also alleges in her book, ‘A Planned Deception,’ that no Jewish conspiracy, controlling Jewish monetary system or powerful society such as the Cabalist Sanhedrin exists in the world.  She declares, “Such allegations are merely Hitlerism, which is anti-Semitism, occult traps designed to pit one target group against another…  Freemasonry functioned then [during Hitler’s reign,] as it does now, as a sort of occult whipping boy…  Paul, also an object of occult hatred, summed it up well when he told the early Christians to ‘Boast not against the branches…’” 

We all know that God forbids anti-Semitism, as all other forms of racism.  Still, Cabalist and other Masonic Powers, and their incredibly destructive beliefs and influences on both politics and religion, are sure realities.  God commanded us to “test and prove” everything in the light of His contextual Word, the Bible, to reject what is false and then to hold on to what is good, (1 Ths. 5:21-22.) 

God also commanded us to expose evil, false Christian doctrine, and false Christian leaders especially.  Eph. 5:11-17, “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather expose them…  See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil…  Understand what the will of the Lord is…”    


While Hitler’s persecution on the lower ranks of freemasonry might have been a scapegoat to cover his ties with Skull and Bones and other secret societies, as well as the allegation that there might have been crypto Jewish blood in his own veins, there is still nothing innocent or free about freemasonry.  Serious scholars of the Bible, historians, and those who have knowledge of masonic doctrine know that, even if Treshner’s and Cumbey’s defense of freemasonry (and Zionist-masonic Jews) holds water, it still cannot be a coincidence that we find ‘noble’ masons, Jewish or otherwise, occupying and influencing nearly every significant sphere of life.  More importantly, the long-term political and religious fruit, which these masons bear, are simply horrendous!

McLoud wrote in ‘Actors in the Last Act,’ The masonic creed of the 3rd degree states, “If a brother discloses any of our secrets… even if a minister of the church pray in the Name of Christ in any of our meetings, you must be ready… to slit his throat from side to side and pluck his tongue out at the roots…  The Cabalist Jew, Jacob Falk … stands alone in his generation because of his knowledge of the holy mysteries…  Falk was in contact with Frank, Mendelssohn, Rothschild, and Adam Weishaupt.”  Lucien Wolf confirmed, “[For centuries] Cabalist Jews have been furnishing money and information to insurgents, army contractors, and they became loan-mongers and super-spies…  [Like the superrich loan monger and British/Boer double agent, Lithuanian-born Jew, Sammy Marks did in South Africa during the “Boer War.”]  The Rothschild Dynasty has been making loans not to individuals, but to kings and presidents…”

The reason why anti-masonic writers do not ask “a knowledgeable mason for information,” is that all masons were sworn to silence.  They will always lie about the core and true motives of their secretive religion.  Even if Jim Treshner could defend Albert Pike’s declaration that “Lucifer [and Baphomet,] is god…” he cannot deny that in the ritual of exultation, (as early as the 4th degree,) the name of the Great Architect of the Universe, Baphomet, is revealed to the master mason as Jahbulon. 

Stephen Knight explained, “Jahbulon is a precise designation that describes a specific supernatural being – a compound deity composed of three separate personalities fused into one,” – and this name signifies the unholy trinity of Satan. 


In her book, Constance Cumbey focuses solely on the New Age Theosophical Society, (a common anti-cult/occult-mistake,) omitting the other societies that are intertwined with the one under the spotlight.  All secret societies are linked.  Cabalists, Illuminists, Freemasons, Bonesmen, etc., are all naturally committed to the imperialist spirit of evolution, Marxism, and the New Age, One World Government.  For instance, although freemasons proclaim Lucifer as god, (as Grand Master Albert Pike said,) the core of their religion still  centers on the theory of evolution, which is the belief that a ‘big bang’ formed the universe, and that all living things accidentally ‘evolved’ from a single cell which came to life “all by itself.”  Seeing that “it seems nothing evolves physically anymore,” they are also firmly set on the so-called ‘spiritual’ and political evolution of man. 

That is why the false anti-God, anti-creation theory of evolution, which is actually New Age religion, goes way beyond the ridiculous idea that humans evolved from apes into superior animals!  All New-Agers, masonic orders, communists, and evolutionists ‘build bridges’ or ‘network’ with other occult organizations through their central belief in humanism.  The core of humanism teaches that humans have ‘evolved’ to become a ‘superior animal-species,’ therefore, ‘all we (self-creators) are gods, who simply have to realize that the christ-consciousness lives in every one of us.  [Pure Buddhism!]  As soon as we humans realize that we are gods, we will begin to evolve spiritually, until we realize that collectively, the human species itself is God.’

‘Networking’ means that societies must ‘link’ with the worldwide web of ‘cells’ or secret societies, and work together to bring “The Global [New Age] Vision” into being.  The Global Vision means that collectively, those humans, who had eventually evolved into ‘god,’ must bring the New Age Masonic christ, the ultimate spiritual evolutionist, to his global throne.  Ethan Allen Hitchcock, a Rosicrucian mason, worked with Albert Pike of masonry’s Scottish rite towards The New Age/Communist ‘Plan’ to unify the entire world under the rule of ‘the christ.’ 

Undoubtedly, ‘the christ’ is the head of masonic doctrine globally.  All other members of this ‘scientific’ School of Spiritual Research, (like Lenin and Trotsky of Russia; Herman Hess of Germany and so on,) adhered to the communist Plan of Global Rule, as proclaimed by the Tibetan Masters, the powerful spirits that controlled Hitler.  Hitler and Carl Jung, the founder of Analytical Psychology, also attended this satanic ‘school.’

