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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History – Renette Vermeulen

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Arrests at the Jewish Liliesleaf Farm, Rivonia 

Before 1962, Mandela was arrested but repeatedly released for subversive, indiscriminate terrorist activities.  For the protection of all South African’s citizens against indiscriminate attacks, why was he not jailed at the time?  With the sharp South African intelligence service, which then governed the country, it seems completely impossible that this dangerous man could walk free time and again!  Nevertheless, he was not present when Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Raymond Mhlab and Ahmed Kathrada were arrested at Liliesleaf Farm in Rivonia near Johannesburg.  Five Jews, (always behind the communist drive and terrorist mayhem in South Africa and in the rest of the world,) were among those arrested - Lionel Bernstein, Hilliard Festenstein, Dennis Goldberg, Bob Hepple, and Arthur Goldreigh.  Goldreigh and Harold Wolpe bought and managed Liliesleaf as headquarters for the banned Communist Party and it remains in their possession to this day.  They used it mainly as “a bomb factory and a safe house” for terrorist commanders such as Mandela. 

With these arrests, police officers uncovered the frightening fact that these Jews, Mandela and company had enough explosives to destroy the whole country!  At Mandela’s Rivonia Trial, they were all charged “with the preparation and manufacture of explosives, including 210,000 hand grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 1,500 time devices, 144 tons of ammonium nitrate, 21.6 tons of aluminium powder and a ton of black powder.”   

These were enough explosives to blow the whole South Africa sky-high!  Yet, although it is not politically correct to say,, none of them received the death sentence, as was required under old  South African law, for their despicable genocidal plots and crimes against the citizens of South Africa!  In addition, Mandela never had to testify personally to his role in planning and approving any of these gross atrocities against humanity.  Instead, the ANC and even the whole world placed the old Government on trial, not only for their awful racial discrimination, which they deserved, but especially for protecting their citizens against such blatant terrorism.  


Winnie Mandela, ex-wife of Nelson, has never expressed any remorse for her “Amandla” calls to “liberate this country with tyres and boxes of matches,” thus ordering the live cremation of an undisclosed number of her own people as so-called ‘informants’ and ‘apartheid collaborators.’  These heinous agitations, coupled with her intimidation through her ‘football club’ or bodyguards, led to most merciless crimes against innocent civilians and children such as Stompie Seipei or Moeketsi and his friends, whom she perceived a ‘apartheid informers.”  It was alleged that “Stompie was slaughtered like a goat.”

Because I speak out for all those who could not, and cannot speak for themselves, I now speak for ALL the ‘Stompies’ who were caught in the line of fire during all this brutality among the citizens of our country. 

Planning, instigating, and participating in these crimes constituted the death sentence for Winnie Mandela and all her participating comrades.  Instead, these atrocities were suppressed, minimized, ignored and even praised!  If the ANC and the deceptive and manipulative Afrikaner Broederbond were not working together to Shift South Africa into communist mayhem, how could Winnie Mandela and most of the other terrorists in this country walk away from such terrible carnage unpunished?  [‘Beating the One World Order,’ John Galt.] 



This is what happened when Winnie went before the Truth Commission:  “Johannesburg November 241997 – SAPA-AP:  An image of brutality and cruelty involving Winnie Madikizela-Mandela emerged Monday from the first day of her requested public hearing before the TRC.  One witness told how he last saw his son alive, badly beaten, in a vehicle with President Mandela’s ex-wife, while another said she was beaten by Winnie when she was three months pregnant...  The weeklong hearing on a total of 18 killings and other crimes allegedly involving Winnie’s former bodyguard unit could determine her political future…  Winnie was convicted of kidnapping in 1991 and sentenced to six years in jail in the case of four ‘young men,’ [NO, CHILDREN, STOMPIE WAS ONLY 14 YEARS OLD!] including Stompie, who were [severely] beaten in her home.  Her sentence was reduced on appeal to a R3, 200 fine…  [WHAT A CHEAP PRICE TO PAY FOR ALLEGEDLY ORDERING THE TORTUROUS DEATH OF STOMPIE AND SO MANY OTHERS!]  Jerry Richardson, her chief bodyguard, was convicted of the murder.  The Truth Commission can grant amnesty to people who make full confessions of political crimes…” 

The TRC judged Winnie in its report to have been implicated in murders and ruled: “The commission finds Mandela herself was responsible for committing such gross violations of human rights… Winnie finally said sorry to Stompie’s mother and to the family of her former personal doctor whose killing she is alleged to have ordered after he refused to cover up Stompie’s murder…” 

Yet, in spite of this ruling, Winnie Mandela walked free – the great mother of a nation! 


We all agree that apartheid was a crime against humanity.  However, while the Mandelas were liberating this country through their bombs and boxes of matches, the apartheid regime tried desperately to maintain control of the swelling masses, while systematically relinquishing apartheid measures by employing non-whites in every sector of the economy, etc.  [The ANC lied that the Government was unwilling to negotiate and relent.]  They constantly checked passes, [those horrid passes!] and interrogated many of those suspected of “communist collaboration.” I do not and will never condone murder and torture.  However, the wild, completely unproven allegations that the old regime incarcerated and murdered thousands of people, even innocent children in torture camps, is sheer rubbish.  I say it again:  such ‘camps’ and ‘mass-murder’ would surely have been addressed by the Truth Commission.  The ‘mass graves’ would have been exhumed and the torture camps for thousands of people would have been exposed. 

