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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History – Renette Vermeulen

Secret Societies Control the Rise and Fall of Empires

Renette Vermeulen














· MASONIC RITUALS  - and Enter the Dark World of “Snuff,” Cannibalism, Rape...






Some twenty years ago, the real character, aims, and works of secret societies such as freemasonry, and clandestine world-governing bodies such as the Illuminati and Cabalists in all their various forms, were virtually unknown.  Today, due to the brave exposés of people like Stephen Knight, Jim Shaw and others, their origins, real beliefs, and political and religious agendas are common knowledge.  With access to the internet, anyone can study these so-called masonic ‘charity’ and other ‘do-good’ organizations.  [Here is a link to their masonic bible.]  Their lodges and other meeting places are densely populated by mostly misinformed members, some of whom, from the higher degrees, were and are kings, presidents, ministers, and prominent church clergy.  This book is a well-documented study to aid those who do not have the time to scrutinize the clandestine, evil works of these societies and their destructive influence on politics and religion

There is indeed a hidden history behind the history as we know it.  It will be proved in the course of this study that masons and other members of these societies are  not members of a mere ‘charity’ or other benign organizationMasons worship an ‘unknown’ god in the lower degrees, which new initiates might, or might not yet know by the name of Jahbulon.  However, in the higher degrees they get to know their god as Baphomet, the goat-god of lust and power, who is none other than Satan himself.  Their utterly destructive works in this world was prophesied in both the Old and New Testaments.  In studying modern history, (the globalization of socialism and communism in particular,) it becomes clear that they are behind all political and religious chaos in their quest to unite the entire world under the banner of the One World, New World Order of the United Nations. 



Before Noah’s flood, the ‘supreme’ god was known as Pan, which means ‘The One.’  Pan was and is the so-called ‘creator god,’ the god of nature, also known as Osiris, the god of fertility, or simply called ‘The Force’ – the god to whom the Spock-character refers in the TV-series ‘The Starship Enterprise.’  However, ‘The Force’ or ‘Pan’ is not a sci-fi or fairytale character; he is none other than Satan himself.  All forms of pantheism - the so-called worship of ‘nature’ – represented by religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism – ultimately refer to the deity Pan.  After the flood of Noah, the Tower of Babel, (Christianized as the church steeple,) was Satan’s first attempt to unite all cultures into a One-World Religion and a One-World Government, and Pan became known as the mighty hunter Nimrod, the sun god or sky god Baal, Ra, or Osiris – [Gen. 11.]  According to this mystical religion, Pan was not alone in ‘creating the universe.’  He had a wife called Isis, the goddess of fertility. 

She is also known as ‘The Great Mother,’ ‘Mother Nature,’ ‘Fairy Godmother,’ or ‘Mother Earth.’  Isis was worshipped as Queen Semiramus in ancient Babylon.  When Semiramus gave birth to a son after Nimrod died, she claimed that he was Nimrod reincarnated, and called him the god-man Tammuz, the ‘Savior’ of the world.  Men worshiped Lucifer in the form of Tammuz as the ‘cosmic christ’ or ‘the illuminating star’ - and Mother-and-Child worship took form. Chinese know Isis as Shingmoo or Holy Mother.  Egyptians know her as Astarte, or The Crescent Moon, etc.  Taken directly from paganism, Roman Catholicism ‘Christianized’ Isis and named her ‘Our Lady,’ ‘The Virgin Queen of Heaven,’ and Mary, the ‘Mother of God,’ (while God has no mother, Heb. 7:3.)

The Roman Catholic Vatican turned the One God of the Bible into idolatrous pagan substitutes.  Hence, they do not worship The Inseparable Godhead, (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,) as described in the contextual truth of the whole Bible.  They worship three different gods; that “happy god-family,” which is actually the unholy trinity.  This trinity represents the sun, moon, and star: the ‘cosmic christ,’ god the father, (the fertility sun god Pan, Baal or Osiris,) and the holy spirit, (their god’s so-called ‘feminine side;’ god’s ‘wife,’ the fertility goddess The Crescent Moon, The Virgin Queen of Heaven, Isis, Sophia, Astarte, or Mother Mary, because Mary is their ‘holy spirit.’)  Their ‘son of god,’ whom they call Jesus Christ, is Tammuz; ‘Little Baby Jesus’ or Lucifer, the illuminating star[The Real Christ Jesus is God Himself and the Creator or all the ‘stars;’ both spiritual entities and physical stars in the sky, (Heb. 1:1-4.)]  This ‘Baby Jesus’ is not the Jesus of the Bible, but Lucifer, the false ‘Savior’ of the world.  Upsettingly, when Protestant Reformers supposedly ‘broke away’ from Catholicism, they kept many Roman Catholic doctrines, norms and forms