Consequently, Hitler believed himself to be ‘the christ,’ the ‘matreya,’ and ‘avatar,’ (or the embodiment of ‘the [political liberating] christ’ spirit,) the ultimate spiritual evolutionist, who had to ascend to his global throne.  So did Napoleon, Stalin, and many others.  ‘The Plan’ includes making ‘academically acceptable’ the teaching that, in a Communist Paradise of complete desolation, the New World Order will bring ‘order from chaos’ through the ‘networking’ of its many secret societies.  It is important to note that all these ‘god men’ are also extreme racists, as we will see in the next part of this book. 


The Religious Paradigm Shift

To achieve The Communist Plan of totalitarian world domination, there must be a Paradigm Shift in  religious thought; especially a moving away from Biblical faith, executed through Marxism’s Socialist Christian Wing, which had already infiltrated all the structures of Christianity, to the worship of political dictators.  As frequently revealed on TBN and other Christian media, this ‘Paradigm Shift’ is the ‘sound doctrine’ behind Kingdom-Now theologians of all denominations. 

This popular phrase means the following, and it is based on the false doctrines of the Promise Keepers’ “New Reformation,” the ‘One Man Antichrist,’ ‘Israeli Timeline,’ and ‘Pre-tribulation Rapture.  Although not openly declared in paradigm churches, “The Paradigm Shift” actually means a complete ‘shift’ from Biblical truth.  Biblical faith consists of belief in the entirety of Biblical Scripture – which is the essence and truth of God Himself, revealed to humanity.  However, according to ‘paradigm shift’ doctrine, Biblical faith is the “Old Paradigm.”  The Old Paradigm consists of the belief that “God is the Creator of the universe, that the salvation of man rests solely in the completed atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ in his place, and that this earth is destined for fire,” as heaven is the eternal home of the sincerely saved in Jesus Christ, (2 Pt. 3:10-14.) 

Now, this Old Religious Paradigm is subtly ‘Shifted’ to the New Religious Paradigm, which is the masonic belief that “life on earth evolved without the Creator,” that heaven and God’s Spiritual Kingdom on earth are “myths,” and that “the christ” of the Kingdom-Now theology, backed by the Planetary Rulers, (the Tibetan Masters of the Universe,) will be the savior of humanity and of all creation.”  Once this religious ‘shift’ has taken place on a global scale, this “one-man christ” will then supposedly rule his New Age Civilization, the new socialist paradise, his heaven on earth, in global ‘peace and prosperity,’ (1 Ths. 5:1-6.) 

[All of this is Roman Catholic, masonic-Jesuit doctrine that brings about the “New Reformation,] which is being infused into all denominations of Christianity to pull the entire world together in global religious-political union.]


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ABOVE, From Left to Right:

1. The obelisk or ‘Babylonian Tower’ is the pagan symbol of phallic and sun worship!  In pagan (Babylonian) culture, (as in all masonic orders,) the sun god or fertility god Baal, (Lucifer or Satan,) and the phallus, (erect male reproductive organ,) have always been revered as ‘the givers of life.’

2. In all Christian denominations, the church steeple has always been, and always will be a symbol of masonic sun worship. 

3. An obelisk in a church signifies masonic/phallic/sun Lucifarian worship.   

God forbade such blatant idolatry in both the Old and New Testaments - 2 Kings 10:26-27; 1 Cor. 10:14-22.   

The Political Paradigm Shift 

Working closely with their religious counterparts as discussed above, politically motivated New Age, Jewish/Russian (Bolshevik) communists, as the mentors of African and other socialist dictators, declare The Political Paradigm Shift, which consists of a radical, global ‘change.’  This Shift literally pushes the whole world from its so-called Western capitalist axis to communist, Eastern capitalist chaos where only 1%-3% at the top owns everything and everyone else is extremely poor.  This Shift is always covered with ‘passivism.’  For example, Gandhi’s ‘passivism,’ demonstrated through so-called ‘peaceful’ marches, nearly always erupt in awfully violent protests, riots, tremendous provocation of police officers and peacekeeping soldiers, bomb blasts and other lethal acts of terrorism; resulting throughout communist history in the slaughter of millions of civilians and innocent bystanders

However, those surrendered to The Shift know that the fulfillment of The Plan to socialize the whole world has a price tag attached to it.  This means, “Inevitably, there will be casualties of war.  All initiates must fanatically surrender the ‘self’ in order to suffer and even die for the ultimate communist cause!”  Communistically brainwashed martyrs like suicide bombers and ‘freedom fighting’ terrorists are therefore unstoppable in their destructive quest for totalitarian rule of the world.  This also clarifies the admirable motivation of socialists like Nelson Mandela who paid the ‘price’ of spending 26 years in prison to become the first incalculably superrich president of the ‘new’ South Africa.  Mandela was sentenced for plotting and executing 156 acts of terrorism.  He was never tortured but treated as a VIP on Robben Island, while in America, terrorists would have received the death penalty for much less than that.  In the end, he was released without ever renouncing violence. 


As early as 1980 Cumbey wrote in ‘A Planned Deception’ that the New World Order is behind the disarmament of the world – which is merely “transference of nuclear weapons into the hands of the United Nations.”  She alleged that the “atom bomb belongs to the United nations for use… when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head.”

I agree with this statement.  The disarmament of the world and the threat of atomic and other weapons of mass destruction are a clear Paradigm Shift in political power. 

Cumby confirmed, “This places the UN in a position of international authority.”

Totalitarian military might is indeed in the hands of the Masonic United Nations, just as freemason AA Cooper declared in his book, ‘South African Freemasons,’ “Universal Peace through International masonic orders had long been the dream…  Only after a time of worldwide suffering from war, could… [bring] nations to… seriously unite… creating order [from] the present world chaos and ushering in the dawn of a real [masonic] Brotherhood…  To this end all masonic activity, [all secret societies,] must be brought together in perfect harmony…”