What did exist, (and this too, only became known to the general population of South Africa after 1994,) is the fact that the Broederbond regime used Colonel Eugene de Kock to secretly torture, maim and murder some of the leaders of the communist ‘struggle’ to extract information that would “stop their indiscriminate acts of terrorism, and spare the lives of innocent civilians of all races,” as declared by Police and SANDF officials.  However horrible and unacceptable the circumstances, this regime was the government of South Africa at the time.  They had the responsibility to curb the extremely violent and  prolonged terrorist onslaught form inside and outside South Africa’s borders (a period of 34 years form 1960 to 1994,) and to keep their citizens safe. 

The only proven and much condemned torture camp of this nature that I am now aware of was Vlakplaats, under the command of Police Colonel Eugene de Kock.  Wikipedia reports, “[De Kock,] considered one of the darkest figures of the apartheid period… was the commanding officer of C1, a counter-insurgency unit of the South African Police that kidnapped, tortured, and murdered [some of the] anti-apartheid [terrorists] from the 80s to the early 90s. C1's victims included members of the African National Congress.  Following South Africa's transition to democracy in 1994, De Kock disclosed the full scope of C1's crimes [THE TRC’S MAIN CONDITION FOR AMNESTY] while testifying before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.   [HOWEVER, UNLIKE WINNIE MANDELA AND HER COMRADES,] in 1996, he was tried and convicted on EIGHTY-NINE CHARGES, [NOT ON 193 CHARGES LIKE MANDELA HIMSELF HAD BEEN INDICTED,] and sentenced to 212 years in prison. Since beginning his sentence, De Kock has accused several members of the apartheid regime, including former state president F. W. de Klerk, of permitting C1's activities,” but still, they all walked free. 

Colonel Eugene de Kock sang like a canary at the Truth Commission’s hearings to spare his life and walk away from the dirty work he had to perform under command of the masonic South African Government.  So did some of the workhorses in the ANC, while both the war commanders in the old government, and the presidents and commanders of the ANC either refused to say a word, or, despite confessing to the mass murder of civilians through indiscriminate terrorist bombings, machine gun attacks, etc., walked away with awards and high positions in the government . 

The leaders of apartheid and of communism all got away with it.  Those that sang and those that kept silent, like Mandela, was never even asked to confess any of his terrorist crimes in South Africa.  And so did PW Botha, who simply said that he had a country to govern.  Except of course, Colonel De Kock, the “fall guy,” (guilty of course but under the command of his government,) who will most probably rot in disrepute while his Afrikaner Broederbond and African National Congress peers party on the South African communist gravy train. 

BBC One Minute World News wrote in ‘Can Winnie Mandela’s heroism outshine her crimes,’ “Joyce Sikakane worked with Winnie… when they were arrested in 1969.  In jail, they were interrogated by the notorious apartheid torturer, Theunis Swanepoel.  Sikakane said, “He ordered me to stand on bricks.  He took a pistol from a drawer, pointed it at me, and said, ‘If you don’t talk [AND TELL US WHAT ATROCITIES AGAINST CIVILIANS YOU HAVE PLANNED NEXT,] you’ll be gone.’  And I remember saying to him: ‘What kind of a human being are you… to do this to me?” 

If you have ever seen the obliteration of a bomb blast, you will know why this person was being interrogated.  As most white Africans, I did not know about apartheid torture camps and interrogation, and I wonder how many Africans knew about ANC torture camps? Apartheid has always, and will always constitute great human rights abuses against the vast majority of South African citizens.  However, knowing what I know now concerning ANC bombings, machine gun attacks on civilians, genocidal mob murder and mayhem, and communist corruption and destruction, I believe Swanepoel should have answered Sikakane, “As all law enforcing officers worldwide, I am doing a despicable but vital job to curb terrorist crime that endanger and murder all people of all races in our country.  To save civilian lives, I am dealing with murderous and maiming terrorists, not 14-year old children like Stompie Seipei.  And do you perhaps see before you a tyre drenched with kerosene, which you and your comrades use to cremate your own people alive?  What kind of human being are you?” 