They also kept the unbiblical ‘church’ building as their temple, and a watered-down version of the Catholic priesthood as their ministers and ‘elders.’ 

In many aspects, all pagan religions can be compared to the doctrines of Roman Catholic Christianity.  This traces the origins all religious institutions worldwide to a common source. 

How is this possible, seeing that there is only One True God, the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible?  Originally, Satan copied these worldwide religious affiliations from God’s promise of a Savior, as recorded in Gen. 3:15, and sun worship spread throughout the whole world when God “scattered them abroad” at the Tower of Babel, (Gen. 11:9; Acts 7:48; 17:24.)  With the rise of the Roman Catholic Church in the 4 A.D., Caesar Constantine established a national religion to unify his citizens and placed steeples (the symbol of the Babylonian tower of sun and phallic worship) on his grand cathedrals.  That religion was Christianity.  To attract all the pagans to this new religion, the Vatican mixed all their familiar pagan doctrines and rituals with Bible verses.  Hence, the entire Roman Catholic Church was built on Christianized paganism


Prior to the rise of Roman Catholic Christianity around 150 B.C., a Jewish society sprouted from the Pharisees, mixing the teachings of the Jewish Sanhedrin rulers with Gnosticism, or certain pagan/satanic beliefs, which always incorporates the  unholy trinity of the sun, moon, and illuminating star.  Today, this cult in various forms has infiltrated all forms of religion, (Christianity as well,) and it still advocates ritual occultism, (the sacrificial and ritual temple-worship of Satan in  different forms – realized by the religious idea of going to temple, to church, to mosque, to synagogue, to lodge) as a means of pleasing their gods and earning salvation and blessing.  [Scripture declared in Is. 66:1-2; Acts 7:49; 17:24, “God, Who made the world and everything in it… does not dwell in temples made with hands…”]

During early New Testament times, this society blended their teachings with the Gospel of John and evolved into the ‘Disciples of John.’  They claimed that they received their ‘revelations’ directly from Jesus, and so, they became a true Christian-Judaist-satanic cult.  By 1150 A.D., Christian Judaists evolved into the Mystical Jewish CabalistsThey call their bible the “Cabala,” and it consists mainly of occult teachings taken from the Jewish Talmud.  [The Talmud is not the Hebrew Torah, or the Law, the five books of Moses.]  Unknown to most Jews, the Talmud contains the most unholy Cabbalist perversion of God’s Law, blended with racist, antichrist statements, instructions, and beliefs.  New converts were and are initiated into the mysticism of the Cabala through horrible satanic rituals, and they worship ‘the illuminating star’ openly in the highest degrees.  During medieval times the Cabalists set up a stronghold in France, and eventually, they infiltrated the entire known world with their secret lodges (or temple-churches,) and their satanic teachings. 

Jewish Cabalists are a super powerful, superrich hierarchy of Satanists who, as the so-called ‘all-seeing eye,’ or ‘cap stone’ on the world pyramid of all secret societies, control even the Illuminati, (the secret society behind the “One World Order.”)  In turn, the hierarchy of the Illuminati controls the 33 degrees, (or ‘steps’ up the Masonry ladder,) which, in turn, operate all their lodges, or masonic temples.  All other secret societies and subversive movements, Satanist covens as well, are then connected with one another and with the lodges, and are under Illuminist/Cabbalist control. 

