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1 Cor. 10:21-22, ‘You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the Lord’s table and of the table of demons.  Or do we provoke the Lord to jealousy?  Are we stronger than He?’



Jesus declared, “My Kingdom is NOT of this world,’ yet both Luther and Calvin found the inspiration for their extremely violent dissemination of Protestantism in ‘saint’ Augustine’s Kingdom Now declaration, ‘Why should not the church use force in compelling her lost sons to return?  [Violent, bloody Christian crusades were this ‘just war!’] 




John Calvin’s favorite, “saint Augustine the Blessed,” declared:

‘A priest, [the ‘divine’ minister or pastor, who necessarily HAS to administer the ‘atoning’ church sacraments,] does not have to be a virtuous man, as long as he is properly ‘ordained’ by the church as institution, [not separated, called, and sent by the Holy Spirit, Acts 13:2-4,] because the Roman Catholic church, [not the body of Christ,] is the People Of God are bound together by the [‘salvation’ of the] SACRAMENTS’ [not by Jesus Christ!]



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Jesus was an emaciated, poured out, little, wormy spirit…’ - [‘Christianity in Crisis;’ Hanegraaf; ‘Augustine and Neo-Platonism,’ African Christianity; ‘Augustine of Hippo,’ Wikipedia.] 



Jesus declared that He Alone is God, Christ, High Priest and Head of ALL His believers - who are mere members of His body.  Paul also taught the disciples, ‘For by one Spirit we were ALL baptized into one body – whether Jews or Greeks, slaves or free, men or women…’ 

A body can only be steered and directed by ONE brain or mind; one head: Jn. 14:6. 

Just as a natural body, the members of Jesus’ body have different functions, and so the Spirit gave them different GIFTS – Eph. 5:22-27; Gal. 3:28; 1 Cor. 12:13. 

However, in relation to the Head, all - yes, all the members of His body are equal. 


Davis and Clark also exposed this appalling distortion of the original concept of the humble, spiritually mature ELDERLY or spiritually ‘older persons’ in ‘The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy,’ p. 15 – [Please read 1 Cor. 3:1-17!]  They wrote that the crafty Theosis-translators of the King James Bible changed “the Greek adjective ‘presbuteros,’ (‘older’ or ‘elderly’) to a noun, [‘elder,’] represented in the Eng. text by official, [divinely hierarchical] sounding titles, i.e. presbyter, [bishop, pastor, priest,] and ELDER…  The original word… is the G. ‘presbuteros’ which literally means [a spiritually] ‘aged person.’” 


Moreover, this distortion runs much deeper than the theosis-hierarchy of King James.  Fifteen centuries before King James ordered his English translation of the Bible, the church fathers of Catholicism were already creating lofty titles and offices for the ‘divine,’ hierarchical elder-rulers of their church, although the humble, spiritual elderly-leaders of Jesus’ ecclesia were still functioning as mere members of His body.  To this day the ‘infallible’ elder-rulers of the circus ring carry a whip to drive the well-trained members of their church, while the ‘chastised,’ or disciplined, spiritually mature elderly-leaders carry the real Gospel, or staff, to lead, guide, and protect the ecclesia, (Heb. 12:5-11.) 

While ‘saintly’ elder-rulers ‘teach for pay and divine for money,’ elderly-servants ‘labor, working with their own hands,’ (Micah 3:10-11; 1 Cor. 4:12.)  While elder-rulers are ‘ordained’ to occupy superior offices and bear ‘godly’ titles, the elderly members of Jesus’ body are ‘without honor,’ (1 Cor. 4:10.)  While ‘holy’ elders bask in luxury and the adoration of the church, the servant-elderly are ‘hard-pressed on every side… persecuted… struck down…’  While chief’ elder-rulers are ‘savage wolves that will not spare the flock,’ the lowly elderly ‘always carry about in their own body the dying of the Lord Jesus…’ – 2 Cor. 4:7-15. 

‘Divine, infallible’ elder-rulers head the church, that circus-like circle of like-minded friends; while corporately, all the members of Jesus’ body occupy places of similar unimportance.  The members of Jesus’ body are all on exactly the same level, under the Headship of Christ.  Although they have different functions, His humble, elderly followers serve from among the ecclesia and in conjunction with every other member. - Eph. 4:4-16; 1 Pt. 5:1; Jn. 13:14; 2 Jn. v.1. 

Truth is, Jesus’ elderly servants could not rule from the top of the body as hundreds of  ‘heads’ - for that would not be the body or bride of Christ, but the beastly, disfigured whore of religion.  If one should do a painting of this multi-headed monster, it would be more bizarre than its multi-headed counterpart, (the political beast from the sea, Rev. 13,) would be. 



Of course, the early godfathers and godmothers of Christian Theosis simply HAD to rule the world, and establish a political kingdom of ‘god’ here on earth under the rule of the church.  During the centuries to come, the ironfisted, ‘unlike union’ of King and Church would produce spiritual, financial, and military ‘giants,’ who would imperialize nearly the entire earth.  Through their religious fornication, King and Church would become super-rich and nearly ‘all-powerful,’ binging on blood and torture, and trading in ‘the bodies and souls of men!’ – (Rev. 18:20.)  [We discuss SLAVERY, the horrifying slave trade, Christian crusades, and Roman Catholic and Protestant inquisitions in “Wichcraft (Pagan & Christian,) What is that?”] 