Here follows proof of ANC torture of their own troops in their most heinous communist gulag camps.  Paul Trewhela, ‘Vindication of Searchlight South Africa,’ reported, “Searchlight South Africa has been vindicated by three recent reports and one major press investigation into the system of prison camps run by the African National Congress in exile…  The ANC was compelled at the highest level to acknowledge its imprisonment, torture, and execution of members in exile as a means of suppressing critical opinion.  It was compelled also to acknowledge the role of Searchlight South Africa in exposing these abuses.  The Weekly Mail, the leading liberal newspaper in South Africa, also acknowledged reliance on material published in South Africa more than two years previously, as a source for its own exposure of torture and executions by the ANC…  The reality of the ANC’s system of prison camps and the nature of its Security Department, Imbokodo, “the boulder that crushes” has been established without question.  The ANC is no longer portrayed almost universally by the left and the liberals as saintly…  Where previously there was silence, or uncritical celebration of the perpetrators of abuses there now is routine reference in the South African and international press to the issue of ‘the camps’.  It is a truth that can no longer be suppressed…” 

SOUTH AFRICAN HISTORY ONLINE, Date: 19 October, 1992, “The African National Congress (ANC) released a report by an internal commission of inquiry (the Skweyiya Commission), appointed to investigate detainee abuse allegations in ANC camps abroad. The members of the Commission, Louis Skweyiya, Gilbert Marcus and Bridgitte Mabandla, found evidence of brutality and torture to extract confessions from alleged South African spies and other detainees. The worst abuses had been committed at the Quatro rehabilitation centre in Angola, but they added that the conditions in other ANC camps in Angola, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia had in no way been acceptable…” 

Note that in this report, they do not confess to murder.  Such mind-blowing cruelty without murder?  Well, whether confessed or not, their apartheid-superseding slaughter remain historical fact. 


The early slogan of the early Communist Party in South Africa (1903-1922) went, ‘Oppressed workers of South Africa, unite and fight for a white country!’  When the white minority failed to advance the communist cause during the Rand strikes of 1922, the South African Communist Party, (SACP) the African National Congress, (the ANC) and (in later years) the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) all began to cry war, shaking Bolshevik fists, “Workers of South Africa, unite and fight for majority ruleKill the Boer and the Farmer!  [WHITE AFRICANS.]  We will hit, [mercilessly torture,] them and kill them with the machine gun!” 

The African National Congress took control of South Africa singing and shouting these creeds, while Presidents Mandela, Mbeki, and Zuma all danced to the tune.  Between 1994 and 2016, Mandela and the other presidents creed actively contributed to the racist murder of 70,000 white South Africans, (a recent count denounces ‘official’ statistics and say 80,000 to 85,000,) and the worldwide displacement of nearly one million white Africans, who left the country since 1994! 

The ANC’s attitude towards all these inexcusable crimes against humanity is that “whites and Afrikaners in particular are merely shouting genocide, ethnic cleansing, and land reform as anti-government propaganda.”  Their war cry (Kill the Boer…) was “part of the [Nelson Mandela and all his comrades’] history of the struggle and therefore it remains acceptable and part of their culture.”  Although recently forbidden by a court of law as ‘hate speech,’ we can be certain that it continues, as crime statistics prove.  It is completely illogical and in fact, impossible that such a so-called ‘liberation song’ sang in public by even the president “does not” continually incite millions of people to racist hatred and genocidal murder.  The brutal, prolonged and most torturous murders of white people in particular prove that these are no ‘ordinary’ killings.  I said it before and say it again:  the bloody ferocity behind these attacks point directly to racist murder.  Considering the amount of suffering inflicted during these attacks, it might also be possible that human sacrifice to ancestor gods can also be a contributing factor.  Thetruthaboutsouthafrica wrote, “Since 1994, over 4,000 white farmers and their families have been murdered in thousands of farm attacks, with many being brutally tortured and/or raped. Some victims have been burned with smoothing irons or had boiling water poured down their throats.”  Young children and babies are most cruelly murdered and even the family dogs are most brutally butchered during these attacks. 


woman murdered.png            farm murders19.jpg        farm murders5.jpg                          



                      ABOVE:  These gruesome murder scenes are typical of the cruelty of these murders. 

           [Photos from: Proud South Africa on www.thetruthaboutsouthafrica.com

These photos speak of absolute unregrettable ferocity not ‘ordinary’ murder; instigated by racial hatred and condoned by the silence of four presidents and their entire cabinet — the Democratic Alliance and African Christian Democratic Party included! 

Upsettingly, most non-white law-enforcing officers, even the minister of police, Nathi Mtethwa and the whole government are completely apathetic towards these most brutal crimes against their white African citizens, as proven by the blundered investigation of the most inhumane rape and indescribably torturous murder of the AWB leader Eugene Terreblance.  I never agreed much with Terreblanche, but if he deserved to die such a horrible death, which of those that were involved in atrocities of The Struggle should walk free?  Most brutal racial murder has been the general tendency throughout the whole of Africa, systematically annihilating white populations on this continent.  No one can argue that this is not happening in South Africa as well. 

Thetruthaboutsouthafrica.com and Wikipedia reports, “In 1980, there were 128,000 commercial farmers in South Africa.  In 2013, there are only 40,000 mostly white commercial farmers in South Africa.”  Yet, Government is constantly calling for the dispossession of more and more famers!  “Due to ‘land reform,’ the torturous genocidal murders and intimidation of farmers, there have been a decline of 88,000 [that is EIGHTY-EIGHT THOUSAND!] productive farmers since communist take-over in 1994.  Of these 88,000 remaining farms, now mostly in non-white hands, 90% are barren, deserted and overgrown by weeds.  The South African rural landscape was scarred forever with the ruins of once beautiful farm homesteads, stables, and dismantled and rusted farm equipment.”