The underground world of secret societies closely resemble an ant’s nest with its countless underground channels that all lead from a central ‘command center’ to the different chambers in the nest.  These chambers are all aptly called “cells.”  Each ‘cell’ is under the stringent control of its own little hierarchy of leaders, who receive all their instructions from the ‘command center.’  All other religions and political societies are based on the same ‘ant nest’ pattern of masonic secret societies.  Now we know where the converted  Buddhist, Yonggi Cho, founder of the mega South Korea’s Yoido Full Gospel Church, found his ‘home cell’ idea, which now structures the churches of the Pentecostal-Charismatic Movement.  Cho never really repented from Buddhism.  Through Cho, many occult practices such as visualization were incorporated into the methodologies, ‘miracles,’ spiritual manifestations and doctrines of the Pentecostal-Charismatic Movement in particular.  Cho was sentenced to three years imprisonment for embezzling $12 million of church funds.  


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[Acknowledgement to those who compiled the images in this study]

Yonggi Cho is the Buddhist-Christian, father of the masonic cell-church father.  Scandalously, he is embezzled $12 million church funds


Masonry consists of different secret societies, orders, and subversive movements, which are organized into units or ‘cells’ called Lodges; and supposedly controlled by the Grand Lodge.  That freemasonry overlaps with, and is controlled by the Illuminati, is not a ‘conspiracy theory.’  Freemasonry consists of 33 degrees, with a known 24 rites or degree systems, Scottish Rite, Canadian Rite, English Rite, etc., which masons can follow, and numerous Knightly Grades

Shiners are masons too, but not all Freemasons become Shriners.  One must first be a freemason before one can become a Shriner.  “The Shrine doesn’t confer any degree that continues or enlarges on the Masonic degrees,” Dummies wrote.  “It’s simply an organization that requires Masonic lodge membership as a prerequisite for joining…  They divide into clubs, [charity Lion’s and Rotary Clubs, etc.] and units, (such as horse patrols and marching bands.)”  They have many members in the Orient and among Muslims. 

Together, the members of all societies are known as the ‘Universal Brotherhood.’  Though some ‘cells’ might deny this, these global societies are open, in various forms and under many different titles, to people of all religions and races, and to women and children as well.  (E.g., The Prince Hall Lodge for African  Freemasons yielded masons like the reverend Jesse Jackson, (on whom the mantle of communist mason Martin Luther King, supposedly ‘made a mason on sight after his death,’ fell when Jackson died,) Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, and the actor Danny Glover. 

Masonic orders for youths include the Order of Jacques De Molay for boys, and Job’s Daughters and the Order of Rainbow for girls.  Women have many masonic orders such as The Order of the Eastern Star, Daughters of the Nile, etc., where female ‘officers of the court’ or “matrons” also climb the ladder to their celestial lodge, which they grievously confuse with God’s holy heaven

The highest degree of Cabalism, the Cabalist Sanhedrin, allegedly consists of only three ‘all-powerful’ persons, which represent the trinity of Satan - ‘god-humans’ with immensely powerful political power.  The Sanhedrin executes Satan’s plan to govern the entire world, and they use their influence on, and control of the entire ‘Brotherhood,’ (the members of all other secret societies,) to institute a One World Order, through which they will ultimately govern the world. 

According to Dr. John Coleman, the highly secretive Committee of 300, an all-powerful group, [also under Cabalist control, answerable only to the Sanhedrin,] knows no national boundaries.  They operate above all laws and control every aspect of politics, religion, [such as organized Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism;] commerce, industry, banking, insurance, mining, the drug trade, and the  petroleum industry. 

The Bilderberger Society, especially, contains royalty such as Prince Bernard of Holland, royal attaché of Queen Juliana.  (During the 1980’s the Queen and Lord Victor Rothschild were the main shareholders in the Shell Oil Company; while ‘five wise [Rothschild] men’ set the world price of bullion in the opulent Gold Room of N.M. Rothschild and Sons.)  Secret societies like the Club of Rome and Knights of the Round Table produced names like the Dynasties of Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Oppenheimer; mining magnates like Barney Barnato and the British diamond tycoon Cecil John Rhodes - who was the driving force behind the countless inhumane crimes against South Africans during the British war of 1899-1902.  Rhodes was the original owner of South African De Beers Consolidated Mines. 