In their quest for totalitarian, political, and religious rule and control, ‘Saint’ Augustine fathered the severely distorted Catholic-Calvinist doctrine of predestination.  Augustine declared, ‘Christ died only for an elect,’ – [the ‘divine’ Christian members of the Church.]  ‘Man has a free will, but can make NO good choices.  God has ordained those whom He chose to save.  The number of the elect is fixed.  Whatever man does or chooses, grace is irresistible and results in CONVERSION, [not Biblical transformation - Rom. 12:1-2.]’

Reformation theologians Luther and Calvin also disseminated this satanic gospel as ‘Divine Predestination and Efficacious Grace.’  In reality, all five points of Calvinism, called ‘doctrines of grace,’ came directly from Catholicism.  These are: ‘total depravity, unconditional election, limited atonement, irresistible grace, and perseverance of the saints.’ – [‘Calvinism On The Rise In Southern Baptist Life,’ by Audrey Barrick.] 

Calvin, especially, considered ‘Saint Augustine the Blessed’ one of the ‘theological fathers’ of the reformation.  As a result, both Luther and Calvin found the inspiration for their extremely violent dissemination of Protestantism in Augustine’s Kingdom Now declaration, ‘Why should not the church use force in compelling her lost sons to return?  [Violent, bloody Christian crusades] is the just war!’ 

[More on the Catholic- and Protestant Persecutions later on in our series.] 



Augustine, one of the so-called ‘sincere’ church fathers of Catholicism and Protestantism, was in fact a Christian Neo-Platonist (Greek) philosopher.  [Read about divine’ man-boy sex, the basis of all patriarchy, and his Christianized Greek doctrines such as Calvinism’s ‘total depravity,’ ‘irresistible grace’ and ‘limited atonement.’] 

Augustine preached that ‘evil or sin has no reality in it; it is just the absence of good; like there is no darkness, just absence of light.’  Therefore, sin is supposedly ‘choosing the lesser good, instead of choosing the greater good.’  (E.g., the so-called ‘sin’ of gluttony is merely loving food more than good health.) 

So in essence, Catholicism and Lutheran-Calvinist Protestantism – which accepted the teachings of Augustine in near totality, believe that Satan is not an actual person, as Scripture clearly states.  Neither did sin originate from him.  Sin is, in fact, ‘just a state of mind,’ or actually, neglecting the so-called ritual, saving, church sacraments!  Either one chooses the ‘good,’ and then you are good, or one chooses the ‘lesser good,’ which the uninformed views as ‘sin.’  Hence, ‘good’ people go to heaven, while ‘bad’ people go to hell

However, Jesus said in Mt. 19:17, ‘No one is good but One, that is, God…’ 

Salvation can only be found in and through sincere acceptance, and following of Jesus Christ Himself. 

Shockingly, one of their core beliefs is that the devil and sin do not exist! 

[Read the truth about the devil and his legions of fallen angels.]



Another important step in the formation of the church, (the counterfeit of Jesus’ ecclesia,) was to Christianize many of the Celtic, Druidic, Greek, Roman, and Chaldean initiation rites, norms and forms, which bind initiates to Satan.  Based on the temple norms and forms of the Babylonian Brotherhood, the function of the church hierarchy was, and is, to initiate and train their UNSCRIPTURALLY but ‘sacramentally’ ‘born-again’ members in the secret mysteries of their religion.  As a result, the church fathers ‘went after strange flesh,’ (Jude 6-7,) and accepted many of these pagan rites or rituals as ‘soul-saving,’ ‘atoning’ sacraments, which they merged with the real soul-saving atonement of Jesus’ sacrifice on Golgotha.


Hyper anointed administers bind church members together through the sacraments 

Augustine also ignored the strict Scriptural requirements for God-called ecclesiastical servants, (1 Tim. 3.)  He wrote, ‘A priest, [the ’divine’ minister or pastor, who necessarily HAS to administer the ‘atoning’ church sacraments,] does not have to be a virtuous man, as long as he is properly ‘ordained’ by the church as institution, [not separated, called, and sent by the Holy Spirit, Acts 13:2-4,] because the church, [not the body of Christ,] is the People Of God bound together by the [atonement of the pagan/Christianized] SACRAMENTS!’ 

The church father Tertullian, son of a Roman centurion and a notable lawyer, was the first writer of Latin Christianity.  He instituted Latin in the church and Christianized many occult words, norms, forms, and rituals.  He translated the Greek word ‘mysterion’ into Latin as ‘sacramentum,’ and taught, along with Augustine, that God channels His grace through the sacraments, [not through the complete atonement of Jesus Christ,] as administered by the church hierarchy, not by the Holy Spirit of God. 

