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This is what happened when Winnie went before the Truth Commission:  “Johannesburg November 241997 – SAPA-AP:  An image of brutality and cruelty involving Winnie Madikizela-Mandela emerged Monday from the first day of her requested public hearing before the TRC.  One witness told how he last saw his son alive, badly beaten, in a vehicle with President Mandela’s ex-wife, while another said she was beaten by Winnie when she was three months pregnant...  The weeklong hearing on a total of 18 killings and other crimes allegedly involving Winnie’s former bodyguard unit could determine her political future…  Winnie was convicted of kidnapping in 1991 and sentenced to six years in jail in the case of FOUR young men, [NO, CHILDREN, STOMPIE WAS ONLY 14 YEARS OLD!] including Stompie, who were [SEVERELY] beaten in her home.  [She ordered Stompie’s execution for allegedly being an ‘informant.’]  Her sentence was reduced on appeal to a R3, 200 fine…  [WHAT A CHEAP PRICE TO PAY FOR ALLEGEDLY ORDERING THE TORTUROUS DEATH OF STOMPIE AND SO MANY OTHERS!]  Jerry Richardson, her chief bodyguard, was convicted of the murder.  The Truth Commission can grant amnesty to people who make full confessions of political crimes…” 

The TRC judged Winnie in its report to have been implicated in murders and ruled: “The commission finds Mandela herself was responsible for committing such gross violations of human rights… Winnie finally said sorry to Stompie’s mother and to the family of her former personal doctor whose killing she is alleged to have ordered after he refused to cover up Stompie’s murder…” 

Yet, in spite of this ruling, Winnie Mandela walked free – the great mother of a nation! 


I hate all the crimes that were done against all the citizens of South Africa: white racism and black racism remains racism by any other name. However, “what is good for the gander is good for the goose.”  I am only interested in the WHOLE truth.  We all know and agree that apartheid was a crime against humanity.  However, while the Mandelas were liberating this country through their bombs and boxes of matches, the apartheid regime tried desperately to maintain control of the swelling masses, while systematically relinquishing apartheid measures by employing blacks in every sector of the economy, etc.  [The ANC lied that the Government was unwilling to negotiate and relent.]  They constantly checked passes, [those horrid passes!] and interrogated many of those suspected of “communist collaboration.” I do not condone murder and torture.  However, the wild, completely unproven allegations that the regime incarcerated and murdered thousands of black people, even children in torture camps, is sheer rubbish.  Such ‘camps’ and other methods of so-called ‘mass-murder’ would surely have been addressed by the Truth Commission and the ‘mass graves’ would have been exhumed.  These completely unproven allegations, as the other self-invented ANC propaganda-lies of alleged “mass graves” simply do not exist anywhere on recorded or investigated history. 

What did exist, (and this too, only became known to the general white population of South Africa after 1994,) is the fact that the Broederbond regime used Colonel Eugene de Kock to SECRETLY torture, maim and murdered some of the leaders of the communist ‘struggle’ to extract information that would “stop their indiscriminate acts of terrorism, and spare the lives of innocent civilians of all races,” as declared by Police and SANDF officials.  Whatever the circumstances, this was the government of South Africa at the time.  Given the brutal and prolonged terrorist onslaught form inside and outside South Africa’s borders (a period of 34 years form 1960 to 1994,) and the duty of the government to keep their citizens safe, anyone would understand such measures and the reasoning behind it. 

The only proven and much condemned torture camp of this nature was Vlakplaats, under the command of Police Colonel Eugene de Kock.  Wikipedia reports, “[De Kock,] considered one of the darkest figures of the apartheid period… was the commanding officer of C1, a counter-insurgency unit of the South African Police that kidnapped, tortured, and murdered [some of the] anti-apartheid [terrorists] from the 80s to the early 90s. C1's victims included members of the African National Congress.  Following South Africa's transition to democracy in 1994, De Kock disclosed the full scope of C1's crimes [THE TRC’S MAIN CONDITION FOR AMNESTY] while testifying before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.   [HOWEVER, UNLIKE WINNIE MANDELA AND ALL HER COMRADES,] in 1996, he was tried and convicted on EIGHTY-NINE CHARGES, [NOT ON 193 CHARGES LIKE MANDELA HIMSELF HAD BEEN INDICTED,] and sentenced to 212 years in prison. Since beginning his sentence, De Kock has accused several members of the apartheid regime, including former state president F. W. de Klerk, of permitting C1's activities.” 

Colonel Eugene de Kock sang like a canary at the Truth Commission’s hearings to spare his life and walk away from the dirty work he had to perform under command of the masonic South African Government.  So did some of the workhorses in the ANC, while both the war commanders in the old government, and the presidents and commanders of the ANC either refused to say a word, or, despite confessing to the mass murder of civilians through indiscriminate terrorist bombings, machine gun attacks, etc., walked away with awards and high positions in the government . 