The secret society of Skull & Bones is a super society of super-rich ‘Bonesmen’ like Prescott Bush, George HW, and George W. Bush - who have a relationship with Communist China that dates back to 1903.  The multiracial Skull & Bones admits women and befriends tycoons in the petroleum industry, who are of course, members of the Ottoman (or Muslim) Empire.  It is even alleged that Prescott Bush funded “The Hitler Project” of World War Two – [Death of the Phoenix – The Bush Family Oligarchy; Texe Marrs, ‘Codex Magica;’ Hitchcock, ‘Synagogue of Satan,’ Nesta Webster, ‘Secret Societies and Subversive Movements.’] 

Masonry among Muslims has been rampant for centuries.  Kalif-Alec, son-in-law of Islam’s ‘prophet’ Mohammed, founded the order of the Mystic Shrine.  One of their most important temples is the Damascus Shrine.  Masonry also infiltrated Germany from France in 1740.  The Order of the Stricte Observance is one of their oldest.  Hitler’s Nazi Vril Society integrated with The Order of the Green Dragon of Japan, and with the Society of Green Men in Tibet, and headed the dreaded S.S. army, which terrorized all of Europe in their quest to ‘evolve’ into the Aryan race of ‘god-men.’ 

Russian/Communist/Jewish Freemasonry boasts names like Pres. Vladimir Putin, Boris Yeltsin, Kerensky, and Carl Marx, (the Jewish ‘father’ of socialist communism,) Joseph Stalin, (half Jew and Catholic and Jesuit-trained,) Vladimir Lenin, (actually Ulianoff,) Trotsky, (Bronstein,) Steskloff, (Nakhames,) and other Cabbalistic Jews who were the Sanhedrin’s main drive to extend socialism globally.  The Roman Catholic Jesuit Order, Knights Templar, Rosicrucian Christians, etcetera, which were also joined by all the Masonic, Mary worshipping Protestant Reformers such as Luther and Calvin, are only a few societies that were formed by the Vatican.  Their teachings mostly adhere to the 72 “Signs from the Heart of the Celestial Mother” – another name for Isis, the fertility goddess, which Catholics and Reformers worship as ‘Mother’ Mary.  [Scroll down on the WebPage.] 

The sport of Golf was introduced by Scottish freemasons in 1768.  (The world was derived from, G=gentlemen; O=only; L=ladies; F=forbidden.)  Even today, golf is the sport of Masonic ‘Gentlemen.’  Rugby was formed in the 1850’s in London, where masons drew up its common rules. 

Horror writer Stephan King; David Ben Gurion, (the first Prime Minister of Israel,) and Ariel Sharon; Shakespeare, Beethoven, Bach, Puccini, Mozart, and Oscar Wilde were and are also masons, and it is common knowledge that all the ‘magicians’ of the world belong to the worldwide Order of Craft Masonry.  Freemasons proudly parade the names of older actors like Michael Caine, John Wayne, Ernest Borgnine, Clark Gable, Gene Autry, Douglas Fairbanks, Peter Sellers, and Will Rogers on their members list.  Younger actors like Kevin Spacey, George Clooney, Ben Stiller, Scott Bakula (of Quantum Leap, ‘Murphy Brown,’) Jerry Seinfeld and his co-stars in ’Seinfeld,’ Michael Richard (‘Kramer,’) Jason Alexander, (‘George,’) Julia Louis-Dreyfuss (‘Elaine,’) and singer Britney Spears, all display Masonic and Cabalist signs, while Tom Cruise and John Travolta are well-known members of the inner circle of Madame Blavatsy’ Scientology.  Fleming, who invented penicillin, and motorcar-manufacturers Ford, Chrysler and Citroen, are also displayed on the Masonic list. 

Springmeier and Wheeler name the following Illuminists, “Christopher Columbus, Leonardo da Vinci, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Walt Disney; makers of the Simpson Cartoons and Star Trek; Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mussolini, Winston Churchill, Fidel Castro, Tony Blair, J.F. Kennedy, the entire Bush Dynasty, Pres. Clinton & his wife Hilary, Onassis, Russell, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Van Duyn - and the “CIA, FBI, KGB, Mossad, German BND, British MI6 & SIS [were and] are all under Illuminati control.”  So are Aleister Growley and Szandor La Vey, (writer of the satanic bible and founder of the church of Satan.)