To this day, sacramental or ‘atoning’ Christian Theosis remains a fundamental doctrine of Catholicism and Protestantism alike.  This explains why Catholics, Lutherans, and Calvinists still cling to the ‘soul-saving,’ ‘atoning’ sacrament of Baptismal Regeneration.  They believe, completely opposed to Scripture, their Christian babies are BORN AGAIN in the waters of baptism! (Jn. 3:3-5; Mt. 28:19-20; Rom. 6.) 

This also clarifies why nearly ALL churchgoers believe that their leaders are ‘hyper-anointed.’  Thus, the teaching, prayers, and other ministrations of these ‘god men’ are more acceptable, desirable, and powerful than that of the ‘laity.’ 

In effect, these blasphemous doctrines teach that the Christian church as institution, (this means the Catholic, as well as the Lutheran-Calvinist, Protestant church-system,) takes the place of the Holy Spirit - as she is the ‘mother’ who births and raises Christians.  (“The church is our mother, outside her there is no salvation!”)  Her hyper-anointed ministers, pastors, or priests take the place of God the Father.  (“A ‘divine’ priest or minister has to administer the sacraments!”)  Her ‘atoning sacraments’ take the place of Christ the Redeemer, and ‘save’ or bind her members together as Christians.  (“Christians are bound together by the sacraments,” but the true body of Christ is bound together by the truth of His Gospel!)  



The early believers of the Book of Acts were not known as ‘Christians,’ but as followers of The Way.  The Way is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself: Jn. 14:6.

According to Acts 11:26, ‘The disciples were FIRST called Christians in Antioch.’  While many Bible scholars see the renaming of the disciple-followers, (calling them “Christians,”) as an ‘innocent’ part of ‘church growth,’ the great significance of this historical turning point in the life of Jesus’ ecclesia cannot be overlooked. 

In reality, the renaming of the disciples became the inauguration of the newly derived concept of the religious Christian ‘church;’ the distorted carbon copy of that Druidic temple-circle with its unscriptural hierarchy of priestssand Christianized sacraments

In reality, the renaming of the disciples set Satan’s plan in motion to derail the disciples completely from The Way of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Very efficiently, he pushed the followers from the narrow footprint-Way of Jesus Christ, onto the broad road of methodical religion

Christ’s ecclesia consisted of a ‘peculiar people, called OUT of darkness into God’s marvelous light.’  They were part of God’s Spiritual Kingdom here on earth and members of the body of Christ.  However, in a completely unlike and unnatural’ union with the pagan world, most of the ecclesia became PART of this political religion through official membership of the Roman Caesar Constantine’s Christian church. 


The ending of the word ‘Christian’ “is Latin in formation”

As the word ‘church,’ (which did not exist until Roman Catholic church godfathers thought it up, see Part 6,) the word ‘Christian’ was also derived from different words; and the ending of the word has a Latin in foundation.  This cannot be a coincidence, as the godfathers of the church chose Latin as the language of their new religion. 

Etymology, [the study of the origin of words,] ‘Wikipedia encyclopedia,’ ‘The word ‘Christian’ came from Latin Christianus, from Greek Χριστιανός (khristianos), from Χριστός (khristos) meaning "THE Anointed", from Old English cristen.  In the (Greek Septuagint) version of the Hebrew Bible, khristos was used to translate the Hebrew מָשִׁיחַ (Mašía,) (Christ,) meaning "anointed [one]." The earliest recorded use of the term outside the Bible was when Tacitus recorded that Nero blamed the "Christians" for the Great Fire of Rome in AD 64. "Christian" means a member or adherent of a church or other organized group within Christianity."

The problem is that there is only ONE ‘Anointed One.’

There is only ONE Savior: the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God! 

On a spiritual level the followers were, and are, indeed ‘a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own, special people,’ and therefore they were, and are, anointed members of the Anointed One, Jesus Christ.  However, on a physical level, the follower-disciples became ‘sojourners and pilgrims,’ [Afr. ‘bywoners en vreemdelinge, or squatters and aliens] in this world, (1 Pt. 2:9-11.)  Their ‘anointing’ from the indwelling Holy Spirit does not relate to political or religious rule, superiority or divinity in this world.  It pertains to their obedience to Jesus’ commission to ‘go into the whole world, make disciples… baptize them… and teach them the TRUTH of Jesus’ Word…’ in order to build the Spiritual Kingdom of God in this dark dimension. 

However, in church-Theosis terms the words ‘anointed’ and ‘christ’ imply divine human rule and divine human authority as political-religious ‘gods’ here on earth, with the mission of establishing the kingdom of god in the here and now.  So, when the Theosis-church renamed the early, humble followers, the servant ministers of Christ, calling them “Christians,” or actually ‘divine little christs,’ they did not have the Scriptural meaning of an ‘anointed spiritual follower servant of The Christ’ in mind. 

As a result, the etymology of the word ‘Christian’ is not innocent at all

It was just another derivation of the term ‘Theosis,’ meaning ‘equivalent to the Divine,’ ‘anointed [divine] one;’ or ‘little christ.’