White as well as black leaders all got away with it.  Those that sang and those that kept silent, like Mandela, who were never even asked to confess any of his terrorist crimes in South Africa.  And so did PW Botha, who simply said that he had a country to govern.  Except of course, Colonel De Kock, the “fall guy,” who will most probably rot in disrepute while his Broederbond and ANC peers party on the South African communist gravy train. 

BBC One Minute World News wrote in ‘Can Winnie Mandela’s heroism outshine her crimes,’ “Joyce Sikakane worked with Winnie… when they were arrested in 1969.  In jail, they were interrogated by the notorious apartheid torturer, Theunis Swanepoel.  Sikakane said, “He ordered me to stand on bricks.  He took a pistol from a drawer, pointed it at me, and said, ‘If you don’t talk [AND TELL US WHAT ATROCITIES AGAINST CIVILIANS YOU HAVE PLANNED NEXT,] you’ll be gone.’  And I remember saying to him: ‘What kind of a human being are you… to do this to me?” 

If you have ever seen the obliteration of a bomb blast, you will know why this person was being interrogated.  As most white South Africans, I did not know about apartheid torture camps and interrogation.  Apartheid has always, and will always constitute great human rights abuses against the vast majority of South African citizens.  However, knowing what I know now concerning ANC bombings, machine gun attacks on civilians, genocidal murder, mayhem, and communist corruption and destruction, I believe Swanepoel should have answered Sikakane, “As all law enforcing officers worldwide, I am doing a despicable but vital job to curb terrorist crime that endanger and murder all people of all races in our country.  To save civilian lives, I am dealing with murderous and maiming terrorists, not 14-year old children like Stompie Seipei.  And do you perhaps see before you a tyre drenched with kerosene, which you and your helpers use to cremate your own people alive?  What kind of human being are you?” 


Here follows proof of ANC torture of their own troops in their most heinous communist gulag camps.  Paul Trewhela, ‘Vindication of Searchlight South Africa,’ reported, “Searchlight South Africa has been vindicated by three recent reports and one major press investigation into the system of prison camps run by the African National Congress in exile…  The ANC was compelled at the highest level to acknowledge its imprisonment, torture, and execution of members in exile as a means of suppressing critical opinion.  It was compelled also to acknowledge the role of Searchlight South Africa in exposing these abuses.  The Weekly Mail, the leading liberal newspaper in SA, also acknowledged reliance on material published in SA more than two years previously, as a source for its own exposure of torture and executions by the ANC…  The reality of the ANC’s system of prison camps and the nature of its Security Department, Imbokodo, “the boulder that crushes” has been established without question.  The ANC is no longer portrayed almost universally by the left and the liberals as saintly…  Where previously there was silence, or uncritical celebration of the perpetrators of abuses there now is routine reference in the South African and international press to the issue of ‘the camps’.  It is a truth that can no longer be suppressed…” 

SOUTH AFRICAN HISTORY ONLINE, Date: 19 October, 1992, “The African National Congress (ANC) released a report by an internal commission of inquiry (the Skweyiya Commission), appointed to investigate detainee abuse allegations in ANC camps abroad. The members of the Commission, Louis Skweyiya, Gilbert Marcus and Bridgitte Mabandla, found evidence of brutality and torture to extract confessions from alleged South African spies and other detainees. The worst abuses had been committed at the Quatro rehabilitation centre in Angola, but they added that the conditions in other ANC camps in Angola, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia had in no way been acceptable…” 

Note that in this report, they do not confess to murder.  Such mind-blowing cruelty without murder?  Well, whether confessed or not, their apartheid-superseding slaughter remain historical fact. 


Whatever the causes and consequences, just as the bombs, the bullets were real.

No matter how brainwashed, used and abused we all were from all sides — dare we forget the anger and the anguish of fleeing rioters under fire?  The terrified screams.  The panicked stampeding and the faltering feet.  The fear-wrenched, tear-drenched faces.  The bullet-contorted bodies.  The heroism of those who carried their friends to safety?

These cries, however, are not the only ones we still hear. 

The wails of black, white, and brown fathers, mothers, widowers, widows, and orphans still ring in our ears, as well as the gasps and shouts of insurgents and soldiers, who shuddered to death in hails of bullets and were torn apart in land mine and other explosions.  We hear police officers of all races scream in torment as rioters turn them into living torches with petrol bombs; decapitate them with high wires as they patrol in open armored cars and stone, kick and batter them to death when they meet them off duty.

We still tremble in compassion with those who sobbed and begged for mercy while their own people draped them in kerosene tyres to consume them with fire.  We still choke on the billowing black smoke that engulfed them and the stench of burning flesh and rubber that drifted over the townships. 

We feel the stinging pain of rubber bullets tear at our flesh.  The bruising of bashing batons and combat boots and the slashing teeth of trained police dogs.  The violent, humiliating and unprovoked assaults on innocent civilians by some despicably corrupt and racist police officers! 

Our hearts skip many beats in compassion with the frantic parents, sweethearts, wives and children of those who, in tandem with the violent crowds, were doing police and military duty amongst the ashes of charred bodies, deafening crowds, bombs, bush and machine gun fire. 

White on black, black on white, and black on black violence reaches a deafening climax. 

Then the inevitable happens.  As if helter-skelter years come to an end in slow motion, some silence returns to the townships and the bush — but no one knows for how long. 


In post-apartheid South Africa, most South Africans of all races are still attempting to come to terms with much loss, anger, grief, fear and disappointment. 

Only a few realize how severely ALL South Africans from ALL races have suffered.

Both the apartheid regime and their communist brothers taught us to hate and discriminate against people of other races, instead of loving one another as God had commanded.  The Afrikaner ‘Broederbond’ deprived us of living together, working together and laughing together.  Now the reversed racism of the new government in the form of ‘affirmative action,’ ‘land reform,’ etc., deprive us of working, growing and grieving together -  mourning ALL our dead: black, white and brown.  True South Africans have to lament all injustices, all losses; all sins, not just the sin of apartheid.  We all lived in fear.  We all despaired.  We all have lost; we all have sorrow. 

Now, under the inception of socialism, crime and poverty are rampant on a countrywide scale.  Millions of black, as well as white people are homeless and some are actually starving.  Multitudes of black and white beggars line nearly every traffic light and stop street.  The streets of South Africa’s once affluent cities are turned into SQUATTER CAMPS as millions of starving refugees from Zimbabwe and other communist ‘paradises’ flee communism! 

Raw sewerage and other filth flood the once beautiful and pristine countryside, rivers, lakes AND streets of South Africa as infrastructures collapse through mismanagement, fraud, theft of taxpayers’ money, and unchecked corruption.  The minority at the top, superrich black, Indian and brown government officials bask in a type of luxury that shames most white apartheid elitists. 

Yet the majority of black and white South Africans remain miserably poor, while middle class South Africans of all races are struggling to keep head above water under increasing taxations and the rising cost of bare necessities. 



                                                                  post apartheid four, raw sewerage.png


It has become unsafe to walk IN the street, be stuck on the road, visit an empty park, or to stroll along a beach.  Little children have to beg for parents or crime syndicates, who completely ignore the impotent laws against child abuse at traffic lights, while the police are simply blind to the misuse and abuse of defenseless little children.  

In 2007, an estimated 60,000 abandoned children were already living on city streets, while orphanages and old age homes were ‘withering away’ though incompetence and mismanagement.

The indescribably violent, atrocious torture and genocidal murder of farmers as well as the high jacking, abduction, rape and murder of other civilians have become part of life for all South Africans. 


post apartheid one.png         post apartheid two.png   post apartheid three.png  


Such heinous crimes, and especially the satanically cruel way in which they are committed, were virtually unheard of in the well-policed ‘old’ South Africa. 

Today, in Africa south of the Saharan dessert, at least 80% of women, grandmothers, and girls are violently raped in the ongoing communist, genocidal, civil wars.  Many of these wars have been going for more than 70 years!

High and continually increasing taxation, crime, lawlessness, and unemployment are at an all-time high.  Black economic oppression drove thousands of farmers from productive land, turned thousands of whites and blacks into paupers, and pushed thousands of South Africa’s educated sons to foreign countries.  This time, we are even losing the love and companionship of our grandchildren.

The “twin hammers of Communism and Zionism” are indeed beating South Africa to a pulp.

Frank Weltner wrote on his ‘Jew Watch Project,’ “[Finally,] Mandela and Slovo gave the clenched fist salute in front of the blood-drenched Hammer and Sickle flag of Bolshevism.” 

The whole world cheered, oblivious to the fact that the communism of the One World Order is responsible for the death of hundreds of millions of innocent people across the globe!

As AA Cooper wrote in ‘Freemasons of SA,’ “Only after a time of world-wide suffering from war could many nations be brought… to seriously unite… to attempt some great REFORM…  Freemasonry will take its rightful place in the Divine work of … RECREATING ORDER OUT OF THE PRESENT WORLD CHAOS and ushering in the dawn of a real Brotherhood…  AGAIN the world moves forward under a NEW order and in its REGENERATION the Masonic fraternity will occupy an important place…  The Fraternity’s fundamental principles once again must be made the rock foundation of the NEW CIVILIZATION…”


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